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Empowering Creative Thinking

MITB 2019- 2020

Empowering Creative Thinking

Syllabus 2019-2020


Professor Victor García
Empowering Crea ve Thinking

MITB 2019- 2020


• he main focus of the course is to encourage creativity for making decisions in a context
of high pressure in an unknown and uncontrolled environment.
• It does this by planning and developing simulated missions with the Air Force Pilots. The
expected outcome is to incorporate techniques and procedures that allow fighter pilots to be
highly effective in dynamic and rapidly changing environments.

• During the course, students will be provided with different tools that will help them to work,
think and adapt to challenging scenarios and unexpected circumstances.
- Fighter pilots have
the necessity to take accurate decisions in a split second, and so they have been trained to
be able to carry out complex decision-making using a. thoroughly tested set of tools that can
be adapted to improve day-to-day management decision making.

Students, at the end of the seminar, should be able to:

• Develop analytical thinking by analyzing and understanding a situation or problem within an

unknown environment.

• Identify and differentiate the different between strategic and tactical objectives.

• Implement a planning methodology based on team-working as a fundamental tool for correct

decision making in complex problem-solving scenarios.

• Make efficient decisions based on incomplete information.

• Generate creative thinking oriented to the resolution of future and/or uncertain scenarios or

• Raise awareness of the importance of a good Leadership, capable of motivating and

integrating team members to work synergistically and aligned with the common goal.

• Implement a methodology of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

The teaching in the program is based on Student-Centered Learning. Under the assumptions of
putting students' interests first, trying to identify and recognize their individual differences,
taking the student an active role and acting the teacher as a facilitator.

The teaching methodology aims to develop opinions based on planning and preparation to
generate creative thinking and decision-making aligned with the strategy.

In this context, the course is designed by combining theoretical concepts with their practical
application to real cases.
Empowering Creative Thinking

MITB 2019- 2020

10 hours in 2 days.

Sessions Main Topic DATE Content and Case Study Learning objectives

Concepts Introduction:

 Empowering creative thinking (30´) Students will develop

transversal skills such as
o Decision-making (OODAA Loop) (15´) analytical thinking, problem
 Observe (Perceptions) solving, team working, and
 Orient (HEC) creativity.
 Decide (Stablish COA´s)
Introduction  Act (Select appropriate COA) 1. Ability to understand and
 Assess (Evaluate results) analyze a situation or
How fighter pilots work. problem in an unknown or
o S.A. Concept. (15´) uncertain scenario,
 Think Ahead – Be prepared to act breakdown the problem,
Operational Planning identify key points,
 Improving cycles - Getting Full S.A.(15´)
integrate partial solutions
1 Familiarization with the 20/12/19 o Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief and achieve valid
situation and materials. conclusions to solve the
 Conceptual Thinking (15´)
1st Mission: The Air o Levels of Planning 2. Ability to generate
Operation Plan. o From Strat to Tactics creative thought process
in the face of complex
Short briefing to give students the first glance
Debriefing situations, providing
about the mission. (15´)
original solutions and
 Students will start to create an Air Operations figuring out possible
Plan from a Conceptual Desired End- future scenarios.
Estate.(3h) 3. Ability to make judgments
based on limited or
 Air Operation Plan Approval Briefing (30´) uncompleted information,
select the best option and
Lessons learned of the day (30´)
execute the proper
action, striving for
Concepts Introduction:
excellence or exceeding
Handover Briefing (15´) - Briefings are a great the expected results.
tool to get all the team into the same page 4. Ability to lead work team
How to obtain a high performance teams. The cohesion, active
importance of communication. engagement and
motivation, as well as
Briefing of the actual situation of the mission (15´) become integrated and,
o Groups will carry out their first participate in one of the
mission planning. Students will teams, putting group
continue divided in sections, but interests before personal
Communication, to achieve the goals.
connectivity & Team they will rotate during the course.
Work While planning is being performed, Students have to be able to:
leads will attend high-level
meetings and so they will need to 1. Participate and integrate
2 21/12/2019 carry out briefings for their groups actively in a planning team.
Familiarization with the so they can work more effectively. 2. Analyze and assure the
situation and materials. consistency of their own (as
o Groups will need to plan a rescue individuals or as a team)
2nd Mission: Rescue UN mission, but some difficulties will judgements.
observers arise during the preparation. 3. Suggest creative
Coordination between the different approaches to add value to
sections will be key to obtain a the plan.
successful mission, students will 4. Design a consistent plan
need to not only brief the peers in with defined actions for
their sections, but also express to solving complex situation
other sections what they need from individually or as a team.
them or what can be offered so 5. Keep a high performance
synergies can be created. under pressure conditions.
Lessons learned of the day
Empowering Creative Thinking

