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Quiz- Steering System mechanism motion to

the steering linkage.

1. Is the ratio of the output force to
the input force applied to a
mechanical device? Pitman Arm
Steering Ratio 11. It is the tilt of the
steering axis toward the
2. A type of steering system which
the only source is the driver
front or rear of the
applies to the steering wheel? vehicle.
Manual Steering Caster
3. It is the difference in the angles of 12. This component is
the front wheels in turn? engine-driven and
Turning Radius supplies hydraulic fluid
4. which type of Manual steering under pressure to the
gear consists of a steering other components in the
gear shaft, pinion gear, system.
rack. Thrust spring,
Power Steering Pump
bearings, seals, and gear
13. In this mechanism uses
worm drive that contains
Rack and Pinion ball bearings which loops
5. This component is use to around the worm drive and
steer the car? these balls move out into
Steering Wheel recirculation channel?
6. This component provides a Recirculating Ball
leverage in order to exert a 14. It is a process of
minimal effort when turning adjusting vehicle
the on it decide direction? suspension components to
Steering Gearbox bring the wheels and the
7. This Component is like a tires into specific angles,
small ball joints that facilitating optimal vehicle
provides motion motion in handling, tire wear, and
all directions between two performance.
connected components? Wheel alignment
Ball Sockets 15. This component is
8. This type of steering primarily a supported shaft
system is assisted by a that connects the driver’s
engine-driven pump and steering wheel to the gear
hydraulic system during unit.
steering action? Steering Column
Power Steering
9. This assemblies are used to Enumeration.
fasten the center link to
 Enumerate the
the steering knuckles.
functions of
Tie Rod Assemblies
Steering System.
10. This Component
transfers steering
 Give the Common Steering Gearbox
adjustments in 1. Worm and sector
Aligning the wheels 2. Worm and Roller
 Give the Steering 3. Recirculating Ball
Components 4. Rack and Pinion
 Give the types of
manual Steering

Function of steering
1. Control of front wheel
(sometimes rear wheel)
2. Maintain correct amount
of effort needed to turn
the wheels.
3. Transmit road feel (slight
steering wheel pull
caused by the road
surface) to the drivers
4. Absorb most of the shock
going to the steering
wheel as the tire hits
holes and bumps in the
5. Allow for suspension

Common adjustment in
wheel alignment
1. Caster
2. Camber
3. Toe
Steering components
1. Steering wheel
2. Steering column
3. Steering gearbox
4. Pitman arm
5. Ball socket
6. Idler arm
7. Center link
8. Tie rod assemblies