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Keshav Tomar

16/ICS/ 027

*Personality* is a term which is rather easy to define but difficult to understand, we just know
that personality means -characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns
that evolve from biological and environmental factors. While there is no generally agreed upon
definition of personality, most theories focus on motivation and psychological interactions with
one's environment.

Personality is much more than character, it is just not only a combination of all this but also a
unique pattern of traits which differs from person to person. These traits or thoughts or
behaviors includes-

 Temperament- your patience level

 Emotions- state of delight or distress
 Anxiety- sense of fear
 Guilt- sense of regret
 Sadness- when something went against our control
 Anger- sadness plus aggression
 Ego

To conclude, personality is the cycle of interconnectivity flow of all these traits. Our mind
controls and supervises our emotions, thoughts and actions which in turns come out
collectively as a personality.

Personality is generally described as being made up the characteristic patterns of thoughts,

feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. In others words, it is what makes you so

Personality has both internal (thoughts, values that is inferred from observable behaviors) &
external (observable behaviors) elements. Personality is both inherited as well as it can be
shaped by the environment.

Therefore, a great person has a power of making lasting impressions upon people he meets.

1. Determination: Gautam Adani was determined to become successful in the

world from his boyhood. He left his school and shifted to Mumbai to start his own
business. He established his business and now his company has made new heights
in the business industry with serious determination.
2. Visionary with a Foresight: Gautam Adani was a visionary man with foresight
and this quality helped him to expand his business to Port business. Thus he has
created a monopoly market in that segment of the business. Today he is the
largest port owner in India and he is continuing to expand his port business.
3. Global Leader: Gautam Adani was involved in trading and he used ports in his
country. Later he realized there was more space to expand his own global trading.
As a result, he strengthens his trading and transformed it into global trading. Later
he bought a large mine in Australia for $10 billion.
4. Works with Mantra: In an interview with the press, he once said that he works
with a mantra which helped him to reach his success. He is always focused on
trying to get results rather than obsessed with them.
5. Philanthropist: From the Adani Foundation, Gautam Adani gives away around
3% of the earnings forphilanthropic activities.This quality has made Adani a
unique leader in the world. He also gives back to his society as a part of his
commitment and also a part of his company's corporate Social responsibility
6. Quick Learner: Gautam Adani paved his own road to success. He never had an
interest in running his family business. On the opposite, he moved to Mumbai and
started as a diamond broker. He made his first million in his third year of Mumbai
life. Later at the age of 20, he became a self-made billionaire. He learned
everything about becoming a success in the short term.
7. Ability to Win over People: Possessing the quality of winning peoples' minds is a
great virtue of Gautam Adani. In the late 1990s, an employee of Adani Exports
made a wrong decision in the sugar industry which cost the company RS 20-crore
loss. Gautam Adani did not fire the employee and instead, he motivated him to do
better and to stay in the company.