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Anthony Genge Eleven steps for tenor recorder Cmc CANADIAN MUSIC CENTRE CENTRE DE MUSIQUE CANADIENNE ¢ 7 Born in Vancouver, Anthony Genge worked as a jazz performer for a number of years before studying classical composition formally. Dr. Genge received his Ph.D. in composition from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1984, where he was a student of Morton Feldman. His other principal composition teachers included Rudolf Komorous and Martin Bartlett at the University of Victoria and Bruce Mather at McGill University. He traveled to Japan 1979 where he began an association with the Japanese composer Jo Kondo. He also made several trips to Pacific-Rim countries, in particular Japan and Indonesia, studying their traditional music. Genge's more than 50 compositions have been commissioned and performed by many leading soloists and ensembles. His music has been performed extensively throughout Canada, the United States, and many countries in Europe and in Japan, and is available on several recordings. He was a first, prize winner in the C.B.C. Young Composers’ Competition. His diverse compositional influences include the traditional music from the Far East (notably Japan and Java), various techniques of Medieval and Renaissance European music, the music of the New York school of composers of the 1950's, the early music of Anton Webern and the work of Igor Stravinsky. His works are noted for their quiet beauty, elegant orchestration and their careful blending of tonal and atonal musical elements. Since 1995 his music has also displayed a distinctive, ‘postmodern’ mix of several of the influences noted above. Read Anthony Genge's full biography at our website: anthony genge eleven steps for tenor recorder PERFORMANCE DIRECTIONS: The elovon sections of the place are 10 be performed in any order chosen by the player, the only stipulation boing thal the sections marked 1 and 11 be played at the beginning and the end respectively. The arrangement of the remaining sections, ‘marked a to is lel tothe performer. Each section is to be played only once, The player Is ree to pause brelly between sections or to proceed Immediately, |. The approximate duration of those sections in which proportional notation Is employed {is shown in seconds, above each tne. 12. Vibrato should be used only when spectied (motto vib) 1D Grace notes are always played rapidly. SYMBOLS — a continuous glssando — harmonic (always produced by overblowing the Indicated note). — vibrato produced by moving the right hand over the fpple opening 4-5 timos per second. — noes in brackets are fo be repeated ad-b, in any rhythm. fh 0128 / 4567 — fingering th TOTAL DURATION: Never loss than 11/00" (between 11'00" and 11"15"), for sues Kent, eleven steps {for tenor recorder anthony genge 1! oo 1 on oh aa Se ee 1 wa - , SS te ——— = : 3 = 7 =—— = mw eee ote nm —_—— | eau! aT co" a on 0” ; ‘von. 19. . a é SS Sa Se = = o PP of SS oe (o134@) 8 tong a2 poesia PP el ta ea SSS} ©1077 by Anthony Gonge ——er 1 an" 7 ea ———— a _ oe, 2 oe: i z — bs at 1 : ae 7 ————— ore a s : 3 fe atte te Ly ee ad ——_— [tong 8 poste. ————_ (oreaa - ca’ ott” _ oat” 1 11 Se , —— tt ——— op = — Pp — ron vis —> lt (2tmaye non vy [8 ra 8 onto} ar ong pnti, —— BP — pep od ——_ wm Ze Eee (CANADIAN MUSIC CENTRE CCANTRE DE MUSIQUE CANADIENNE www / ‘The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) exists to promote the works of its Associate Composers and holds ‘Consda’s lergest collection of Canadian classical music works. 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