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Understanding the Requirements for Developing Tourism Industry in Galle City,

Sri Lanka
By Pradeep Ehan :

1. Overview

The focus in this article is directed at understanding the requirements for tourism development
efforts, and how the development of these requirements differs from those traditional to tourism and
requirements methods.

2. Background

Galle is the capital of the Southern Province, a quite town dreaming by the sea. Inside the Fort
surrounded by Dutch ramparts life still moves leisurely at dusk when the offices and schools are closed
and kindly ghosts move up and down in quite Galle fort town, and over the harbour under a moon
whispers of the past on Ravana’s hills.

Galle is a historically valued city which has high value of tourism and it is the capital of southern
province of Sri Lanka. The city consists of multi religious multi cultural and multi ethnic communities.
The main sources of income of the people of Galle city are trade, fishing, tourism, poultry farming and
handy craft.

The population of the Galle municipality is 112500 (2001 census) of which 51% are Female and 49%
are male. The growth rate of population is 0.75% and 16924 of households are available in the city.

The land area of the city is about 16.5km2 and it is bordered by the sea from south & southwest. The
city is situated within the wet zone of the country with an average rain fall between 1525-1900 mm per
year. Its daily temperature is between 28°C-30°C.

3.Advantages of Galle for tourists

1. Historical Value
2. Cultural Value
3. Easy access areas
4. Attractive 3 beaches – Dadalla, Fort, Unawatuna
5. Educational Value
6. A hub western province and southern province
7. natural harbor
8. between international two harbor and two airport ( Colombo , Hambanthota – Developing)
9. 10 minutes drive to Southern Highway
10. Travel point to world heritage Sinharaja Forest
11. Luxurious Hotels, Motels, Guest houses and restaurant more than …
12. Best transportation Hub – Train, Bus stand , Taxi service
13. Vast handcraft manufacture
14. Developing infrastructure (Building, Electricity, Telecom, ADSL Internet, Mobile etc)
15. Eco friendly environment
Developing Idea's

1. Active , Easy access Tourist information centre

2. Awareness program for Guides, Students, Hoteliers, Small Medium Entrepreneur's who
involved tourism trade
3. Gathering Program for Tour operators, Guides, Hoteliers and tourist board
4. Develop tourist police service
5. Develop Easy access Map and Guide book
6. Name Board for important places
7. Develop Taxi park with controlling unit
8. Develop program for identified Traditional, Religious and Antiques places
9. Program for Eco/Educational/Entertainment/Traditional/Religious and Business Tours
10. Tourist Emergency Unit – (TEU)
11. Develop tourist official website
12. Offer Wi-Fi access / Internet facilities for important places
13. Contribution work program BOI, EDB, Tourist Board, Chamber of Commerce and other related
14. Study Tour arrangement for public officials and industry related for Developed tourism
industry cities/countries – Hongkong, Thailand,Taiwan etc.

Please comments on your Idea about this concept.

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