MITB 2019- 2020

Tools use by fighter pilots to cope with threats, perform effectively or reduce the possibility of
mistakes can be adapted to civilian scenarios and every organization should be able to take
advantage of them. Moreover, fighter pilots do not work alone. They need to be able to
communicate their ideas clearly and without doubts. The world nowadays is almost completely
connected and effective communication is key to obtain a high-performance team.

Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of the same tools that fighter pilots use
when they implement their plans in a highly aggressive, competitive and threatening scenario.

Pre-work N/A 0%
A) Section Briefing (feedback in class)
Group Presentation 30%
B) Mass Briefing (feedback in class)
Individual essay Individual feedback 50%
In class contribution Participation during the planning activity 20%

5.1. Pre-work (0%)

Unexpected and uncertain scenarios are driven by surprise effect. That is why Pre-work phase
is not going to be executed.

5.2. Group presentation (15% x 2)

The execution of the practice consists of designing and planning an Air Operation as members
of a Coalition Team. Students will be assigned to different sections performing complementary
roles. Each section will contribute to the general plan and be responsible of the alignment with
the Coalition strategy.

A) Section Briefing: Each section will brief internally the plan generated for the Coalition
operation. Learning objectives will be evaluated as a Section within a bigger team.

B) Mass Briefing: Mission Commander Team will be responsible to perform the integration of
Section Plan and conduct the Mass briefing. Learning objectives will be evaluated as a
members of a Coalition Team.

After each session, a debriefing will be perform where students will provide feedback about each
other and how well they think the other sections performed in relation to them.

5.3. Individual Essay (50%)

It will take the form of a self-reflection 1500-word report due 10 days after the end of the course.
The report should be a critical self- reflection on the candidate´s own experience of the course,
detailing the useful insights, the breakthroughs and, how they will apply to the business world.
In particular, the report should focus on the following (suggested weightings):

Empowering Crea ve Thinking

MITB 2019- 2020

A) 50% Creativity: Through the 2 sessions, students will be evaluated in their ability to
generate creative thought process in the face of complex situations. Using the storyline
and the mission they have to plan, Instructors will verify if they applied creativity based
on experience or other methodologies providing new thought processes and applying
them correctly.

B) 50% Analytic Thinking and Problem Solving: Through the 2 sessions, students will be
evaluated in their ability to understand and analyze a situation or problem in an unknown
or uncertain scenario, make judgments based on limited or uncompleted information,
select the best option and execute the proper action, striving for excellence or exceeding
the expected results of the work.

5.4. In class contribution (20%)

Through the 2 sessions, students will be evaluated in their ability to lead work team cohesion,
active engagement and motivation. Participation in the development of the class, in the form of
contributing to the cooperative argument-building as well as suggesting alternative ways of
approaching, is highly encouraged. Students who demonstrate a very active involvement will get
marks for the quality of their participation as it demonstrates a good preparation of the subjects
presented. Also, relating the topics discussed to readings and other material or even personal
experiences will be particularly valued. Those students contributing, in a very significant way, to
ongoing discussions, helping to keep the analysis focused and responding thoughtfully to other
students' comments, could receive extra credit up to 20% of the final grade.

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Empowering Creative Thinking

IMITB 2019 -2020


Spanish Air Force Mayor, with more than 2.000 flight hours, mainly in F-18 "Hornet" fighter
aircraft. Victor García Nickname: “Socu”. Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) Graduated. “Socu”
took part in several Multinational Exercises and he had the honor of performing the first Spanish
F18 Mission during the Libyan Conflict, performing 14 real life missions. He currently advice
Simloc flight simulation SME providing business development experience in the aeronautical civil
and defense market.