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Brave New World Journaling

Brave New World begins with the introduction of a futuristic scientific lab. It’s a

what they call a “hatchery,” which shows that they have lost the significance of birth and

that it has taken on a less ceremonial and important role. The workers in the building are

the ones overseeing the creation of life but the description of the surrounding only

implies death. The word wintriness is used and winter is generally associated with the

end of life and activity. Also the gloves of the workers are described as “corpse colored

rubber.” The lights are like the dead. So for a room and building that gives birth to so

many people, it is surrounded by the implications of death. The boys that come to the

centre fiercely examine the words of the director as if everything that comes out of his

mouth is holy. The embryo that our culture considers so precious completely loses its

value in this centre. It is merely an ingredient for laboratory work. This is kind of

connected to our use of stem cells and fetuses. Maybe it could lead to the same loss of

significance. They believe that the mass production of people is good for “social

stability.” They think that if everyone is basically the same that society will be more

uniform and better. They stress the creation of twins because they are obsessed with the

idea of uniformity and a single identity. They are basically applying the principals of

mass production to the creation of humans. Each individual therefore losses their value

and identity. With this mass production they are creating a cheaper labor force. This part

of the story somewhat foreshadows the modern study of cloning. The infants are taught to

avoid certain things. Depending on their place in the social structure, the babies are

allowed to like things and hate other. They are predetermining what the baby’s

preferences are to further improve the efficiency of their work. Because those things
might become distractions in the future, they are making sure to avoid those problems.

They are willing to sacrifice the individual for the good of the society. They are all

mindless and created. The only people with thoughts to their own are the original

scientists who are creating these humans. They are basically playing god with the

scientific advances that they had discovered. They decide the future of millions and

create life in their own labs. They chose which person will live to be high class and which

will be the laboring lower class citizens. The caste system that they build is well defined

and their roles and liberties are also set. The lower class does all the work while the upper

class contains more of the intellectuals. But the fact is that as babies the upper class was

allowed more freedom than the lower class. The upper class must have received less

shock treatment. The scare tactics that they use are to discourage the development of the

inquisitive minds. They start using sleep teaching. They teach things to the children while

they are sleeping because they brutally memorize the materials. The only problem they

faced with this is that they know the words but not the ideas. So complex things such as

science cannot be taught this way because they are all conceptual and require the

connecting of ideas. They are just told things that they will remember, but do not require

a deep knowledge. They are convinced that their caste is the best caste to be in. Therefore

in the future there cannot be any revolts. Since they are all comfortable with there

positions in the society they will not feel the need to change. Even the workers are taught

to believe that they would rather do manual labor than actually think. They are told these

sentences over and over again in their sleep so that it can be imprinted in their brains

forever. Somehow in this world, English has become the most dominant language in the

world. Languages like polish have died and are no longer important. This could be
because the English people have developed the science of human creation faster. Thus,

there productivity has increased exponentially putting them way ahead of other countries.

The polish people probably fell behind in the development of manufacturing human

labor. Either that or the entire world decided to bond as a harmonious society. They then

decided that it would increase the efficiency if they all spoke one language. It would also

be the most logical choice for unifying such a large area. Even with so many people, they

cannot become powerful together if they have communication problems. Only the most

educated know about the old languages like polish. Some of the students there have not

studies history and do not know some of the languages existed before this extreme


Soma is used very often in this story. The characters use it for orgies, for holidays,

and on a regular basis. It makes them feel happy and reduces their senses. The free

thinkers of the society have not been taking soma though. An example is Bernard who

refused to take soma while he was unhappy with the world. At the time he, was

concerned with reforming the society. When he found John and became famous, he

started taking soma, signifying his conformity. Soma is dangerous for John because he is

a person who advocates strict personal discipline. He would lose control with the

consumption of soma. Soma is also an escape from reality. Many of the characters take

soma to escape what is happening around them. Linda took it to get away from the world

that was shunning her because of her looks. It is needed to do activities that are normally

obscene such as orgies.

