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Scanning text to find information quickly

Have a go at scanning this BBC television guide to answer the questions. See how quickly you
can find the information you need.

19.00 The One 19.00 Escape to the 19.00 Top Gear 19.00 World News
Show country Today
The team sets out to
The One Show team A couple from end the chaos that The latest news,
bring viewers the Wimbledon want to snowfall brings to exploring the day’s
stories that matter escape the suburbs Britain every year. events from a global
from across the for countryside living perspective.
country. in East Sussex.
19.30 Waterloo 19.30 Springwatch 19.30 Born to be
Road Wild
Iolo Williams takes
Sambuca enlists to the water to We meet the
Lauren and Finn’s reveal puffins at amateur naturalist
help to track her their best - diving for who has turned his
father down in fish. garden into a lizard
Blackpool. empire.
20.27 BBC News 20.00 Great Movie 20.00 Explosions:
and Regional News Mistakes How We Shook the
The latest national Robert Webb
and international uncovers the Engineer Jem
news stories from clangers and gaffes Stansfield
the BBC, followed in Hollywood’s investigates the
by the weather. biggest science of
blockbusters. explosions.
20.30 In with the 20.30 Springwatch
Flynns Unsprung

Liam and Caroline Kate Humble, Chris

work extra shifts, but Packham and Iolo
who is looking after Williams answer
the kids? audience questions.

© BBC 2011

Scanning text to find information quickly

21.00 The 21.00 Wonderland 21.00 Cannabis: 21.00 Hidcote: A

Apprentice What’s the Harm? Garden for All
Film that climbs Seasons
Lord Sugar instructs aboard with four Exploring the world
the teams to build families as they take of organised crime The story behind
junk collection to the road. linked to the supply Hidcote, the most
businesses. of cannabis in the influential English
UK. garden of the 20th
22.00 BBC News at 22.00 The 22.00 Kill Bill: Vol 2 22.00 Nurse Jackie
Ten Apprentice: You’re
Fired The assassin, The After breaking up
Latest national and Bride, concludes her with Eddie, Jackie
international news, This week’s task of ruthless quest for tries to reconnect
with reports from making money from revenge against her with her family.
BBC correspondents rubbish ended with nemesis.
worldwide. someone being

1. If you miss the news at 19.00, when can you next catch the news?

2. If you’re interested in gardening, what programme might you look out for?

3. What time, and on which channel, would you catch The Apprentice?

4. When, and on which channel, can you see the weather forecast?

5. At what time, and on which channel, can you settle down to watch a film?

© BBC 2011