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Kathara Levels 2-3 Merkaba Fields, the Radial Flame Body immediate 15-Dimensional

and Crystal Body of the intermediate Frequency Spectrum.

The Kathara Level 2-3 Program
anatomy, and their corresponding
introduces various parts of the
technique applications, that empower Level 3
multidimensional anatomy as they
and prepare us for reawakening of the Kathara Level-3 explores Crystal
exist within the context of the “Sacred
“Ra Center” and its long- dormant Body Anatomy, its basic structure,
Sequence”, the Manifestation-
accelerated healing potentials. and introduces the nature of Ecka
Transduction- Sequence, culminating
Eternal Living Light Primal
in our introduction to an aspect of
Anatomy of Eternal Creation Source Currents and Sho-na
anatomical structure called the “Ra
Understanding the processes by which Static Finite Life Reversed
Center”, located within the “Hara” level
the Scalar-Standing-Wave Shield Polarity Dead Light Currents, in
of Multi-dimensional Anatomy.
Templates develop to become intricate relation to Multi-dimensional
living anatomy structures through and Anatomy.
The “Ra Center” is so named due to its
within which “physical” manifestation
function as a primary “Point of Unity”
takes place reveals the literal process of Through understanding specific
within the manifest and
Eternal Creation itself. processes of Crystal Body Eternal
Multidimensional Body through which
Creation we can better understand
the “Ka”-Light and the “Tha”-Sound
The technique sequence featured within the anatomical structures and
aspects of Multidimensional Anatomy,
the Kathara 2-3 Program is designed to processes inherent to our personal
and their corresponding
reawaken the natural sequential pathway Multi-dimensional anatomy, thus
Interdimensional Frequency Spectra,
of Primal Life Force-Primal Life better comprehending the Nature,
meet and merge.
Source frequency activation, and Cause and Remedy of Dis-ease
corresponding spiritual identity conditions within the manifest body
The Ra Center represents the Primary
integration, that is organic to the systems.
Point of energy circulation and
structure of Multi-dimensional Anatomy The Kathara Team will offer you
exchange between the physically
within its Eternal intimate relationship the experience of exploring the
manifest form and the “Ka” and
to the Manifestation –Transduction Kathara 2/3 material with the
“Tha” which, in terms of
Sequence. assistance of a colour Power Point
multidimensional anatomy, represent
presentation. To facilitate integration
the ”Body of Light” and “Body of
Level 2 of the material you will be offered
Sound”, that together form the
The technologies of Flame Body the experience of being guided
“Etheric Blueprint” from and through
Activation featured in Kathara Level-2 through all the techniques (in a
which each Dimension of physical
specifically address development of the group environment which
manifestation emerges
ability to access, embody and transmit amplifies the frequencies). The
the powerful Heliotalic Ecka Core current pre-requisites for all
The Kathara Level 2-3 Program
Frequency Spectrum of Primal Life current Speaker workshops (live
introduces the various elements of
Source Currents that exist beyond the or via home DVD study) are the
Multi-dimensional Anatomy, from the
Transcendent Eukatharaista Body to Kathara 1 – 3 materials.
„The Kathara Programmes are Workshop Details
not “new”. They are simply The Kathara Team
translations of the once Pre-requisite to attend: invites you to join us for:
Kathara Level-1
Common-Knowledge Wisdom
held within the Pre-Ancient Venue: ProLyd, Oslo, Norway
Maharata texts that were lost to
humanity during the late
Mølleparken 4, 0459 Oslo Kathara Level-
Atlantean period. Return of our Dates: 11th – 13th June 2010 2/3 Elements
Healing Potentials is a Gift that Times: 9.00 - 5.30 each day
the Earth is presently offering to (Registration 8-9 a.m. Friday 11th)
all of us; return of the Ancient
Wisdom is a Gift we can choose Class presented by:
to return to ourselves...and the Rose, Noel & Mashaya-hana F
Life-field of this Planet.
Workshop cost:
Exchange rate (Nov 09) fixed 1:5.6
“For every-thing there is a $460 (NOK2565) Full price with Manual
Season...and a time for every $405 (NOK2270) Full price without Manual
purpose under Heaven...” $310 (NOK1725) Students/pensioner
(incl. Manual)
$255 (NOK1430) Students & pensioners
It is now “a time” for Healing...if (without manual)
we so choose. The Kathara $225 (NOK1265) Refresher price for
previous attendees of a K2/3 workshop
Programmes are lovingly offered
as simple tools to facilitate the
3 - Day
To register, please contact Johannes
endeavour of achieving true and or Petter either by phone or email: Workshop in
lasting Healing of our Planet, its Petter: +47 48 09 51 50
Species, and of Our-Selves.‟ Johannes: +47 90 16 02 69 Oslo
Excerpt from the Kathara 2/3 Manual Norway
The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series To pay by credit card (charged in
Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with
Azurite Press MCEO Inc. USD), go to:
11th – 13th
Copyright A'sha-yana & A'zah-yana Deane, 2005. All
Rights Reserved
June 2010

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