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Sarah Turner

Professor David Healy

RC 2001


Final Reflection

As a final reflection and looking back on this semester I think that I have not only learned

a lot about myself but also about my future. As an education major there are many things in the

teaching world that are not bright and sunny like everyone makes teaching seem but even after

seeing that through this course I still want to do it completely. As purposes of the course are

mentioned I think that the course goals are very well covered through the discourse community


The first purpose is “ R&C 2001 students must demonstrate the Goals and Outcomes of

RC 1000 in increasingly complex rhetorical situations.” With this being understood I feel like

this was very well accomplished in this because as I am looking at my future I am able to look at

situations that I am walking into and fully comprehend them. Having this understanding is great

because I am able to make sure that it is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life and with

this confirmation I am very confident with this answer. The second goal states “R&C 2001

students must exhibit increasing disciplinary awareness.” This is a great example of something

that I have gained from this class that I will be able to apply not only in my future classes but

also as I begin work. In theatre education like all other education there are a lot of unpaid hours

in which teachers are expected to put in this work in order to meet the quality of work they are

expected to produce and by increasing my disciplinary awareness it will be easier to get things

done in the future. The third goal states “R&C 2001 students must apply disciplinary awareness
to the creation of their own texts across various genres and/or media.” This is applied by not only

creating a visual presentation at the beginning of the course but also by exploring the types of

genres that are worked with in individual fields but also an essay about a passion in the field.

Personally being able to use all these different forms of application to work on my major is an

amazing opportunity. The fourth states “R&C 2001 students must develop metacognition of

academic writing.” Like stated before the different types of writing done in this course have

helped me in becoming a better writer across all genres and curriculums. The fifth goal is

“students must develop information literacy strategies and skills that transfer across the

curriculum.” I think this is a great goal because now I am able to analyze different genres of

writing in my field and others fields.

Overall during the course of this semester I think that my work has been a passion

project for me and something that I am very proud of. During the course of this semester I have

been able to develop a creative process for myself in order to focus my energy on my passion

being funding arts in school which I was able to share in my research paper.

Honestly at the end of this semester I know that I have worked the hardest that I possibly

could and put passion into everything that I produced for this class because it was a sort of a

passion project and for that reason I think an A is justified. I know lots of students do not go into

the depth that I wanted to cover in my research paper and while I may not always be the best

writer I will always have passion behind the things I am writing because it is important to me. I

also know that I always put my effort into producing quality work in this class that I am very

proud of.