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Which is the difference between Psychopathy and sociopathy?

These two conditions are often mistakenly confused; most of the people
actually can’t tell the difference or they think it is exactly the same thing, but
that isn’t true, another stereotype generated is that they are related with
madness, or criminal records. First of all psychopathy and sociopathy are part
from a general category called an “Antisocial personality disorder”, mainly a
personality disorder is a condition in which an individual differs extremely
from an average person, in terms of feeling, thinking, perceiving and
sympathizing with others, more specifically an “Antisocial personality
disorder” is a mental condition in which a person lacks of empathy, and
consistently shows disregard to others feelings or situations, they don’t care
about what is right or wrong and they don’t particularly feel guilt, remorse
or shame. They are good at lying and manipulating people, although they
might be very impulsive.

What is a Psychopath? It is someone who was born that way; they have a
genetic predisposition, which means their condition is related to a
physiological brain difference, research has show that the part of the brain
that has something to do with emotion regulation and impulse control is


 They are unable to form real emotional attachments, which is why they
build artificial and shallow relationships.
 They gain people’s trust very easily.
 They are very good at faking emotions (they learn to mimic emotions)
and manipulating people with their acting.
 They often have charming and charismatic personalities, educated
people that can maintain a stable job.
 If they are criminals, they are very good at premeditated crimes with
controllable risks; they calculate every step of their plan in order to get
what they want.
 They are often comparated to predators, as Robert hare a psychologist
says “Psychopaths are social predators, and like all predators, they are
looking for feeding grounds. Wherever you get power, prestige and
money, you will find them.”
 Not egocentric or narcissist necessarily, but self centered.
 They are leaders.
 NOT psychotic.

What is a sociopath? It is someone who wasn’t born but made, they are
the result of environmental factors, which means they experienced a
trauma, which might be a childhood disturbance, emotional or physical
abuse, or they were bullied.


 They are capable of feeling guilt, if they hurt someone they love,
but they have a hard time actually creating bonds with people.
 Agitated and nervous people.
 They are very violent and impulsive, they struggle with self control.
 Emotional instability, angry outbursts.
 Unable to have an stable job
 Not educated and their personalities are very complicated to deal
 If they are criminals, they are very sloppy, they tend to leave clues
on the crime scene, and they act on an impulse.


A famous Psychopath is Adolf Hitler.

A famous and fictional sociopath is The joker.