The book says that there is no longer any religion in the new world, but people

seem to have replaced God with “Ford.” They say things like “thank Ford!” and “Oh
Ford.” They society reveres him because he started an industrial revolution. They ditched

religion and replaced it with a worship of technological advancement. There is a division

in the new world for class predestination. This is very similar to John Calvin’s teachings

that God, from the beginning of time, already decided who would be saved and damned.

The scientific studies have a very similar effect. In the lab, the scientists ultimately

predestine the rest of your life. This is a symbol that the new world scientists are playing

god. In taking God from their lives, they have established themselves as the highest

authority on human lives. The only person who does not say Ford is John. This shows a

deep clash in civilizations and between old and new. John represents a society that was

once deeply religious he encounters a world that has lost its religion. John is somewhat of

a Christ like figure in this novel. Starting from his birth he is different from the others. He

had a preposterous birth from a normal mother. In the new world this would be as

miraculous as a virgin birth. It also describes him trying the crucifix upon himself to see

what it felt like. He is also the only pure person in a society that has been changed by

technological advancement. He fights his material and sexual urges while the others do

not. His death is also the result of persecution from the masses. His suicide can be

interpreted in different ways. During his stay at the lighthouse, he tries his hardest to be

as pure as possible. He starts to whip himself and throws himself into thorns for wanting

Lenina. He killed himself because he momentarily fell into the world he tried so hard to

stay away from. His purity was broken at the orgy and he gave into the lust he had for


Bernard from the start of the novel seems to be the protagonist and hero but he

starts to have a major fallout. Up until he went to the savage reservation, Bernard was
focused on the possible reforms of the new world. He seemed like the person to bring

about change because he was so different than the others. But after his discovery of John,

and the threat of a demotion, Bernard began to change. With his fame, people started to

accept Bernard. He was a person that in the beginning, believed that he did not need the

others and was content y himself. Now that he was accepted, he found he loved it. He

started taking soma and used women frequently. He used John as a tool for fame and

acceptance. This also shows how strong the masses are and the human tendency to group

together. Bernard becomes a foil to John. Bernard could not resist the women, soma, and

limelight. But, John resisted Lenina, the soma, and tried to stay away from the media

hordes. When he lost his power, he was not the same person. He did not blame himself

but his friends. In the end, he did nothing to save John and instead tried to leave him

when the police came.

The story focuses a lot on the banning of Shakespeare and religion. These are

both things that make up the character of John. Although Mustapha Mond has those texts

banned, he can read them himself. In the case of Shakespeare, Mond cannot let the people

read it because, they would not understand and because it is old. In order to produce

stability, he needs a dumber class of people. He is saying that they would not be able to

understand. It also seemed to influence the thoughts of John and Helmholtz. Helmholtz is

inspired by the writings, and realizes that the propaganda techniques do not come close to

the skill of Shakespeare. It is also now evident that there was a great drop in the

intelligence of the average person. Even if Helmholtz is considered, “too qualified,” he

can only write useless, childlike rhymes. They government banned Shakespeare because

it could touch the emotions of people. If intelligent writers could do that, then a revolt
could ensue. The stories of Shakespeare have conflict with the society in the new world.

Where Shakespeare writes about love, passion, and longing, those ideas do not exist any

more. If you want someone, you can just take them. There is no real emotional

connection or long term relationships. Bernard and John both wanted to love Lenina, but

she always just thought of herself,” as a piece of meat.” Because John was not

conditioned, he felt a strong bond with his mother. The people of the Death hospital

could not understand why he was so distressed about the death of another person. They

think of it as a good thing because their body will be reused to benefit the earth. Each

individual has almost no value. Every living person is there to benefit the society as a

whole. Their main concern is efficiency. They are not even careful about the process of

birth. When Lenina messed up, in twenty-two years that person will die. But it does not

matter because they can just make more people to replace him. All the people are taught

that everyone lives for everyone else. Because John was not brainwashed as a child, he

could have an unbiased view on the new world. He quickly was the corruption of a small

group of people who were controlling the masses. In this world biology and psychology

seem to be the most important things. Without religion, people never contemplated why

they lived and their individual value. They are so blinded by their material happiness

that they do not see oppression that binds them.