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Evolution of Democracy

The Evolution of Democracy in the Early Republic

Grand Canyon University – HIS-144

Megan Clark

November 18, 2018

Evolution of Democracy

The Evolution of Democracy in the Early Republic

There were two presidents that made a major impact on American Democracy that still

impacts us today. President Thomas Jefferson and President Andrew Jackson both made changes

that are still impacting American lives to this day. The country was making progress towards

democracy during Jefferson’s years in office however, there were several weaknesses.

During Jefferson’s time in office, the presidential candidates were chosen by groups of

political leaders, by Jackson’s time nominating conventions were introduced. Jefferson feared

the consequences of industrialization while Jackson accepted is as necessary to the American

economy. Both Presidents Jefferson, and Jackson owned slaves. Jefferson saw slavery as evil act

that time would eliminate, while Jackson did not seem interested in ending the slave era.

President Jefferson was an educated man and believed that education was important for office

holding and preparing citizens for participation in a democracy. President Jackson did not agree,

as he had very little education and did not believe it was relatively important.

Both Presidents rejected the idea of the Bank of the United States. Jefferson opposed the

idea, as he thought the states should charter banks that could issue money. While Jackson saw

the Bank of the United States as a monopoly of the rich, He thought that it was a threat to the

traditional standards in which America was given. Jefferson nor Jackson saw women and

American Indians as equals. President Jackson tended to have an undesirable attitude toward

American Indians.

The years from 1834 to 1840 were called the “Age of Jacksonian Democracy” and the

“Era of the Common Man.” Changes happened that expanded the participation in politics, and

reform movements begun to address the inequalities in America society. The ways of voting
Evolution of Democracy

began to change, in the 1820s, they used printed ballots to give the voter a more independent

voice with being influenced by supports of a particular candidate.

The changes from the era of Jefferson to Jackson mainly came about because of the

concerning of slavery. Jackson was not comfortable with the native people in the country. The

Jacksonian Democracy focused on the white people who neglected the rights of citizens which

caused in racial differences in the country. Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory

which was his main achievement that increased the economy of America. The Louisiana

Purchase doubled the land and gave us the advantage of controlling trade ports and free passage

on the Mississippi river. This contributed to economic growth after the war. This was a notable

change for the future development of the American Republic. Jackson’s years of presidency were

to help define a new type of democracy for everyone. The Jacksonian Democracy.
Evolution of Democracy

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