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Microsoft customer

support services

Contact information and hours of operation

 To contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support, telephone

(800) MICROSOFT (642-7676).
 In Canada, call (877)568-2495.
 Microsoft Customer Service hours of operation:
o Monday through Friday, 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM Pacific Time
o Saturday and Sunday, 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Time

- United states

Assignment by:

Sandeep kumar

Roll no. 23


ITM Chennai
CUSTOMER: Dials respective number

Call goes to MCSS (Microsoft customer support services- United States)

Support representative from MCSS collect and verifies following details:

Name, contact details, shipping address, serial number of the software and issue faced by the
customer. They generate a CASE ID for the particular issue and transfer the call to respective
department. All the technical issue related calls land up to India (SUTHERLAND or CONVERGYS) .

Representative has to pick up the call in the first ring itself

REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you for calling Microsoft windows XP technical support. My name is San,
how may I help you?

CUSTOMER: Hi san, this is Harry here.. I am unable to boot to my desktop and it shows NTLDR

REPRESENTATIVE: Oh.. so from what you have explained me Harry, I understand you are unable to
boot to your desktop and it shows NTLDR missing error message, is it correct?

CUSTOMER : you got it right

REPRESENTATIVE: I totally understand the trouble you are facing right now and do not worry at all
Harry, it is nothing but a windows file is missing and it can be fixed easily by restoring your system to
an earlier date. But before we proceed I would like to inform you that system restore is a very simple
process and you will not lose any data from your PC. So shall we proceed?

CUSTOMER : hope so, Go ahead

REPRESENTATIVE: Restart your computer and start tapping function key F8 when it reboots.

CUSTOMER: I have referred to similar articles before and have tried to go to safe mode but it does
not allow me to do so.

Customer gets IRATED; you Indian guys are useless and always try to waste our precious time and
money. Transfer my call to someone from US

REPRESENTATIVE: I am extremely sorry Harry and I apologise that you have already tried to reboot
your system in safe mode but it does not allow you. And Harry we are globally centralised to I
cannot assure you if I transfer your call to someone else, he would be from US. But what can I assure
from my side is if you spend your another precious twenty minutes with me then you will definitely
be able to boot to your desktop because I am going to use my best skills to troubleshoot your

CUSTOMER: Ok, so what should I do now

REPRESENTATIVE: Kindly insert your windows XP disc into your disk drive and restart your computer.

Technician follows the following steps as per the resources provided on

XPP/XPH/Windows XP Manual System restore in Recovery console

Number : SOX050812700017

Created : 08/12/2005

Region : US
TITLE: XPP/XPH/Windows xp Manual System restore in Recovery console

*** Problem Description ***

Whenever the computer does not boot with error message LSASS.EXE entry point not
found or any corrupted registry hive or in a loop while booting or in NTLDR
missing even after copying the file and running a chkdsk in windows xp.

Step 1:

Boot with the windows XP CD

At "Welcome to setup screen" Press R

Select the appropriate path for windows and press enter

If it asks you for the administrator password, type the administrator password and
press enter or just hit enter

We will now see the Prompt c:\windows>

Step 2:
cd system32\config

ren system system.old

ren software software.old
ren SAM SAM.old
ren security security.old
ren default default.old

Then type cd Type cd system~1\_resto~1 and press Enter

If you get "access denied" (Error) then

Restart the computer by type Exit and get back to recovery console

type cd \ and it will display C:\>

type cd system~1\_resto~1 and press Enter

Step 3:
Type dir
It will list you restore points
(e.g. RP1, RP2, RP3, RP4, etc...)

Select the one from the list except the last one
Say RP4

· type cd RP3 (or RP2 or RP1 or RPn) and enter

· type cd snapshot and enter

· type copy _registry_user_.default c:\windows\system32\config\default and enter

· type copy _registry_machine_security c:\windows\system32\config\security and


· type copy _registry_machine_software c:\windows\system32\config\software and


· type copy _registry_machine_system c:\windows\system32\config\system and enter

· type copy _registry_machine_sam c:\windows\system32\config\sam and enter

· type exit and enter

The computer restarts and the system will be

Successfully restored

CUSTOMER: Restarts the computer and it boots to the desktop. His all files and documents are

Wonderful San, you have done an amazing job.

REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you very much Harry, and I am very much sure that you will not get this
kind of problem in future and even if you get, then do not get panic and immediately call us back
with the same reference number.

CUSTOMER: Definitely I will call you guys back if needed and I hope next time also you only pick up
my call 

REPRESENTATIVE: My pleasure Harry.

Harry you came with an issue that you are unable to boot to your desktop because of NTLDR missing
file, so we have tried out to restore your system to an earlier date manually and you are successfully
able to boot to your desktop now, is it correct Harry.


REPRESENTATIVE: so with your permission shall I go ahead and close this case as resolved ?

CUSTOMER: yes, you can but what if I get the same problem again

REPRESENTATIVE: it would not be a problem, you can give us the same reference number and we
would reopen your case and our second level support will perform further troubleshooting if

CUSTOMER: that sounds good, thank you San.

REPRESENTATIVE: So Harry, is there anything else that I can help you with now

CUSTOMER: No, you have been wonderful. May god bless you. TC

REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you Harry and thank you for calling MICROSOFT. Have a wonderful day 

CUSTOMER: You too, bye 

Support representative is not supposed to hang up the call and has to wait till customer disconnects
from his side.