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Breathing is the basis of life for all the organisms on the earth. But the function of breathing is not just limited to
running the various parts of our body and thus maintaining the life, but it tells us something more. Through its
rhythmic flow, the pattern of breathing tells us about the general health of the body.It indicates about the daily
routine and makes us aware of the motion of the universe and the sequence of events that take place in it.
Process of breathing occurs continuously through both the nostrils. With the rhythmic in and out flow of
breathing a sound is produced.


On the basis of this the process of breathing has been given the name of sound. Anybody who gains a complete
knowledge these sound i.e. the rhythm of breathing he can know about the past, present and the future.

Breathing does not flow equally through both the nostrils. Often or through the left nostril alone, or through
right nostril. At times breathing flows through both the nostrils equally. Pattern of breathing has a profound
importance in our life. From the rhythm of breathing we may infer fairly correctly regarding our routine, tasks
and do’s and don’ts for that day. Acting at the instinct of breathing we may make our time comfortable.

Scriptures like Vedas and Puranas are present in the sound, art of singing is also based on the sound. All the
three world (Lokas – the earth, the heaven and the hades) are present in the sound. Sound is also the form of
quantity (Matra). Creator and the destroyer also exist in sound form. No cryptic thing is better in virtue than the
knowledge of sound. No wealth is worth more than sound and no knowledge is superior than the knowledge of
the sound.

The force of the sound destroys the enemies and unites the friends. Through the force of sound one gets wealth.
Fame and comforts are also received through the sound power. Through the power of sound, a desired person
can be won over and through it gods are appeared. Through the force of sound one goes on foreign tours and
through it one gets delicious foods also. Sound is like a great lamp that lights the soul. With appropriate use of
the sound power one becomes immune to the flows of day, date, stars, planets gods, posture etc. with the force
of sound one gets good results always.

Nerves of various forms and appearance are spread in the body. Every one with reasonable wisdom must have
some knowledge about them.Starting from the navel, rising upto the shoulder in our body is situated the spinal
cord. It houses around seventy-two thousand nerves which are thus present in the mid part of the body. Beneath
the navel is present, a power named Kundalini in snake like spiral. From it ten nerves rise upwards, while ten
nerves start downwards. Apart from these ten nerves, four nerves go obliquely two each in left and right
directions. Thus there are twenty-four nerves in all. Among them, ten nerves are main, while they cause the air
to flow. Oblique upper and lower nerves, that exist as spiral in the body. These nerves in turn are dependent
upon Prana – The life giving air that supports them. From ten mains nerves three nerves are superior. Their
names are Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. Other nerves are named as Gandhari, Hastajviha, Pusha, Yashasvini,
Alambhusha, Kuhu and Shankhini.

The nerve named Ida is situated in the left side of the body, Pingla in the right side, while Sushumna occupies
the central position. Gandhari is the left eye, Hastajivha is the right eye, Pusha in right ear, Yashasvini in the left
ear and Alambush is in the mouth. Kuhu nerve is in the general region while Shanskhini is in the anus. Thus all
the ten major nerves occupy the ten openings of the body.

Ida, Pingla and Sushmna, These three nerves are present in the passage of breathing (Prana). Breathing flows
through them. In Ida resides the moon, while the sun resides in Pingla. In Sushumna is present Lord Shiva
himself in swan form.When the breath (or sound) flows out ‘Ha’ word is produced and when it flows in ‘Sa’
word is produced. ‘Ha’ sound denotes Shiva while ‘Sa’ sound denotes Shakti. People who constantly practice
these sounds of the moon and the sun regularly, instinctively gain the knowledge of the past, the present and the

The moon sound or Ida nerve that continuously flows through the left nostril is always beneficial, while the sun
sound or Pingla nerve that continuously flows through the right nostril is the creator. The centrally located
Sushumna nerve is hard or cruel. It is regarded as obstacle in every tasks. At the time of out flow of breath, Ida,
sound, and at the time of inflow of breath, Pingla sound is regarded as auspicious.
Ida, i.e. the moon sound is considered as even, while Pingla i.e. the sun sound is considered as odd. While the
sun sound is regarded as male. The moon sound is considered as female. (1 of 4)8/4/2008 10:50:05 PM


The moon sound is fair complexioned while the sun sound is dark complexioned. Hence with a predominant
flow of the moon sound, all the auspicious tasks must be started. When the sun sound is dominant cruel works
like fighting, dispute, anger etc. should be taken. When Sushumna sound is dominant tasks that give knowledge
and salvation must be done.


During the brighter half the lunar month, that is the period from the moonless to the full moon night, when the
moon waxes in appearance, the moon sound should flow first at daybreak, followed by the sun sound in the
second hour. And these two must alternate each other every our in this fashion all through the day.

During the darker half of the lunar month, that is the period from the full moon to the moonless night when the
moon wanes in appearance, the sun sound must flow first at the day break followed by the moon sound in the
second hour and these two must alternate each other every hour all through the day. During these hourly flow of
the moon and the sun sounds all the five elements also flow along with the sound.

If for any reason, opposite sound is seen to be flowing during the first three days starting from the first day after
the full moon or moon less night that is if the sun sound flows predominantly for the first three days during the
period prescribed for the moon sound and vice-versa, all the auspicious tasks should be postponed during these
However in the waxing period of moon, if the first day begins with the moon sound and in the waning period,
the first day begins with the sun sound, one should whole heartedly begin to gain knowledge.


When you get up in the morning, bring your index or any other finger of palm near your nostrils. Now closing
the mouth exhale breath through nostrils. Flow or pressure of breath from which ever of the nostrils is felt
stronger or more, indicates the sound accordingly. If you feel the pressure of breath from left nostril stronger it
is the moon sound, if you feel the pressure of breath from right nostril stronger, it is the sun sound. If in case
you feel no difference in the pressures of breath from both of your nostrils, it is Sushumna sound.


