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Courtney A.

114 Bingham Road
Latrobe, PA 15650

May 1, 2020

To whom it may concern,

My name is Courtney Lawrence and I am from Mt. Pleasant, here in Westmoreland

County where I graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 2014. My journey as an education
major has only been partially from Seton Hill University as I started out at Westmoreland
County Community College where I graduated in 2017 with an Associate’s Degree in Pre-K to
Grade 4. I just recently graduated from Seton Hill University in the spring of 2020 with a dual
Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and special education. I am currently working
toward my master’s degree in special education.

One of my favorite quotes from Aristotle is: “Educating the mind without educating the
heart is no education at all” (Aristotle). I love this quote, because I feel as though our
relationships with our students and their families is as equally as important as the instruction they
receive in the classroom. One of my philosophies is that each student comes into our classroom
with a handful of poker chips. These poker chips consist of various elements. The elements of
some of the poker chips can include but are not limited to social/emotional and physical
characteristics. When each student leaves the classroom each day, he/she should have more
poker chips then when they came in. Our students can get more poker chips with involving and
showing value to their families as well. My philosophy for education and family involvement is
focused on the 1970s era of advocacy. No matter what position I teach, to me parent and family
advocating is the most important to me. I believe every child has and should be shown equal
rights. Every child deserves and is entitled the same rights in our classrooms. A child in need of
special education should receive an IEP and also accommodations and modifications as well as
being included as much as possible in the general education classroom. The family needs to be
involved as much as possible in their child’s classroom in a relaxed environment. Teaching is
teamwork and the more involved the teachers and families are, the more successful the team. My
teaching metaphor is: “Teaching is a puzzle. Teaching is a puzzle because each child is a unique
piece that contributes to the class as a whole. When all of the pieces are put together, it creates a
beautiful work of art.”

I feel as though coming from Seton Hill University and completing a student teaching at
McKee Elementary in Jeannette School District has given me strengths in certain areas. I feel
more comfortable teaching a whole class than I did previously as well as having others observe
me while I teach. I also feel that I am strong in writing lesson plans and getting down on the
child’s level often. Another one of my strengths I feel as though I have is making appropriate
accommodation and modifications in lesson plans for various types of students as well as
enrichments in lessons. Lastly, I believe I am in strong in using Howard Gardner’s multiple
levels of intelligences in my lessons as well as Lev Vygotsky’s scaffolding which is based off of
constructivism or building onto previous knowledge.

Now that I am graduated and excited about the endless amount of teaching opportunities I
can pursue, I cannot wait to show all that I have learned and applied throughout my education. I
know that my education path and drive will help me in any teaching position I get the
opportunity to receive. Being a teacher has always been my dream and I am thankful for any
offer that may come my way.


Courtney A. Lawrence