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In December 1986, the Consumer Products Manager of Packages
Limited Mr. Mohammad Saleem had to present the advertising plan to his

boss Mr. Maqsood Ahmad Khan. He was busy in collecting information
since the past two weeks. Both had finally made the schedule to present the
final proposal to the top management.

The First Issue

The first issue faced by Mr. Saleem was how the role of advertising was going to play in the coming
year for his company plus how will the other marketing tools play their role. He projected the
advertising budget to be approximately Rs. 20 million for Rose Petal for 1987.

The Second Issue

The second issue that Mr. Saleem was facing was the allocation of money to various media.
Television was best for the advertisement but its costs were very high plus the television
ownership in Pakistan is relatively low.

Then media was the second choice for promotions but the literacy rate became a barrier and out of
literate people reading the magazines and newspapers, it wasn’t clear as to who read which one.
The other marketing tools of billboards, hoardings and point-of-sale displays and also the give-
away items had their own functions and could not be termed as aggressive marketing.

Another available medium was the ‘INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION’ which was held in Lahore in
February every year. More than 10 thousand people visited this Exhibition and they could see and
touch product there.

The Third Issue

Finally, it was timing of the advertisements and frequency of them. This placement for
advertisement was a tough issue. Advertisement may be sufficient once or not for a potential
Augmented Features S
Rose petal is not offering any augmented features like they are not giving any additional services to
their customers for example Raabta facility. We recommend them to print either their e-mail or
mailing address or website or any U.A.N number at the back of the tissue box in future for any
complaints and suggestions of people.

Quality G
People are quite satisfied with the quality and branding of Rose Petal tissues. Rose Petal captures
50% of the market share. For acquiring the other 50% share, we recommend them to carry on TQM
(Total Quality Management) approach. Through this approach the Company keeps on improving
the product constantly and will also be able to attract its potential customers.

Packaging E
Attractive packaging gives an edge to the Company over the competitors. So we recommend them
to enhance their packaging which looks innovative and creative. Packaging is the only tool which
captures the attention of the buyer and leads the product to success.

Applying Proper Marketing Logistics

According to the marketing research conducted by us, only 56% of the people are satisfied with the
availability of Rose Petal tissues at their nearest shop but rest are not especially in rural and remote
areas. So Packages Limited should apply proper marketing logistics especially in the rural and
remote areas: which means to plan, implement and control the physical distribution of Rose Petal
tissues from point of origin to point of consumption (right product to right customer in right time at
the right place).

Availability O
To gain maximum attention of customers, the product should be placed on the front shelf of the
nearest shopping outlets. Packages Limited should follow this technique.
Brand Recalling S
Packages Limited has been selling Rose Petal tissues for the last 24 years and brand recalling is the
only way to retain actual customers as there is a threat that many new competitors can come in the
tissue paper market such as China paper industry after WTO.
Outdoor Advertisement
Through this marketing research, it is clear that Rose Petal lacks in the outdoor advertisement
that’s why we recommend them to focus on promotion campaigns through billboards, signboards
and posters.

Cable TV Promotion
Rose Petal is now promoting its product on cable TV because it is cheaper as compared to other
mediums and at the same time it is capturing small areas for its promotion. We recommend the
company to carry on with this medium and to broadcast Rose Petal on popular channels to capture
maximum market as it is an effective way for promotion.