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About IAHV
The International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a partner organization of the Art of Living was
founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to foster globally a deeper understanding of the values that
unite us as human community. IAHV is an international volunteer based NGO in special consultative
status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations which along with the
Art of living has touched 155 countries around the world


Mission green earth is an initiative that aims to plant and nurture trees until they can sustain
themselves, for the purpose of restoring biodiversity, and provide a positive and measurable impact
on the environment.

Their mission is to stimulate and facilitate the planting of 10 million trees worldwide.

Over the past years, India has experienced threat to its vast forest cover, as trees are felled
for modernization, firewood and pasture.  Trees impound carbon dioxide from air, thereby
reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in atmosphere. Therefore, Arts of living took a
step to help the country fight climate change.

As part of river conservation process one of the activity is to plant trees. Acres of barren
government land are identified for creating model social forestry sites within watershed
boundaries helped in reducing individual land preparation costs at multiple locations for
planting many saplings. Creation of deep trenches around the social forestry sites helped in
reducing sapling protection costs significantly as compared to building 7,000 individual tree-
guards around each sapling to protect them from being eaten by local cattle. The
volunteers dig 10 feet deep trenches and created bund with the same mud (almost 4-5 feet
high) using Porcelain machine to safeguard newly-planted saplings from nearby cattle. In
addition, these trenches help in harvesting rainwater and thereby keeping soil moisture
content high during post-monsoon season, which is very critical for high survival rate
of saplings.


The project started in Sept 2016 and is still in progress. They are promising to note that trees
planted have achieved a 90% survival rate. Attempts have been made to plant local and
indigenous varieties of plant that will grow well and restore the environmental balance of the
area. A ‘Narayana Vana’ has been created at Kaiwara, as part of the rejuvenation project.
There are 32 species of rare and endangered plants, like Sita
Ashoka, Kadambi and Atti tree. In total, there are around 200 trees and 2,000 herbs and
shrubs in this Vana.

 42,500 trees planted around Kumudavati River

 10,000 near Palar river
 2000 around Vedavati river site
 Worldwide Art of Living has initiated planting of 71 million trees