If, according to the day and the lunar phases, the right kind of lunar or solar sound is flowing in the morning.
That day is auspicious for you. If it is against the day and the phase, that day would not be auspicious. No
auspicious task or feat must be organized that day or no journey etc. meant for auspicious purposes must be
undertaken that day. If however, the task is more than urgent take following precaution :

Immediately upon awakening in the morning first of all take a look at both your hands (palms) together then feel
for the sound (breath), and whichever sound you find, wipe your face with that hand that designates the sound.
That is if you find the moon sound, wipe your face with your left hand and if you find the sun sound, wipe your
face with your right hand. Doing this will eliminate the inauspiciousness of that day at the beginning of the
journey also, feel for the sound and raise the first step out of your home according to the sound, i.e. the best foot
forward. Doing that your journey will definitely be a success. Many more things will be revealed during further


The people, whose moon sound is dominant during the day and the sun sound is dominant during the night, are
the yogis in true sense. It means to say that yogis or the people with religious attitude must practice to breathe in
the moon sound during the day and in the sun sound during the night. If they manage to control their breathing
pattern at will, They can definitely achieve perfection in yoga thus attaining true yogi status. In usual times also,
if the day begins with the moon sound and closes with the sun sound, it gives great virtues. If an opposite
condition prevails auspicious tasks should be abandoned .


During every hour each day all the five elements also pass in sequence. Dividing an hour by five, that is sixty
minutes by five, we get the duration period for each of these five elements. Thus for the first twelve minutes of (2 of 4)8/4/2008 10:50:05 PM


each hour, air element moves predominantly. During the second twelve minutes water element moves
predominantly then during the next twelve minutes, the earth element moves followed by the fire element
during the next twelve minutes period. Ultimately, during the last twelve minutes period of an hour, ether (sky)
element moves predominantly. These five elements emerge separately in both the nerves (sound) in the same
sequence every hour.

All the twelve transitions that are the zodiac signs also pass successively between the day and night. Among
these zodiac signs, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are said to be the lunar or moon signs.
Signs like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are said to be the Solar or Sun signs. Decision for
auspicious signs or inauspiciousness about these Zodiac signs is taken according to the flowing of the sound.

The east and the north direction is the abode of the moon. While the west and the south is the abode of the sun.
At the time of the moon sound journey in the south and the west must be postponed similarly at the time of the
sun sound, journey to the north and the east must be postponed. If during the flow of the left nerve, a journey is
started in the south or the west, scriptures say that one face danger from the enemies on the way. Even if one
manages to escape somehow he just can not return safe.

If on the day in the bright phase of the moon, the sun sound seems to be flowing in place of the moon sound in
the time prescribed for it, one should get a glimpse of the moon that day. This glimpse of the moon will prove
beneficial for him.

Thus if the sun sound is found flowing during the period prescribed for it and the moon period is found flowing
during the time prescribed for it, all the tasks started during that period are completed successfully. On the
contrary to it, if the moon sound flows during the period of sun sound, and the sun sound flows during the time
prescribed for the moon sound, the results are always harmful. Hence during such periods, auspicious tasks must
be abandoned or postponed.

Thus whoever understands and appreciates the knowledge of and the technique to identify the sounds and the
time period elements and the zodiac signs associated to them that person can acquire all the means of comfort at
will and is able to fully enjoy them. He can get whatever he wishes. He gains perfection in every field be it
business, love affairs or education.


Beginning from the first four Gharis of the dawn, the sounds flow in the opposite directions, that is, if the sun
sound flows in the moon time, and the moon time flows in the sun time, such sounds give adverse results. So the
person, who experiences such a reversal of sounds, must get alert at such times.

At dawn, that is before the actual break of the day, the moon sound must flow. If the sun sound flows that time
it is said to be the opposite sound. Because of the opposite sound that day. A mood of the person will remain
upset that day and he will feel anxiety. If the sound is opposite in the second quarter of the dawn, the person will
lose money. If the sound is opposite in the third quarter of the dawn, he may have to start a journey. If the sound
is opposite in the fourth quarter one loses his valuable possessions. If the sound is opposite in the fifth quarter,
one loses his post or power.

In the sixth quarter all the wealth is gone. In the seventh quarter disease and sorrow inflict the person. If the
sound is opposite in the eighth quarter one meets his death. If the opposite sound continues during all the three
main division of the day morning-noon and evening, for eight days the results are said to be extremely
horrifying. However the opposite sound does not continue for the three divisions, or is restricted in the morning,
noon or in the evening, One should expect auspicious results.If the moon sound flows in the morning and noon,
and the sun sound flows in the evening, one definitely emerges victorious.


If you are planning to get something important done as per your wishes,before starting you must feel for the
sound. If your moon sound is moving, that person whom you are meeting, must be on your left side. If your sun
sound in moving, that person must be on your right side. Such a conversation carried out will definitely lead to a
successful conclusion .

If you have to go to seek a job or to see someone like a doctor for treatment, the moon sound or Ida nerve gives
the best result. Also tasks like charity, placing of wealth in the chest, singing and playing instruments, dancing
and studying scriptures,Ida nerves or the moon sound is prominent. For the perfection of the tasks and for all the (3 of 4)8/4/2008 10:50:05 PM


other auspicious tasks the moon sound or Ida nerve is considered auspicious.
For all the other tasks that are considered corrupt like practice of the weapons, hunting, killing of the enemy and
other cruelsome tasks, The sun sound or Pingla nerve is regarded main. (4 of 4)8/4/2008 10:50:05 PM