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21ST Century Literacies (1) Level of Target KSAV Self-Learning Time Support Resources Needed (6) Barriers/ Solution/ Action
Competenc (3) Activities (4) Framewor Challenges points (8)
y (2) k (5) (7)
Participates on the
The Arts and Developing Skills different activities Every Lack of Seek Financial
Creativity on how to that promotes arts Friday of Funds Assistance from
analyze and and creativity, the week your School
interpret data artful storytelling, starting Seminar/workshop/Trainings
in literary critical and JUNE 2020 Funds/Personal Funds and with Time Ask for a specific
pieces. creative skills, TO JUNE The Cooperation of the School Managemen day and time
decision making to 2021 Head t from the school
any situations, head
higher order
thinking skills such
as synthesizing, Professional Watching videos
analyzing, and Mentor on YouTube that
evaluating related to
information. Analyzing and
information in
some literary
pieces / sharing
ideas to your

Get involve in
Good or Knowledge activities that Every Environmental seminars/trainings Conflicting
Eco literacy competent and upgrades and Summer conducted by DENR schedule Time
consciousnes develops Vacation personnel/Fund with the Management
s or awareness and (April to time
awareness of show concerns on May) between
how nature’s environmental career and
living system aspects like clean family
operate. and green
program, proper
Valuing waste segregation
Environment. and promoting the
use of 5Rs-
Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle, recover

Developing Attitude -Engage livelihood June 2020- Programs/Activities required by the Lack of basic Watching videos
Specifically, in program, online June 2021 DepEd and attending seminars Budgeting from YouTube
Financial Literacy spending job marketing, and from private sectors /Funds skills when it channels and
much money entrepreneurship. comes to reading articles
for leisure financial. regarding with
and foods -Learn the art of financial literacy
budgeting and ways of
budgeting your

Investment Start savings.

Funds for

Developing Knowledge in -Make use of June 2020-

Media Literacy evaluating, different media in June 2021 Attending workshops and seminars Unstable Seek support
analyzing and accessing, that required by DepEd/ Funds internet from school
accessing discerning, connection officials
information evaluating and
through producing Access to Request for a LAC
media. information and seminars session inviting an
communication. individual who is
-Ask an expert to knowledgeable on
mentor / coach media literacy
me on media

-engage in
activities/program June 2020- Seminars/Programs/Activities/Fund Time conflict Give/Set time for
Developing knowledge on s of the society to June 2021 s with Cooperation of the School with trainings/Seminar
how to acquire social Head teaching s
Social/Emotional overcome skills and develop period Grab the
Literacies stress and emotional Insufficient opportunity when
other intelligence Funding there are
emotional (TEAM BUILDING) seminars offered.
-Read scholarly Engaging activities
Learn to articles / attend Overcoming that acquires
value Life conferences about Stress social skills and
stress develop
management emotional
- Study and Using other forms
Globalization and Developing Knowledge in understand Internet connection Unstable of media such as
Multicultural understandin different cultures June 2020- internet television and
g people’s and global issues June 2021 Seminars/Programs/Activities/Fund connection prints
Literacy unique through online s
behavior, sources with Cooperation of the School
cultural -Work with Head
differences colleagues of
and attitude. different
Avoid orientations and
stereotyping backgrounds

Developing Maximize the use -Time Request for the

Cyberliteracy/Digita Skills of ICT integration -Technical expertise from availability organization of
l Literacy I would like to in delivering June 2020- colleagues of colleague- Learning Action
enhance my instruction June 2021 -Computer mentors Cells (LAC) where
(Information and skills in through power -Internet Connection an expert
making point presentation - -Lack of colleague will
ICT Knowledge) videos and and showing video Seminars/Programs/Activities/Fund access to mentor me and
PPT’s that is clips. s with the support of School Head technologies other teachers
useful in Attend ICT which can be Seek support
teaching- enhancement used in from school
learning training e.g. Movie teaching and officials, parents
process. Maker, learning and stakeholders
Photoshop, Blog, process to provide access
Publisher, etc to technologies

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Guro 21 Batch 15 class 23 School Head
At an early age of 20, I started my teaching journey at Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management and given a chance to teach in
public by the age of 21. I am currently teaching at Polomolok Creek Integrated School and I’m handling Filipino 7,9 and 10. Being in the teaching service in a short
period of time is not a guarantee that I have delivered the effective learning process to the learners. Hence, I really have to learn more about my own teaching
strategies, how to overcome different behavior and attitude of my students and how to deal with them as we all know they are considered as a 21 st century
learners. I believe, I can do it because my passion is to teach and to impart my knowledge to our younger Generation. I am flexible enough to adapt changes in
this digital world and I am willing to learn more.
In the next five (5) years, I can see myself as a good role model for many children, ideally working on the same school. I will become a great and an
improved teacher over the years, someone the students will remember in good means, like someone who had a good impact on them. I know with confidence,
that I will be a good educator.
Being into teaching is truly a calling. It requires qualities beyond the real you and indeed needs an open arm to embrace different students with different
cultural background. Lifelong learning engages not only the learners but also the teachers as it must start on her. This is one of the goals of
the newly implemented curriculum K to 12 for us be more competitive globally.
As I fill each learning plan, I can see how these 21 st century literacies affect the learners and the mentors individually. We have to
learn and develop the necessary skills for us to survive and adapt the changes in the world by not only focusing on a single literacy but also
balance everything. This is one primary reason for me to strive hard to make each skill strong and competent.
The challenges and barriers also open my eyes on how to be more resourceful especially if the said activities will develop the hidden
talents and skills that I may have. We might overcome it not just by the help of our Government but also through our other stakeholders or
linkages such as the local community, Local Government Unit (LGU), Non-Government Organization (NGO) and most reliable source of help
is our School Head or Principal who are willing to support us.
In writing my PLLP, I have to consider a lot of questions in my mind. I keep on asking myself if I can confidently do the plan myself. I
have positive hopes that I can really do this within the time frame. I also asked myself, “Why do I need to do this plan?” and there is only
one answer in my mind. I am doing this because I wanted to become an efficient and effective teaching-learning facilitator and mentor to
my students in the 21st century classroom.