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Enterprise Job Scheduling for
SAP NetWeaver™
“We needed to securely document and track
our enterprise-wide IT processes with an intu-
itive interface that was consistent across the
many platforms and applications we had in-
stalled worldwide. UC4:global® proved unique
featuring, a state of the art software architec-
ture, rich functionality, and a user friendly de-
sign; allowing us to seamlessly integrate our
SAP® applications with the rest of our global IT

Ulrich Herz
IT System Engineer
Hannover Rück

A Smart Combination:
UC4:global® for your SAP® Solutions Environment
UC4 Software: a leading global provider of job scheduling; the world are benefiting from this longtime cooperation, which
SAP®: the top enterprise solutions provider; We know it’s a perfect continues to demonstrate proven success for businesses that com-
match. That’s why, at UC4 Software, since our inception, we’ve bine UC4:global and SAP within their growing, complex IT envi-
worked closely with SAP to provide a competitive advantage to ronments.
our joint customers. Today, hundreds of leading companies around

A Wise Choice:
Enhance Your IT Operation with UC4:global®
Specially designed to work seamlessly within your SAP® solutions, Efficient Implementation of SAP Solutions
UC4:global® delivers key benefits to your overall IT operation, in- UC4:global is specifically designed to work with SAP applications,
cluding: right from the start. In fact, by efficiently managing all routine
background tasks, UC4:global can dramatically reduce the time
Comprehensive Support for SAP Solutions and costs involved with deploying and implementing your SAP so-
UC4:global is widely recognized as the leading job scheduler for lutions. As for UC4:global: with its flexible architecture and its plat-
SAP, and supports all SAP solutions including SAP® R/3®, mySAP™ form-independent design, it’s up and running in no time.
Business Suite, and SAP NetWeaver™, as well as industry-specific
solutions such as SAP® for Telecommunications and SAP® for Ban- Increased Productivity around SAP Solutions
king. As a result, IT processes in any SAP solution environment can UC4:global boosts the productivity of all SAP business solutions
be centrally managed and monitored alongside the rest of your and their environment. The system efficiently balances calendars
global operation. and workloads, providing end-users with increased availability and

Application Level
SAP R/3 Oracle Oracle
Oracle HP OpenView Tivoli Portal PeopleSoft
SAP R/3 Oracle SAP BI Portal SAP BI DB2

AIX HP-UX Windows Linux Solaris z/OS

Hardware Level
Supporting total application
and platform independence,
UC4:global® makes it easy to
manage even the most complex
IT environments.

enhanced performance, while freeing SAP solution specialists to sualized graphically to ensure clarity and simplify job management
focus on their core tasks. This means you get better performance and control.
from your IT systems…and from the people who use them.
Maximum SAP System Availability for SAP Solutions
Sophisticated Technology We know that your SAP solutions play a critical role in enabling
Since its first release, UC4:global was designed to manage hete- your company’s success. By centrally tracking and automating SAP
rogeneous, cross-platform IT environments and maximize their jobs and processes, UC4:global makes sure your SAP applications
performance. The system was also built specifically to support the are always available, while reducing system interruptions and er-
seamless integration of SAP applications and other systems. With rors. With UC4:global, SAP system administrators enjoy complete
UC4:global, all you need is a single job scheduler to handle all of control over all background processes without restricting individual
the platforms and applications in your comprehensive IT environ- user rights. For example: UC4:global can quickly deliver end-user
ment. reports without draining valuable IT resources, ensuring that your
SAP solutions remain continuously available.
Simple Job Creation & Management for SAP Solutions
With UC4:global, it’s as easy to create and plan jobs for SAP appli- Centralized Process Management
cations as it is for any other system. UC4:global is directly linked to UC4:global offers standard interfaces for the integration of all ap-
the SAP Web Application Server, accelerating the design and imp- plications, enterprise-wide - supporting the centralized control of
lementation of SAP jobs. SAP reports, variants, and other necessary all IT processes, across all platforms. A single, user-friendly interface
parameters are made available via UC4:global’s easy-to-use, intui- ensures uniform handling for every system, requiring virtually no
tive graphical user interface (GUI). Problems resulting from manu- training as your needs change or new systems are added. With
al errors, typos, or outdated report lists are effectively eliminated. UC4:global, even the most complex, global IT environments can
Jobs are created using a simple drag & drop functionality, and vi- be easily controlled from a centralized location, reducing costs and

“UC4:global® has become a central part of
our daily data center operation. The system’s
comprehensive support of and certification for
all major platforms, including SAP® solutions,
were essential for us.”

Klaus Demel
Manager Production Control

increasing efficiency. UC4:global now also offers a web interface, release management ensure total transparency of your IT opera-
so IT processes can be managed from anywhere, at anytime. tion, providing complete accountability. UC4:global also includes
tools for long term archiving, and supports the comprehensive do-
Top ROI on Your IT Dollar cumentation of individual processes. A case in point: the structured
UC4:global delivers maximum ROI by making the most of your IT XML documentation of each and every UC4 object.
investment, now and in the future. Our job scheduler ensures to-
tal efficiency by automating key processes, reducing downtimes, Proven Results
and optimizing existing resources. And with UC4:global, your IT UC4:global has been tried and tested for many years, demonstra-
environment can flexibly support your growing business – without ting proof-positive results in hundreds of installations at leading
requiring additional investments for personnel or other IT resour- companies around the globe. With UC4:global, you can be confi-
ces. With its sophisticated scalability, UC4:global elegantly handles dent that your IT infrastructure will always run smoothly, featuring
new processes and additional workload. Plus, its advanced functio- top reliability and stability and ensuring the seamless operation of
nality is continuously enhanced to reflect the latest technological all critical business processes. Our proven technology is backed by
advances, offering maximum investment security – both now and our history of success, and our reputation for delivering outstan-
in the future. ding services and support.

Secure Audit Trails Infinite Possibilities

UC4:global provides a secure audit trail for internal tracking pur- UC4:global offers comprehensive functionality for the centralized
poses, and supports compliance with key government regulations management of IT processes on SAP NetWeaver™ and all other ap-
such as Sarbanes-Oxley. All jobs and processes, and any changes plications across all platforms … enterprise-wide. With UC4:global
made to them, are handled centrally from one location, and are your entire IT operation is set to run smoothly and effectively, now
fully documented. Comprehensive statistics and consistent product and in the future.

The Right Idea:
How UC4:global® Supports Systems Management for
SAP® Solutions
Offering a rich functionality and a range of applications, SAP® so- customization to ongoing maintenance. This is where UC4:global®
lutions typically require extensive systems management to ensure enters the picture, offering numerous features to simplify and en-
seamless functioning within your business environment, from initial hance systems management for SAP solutions, including:

Housekeeping Jobs

Batch Input
Data Export
Web Services
Job Application
Scheduling Integration

J2EE Interface

Business Monitoring
r TM




InfoPackages an et Availability
ag N
eme AP
Process Chains nt for S Workload Mgmt.

Business Process

UC4:global®: comprehensive process automation for SAP NetWeaver™. For more on this chart, keep reading

“By making the UC4:global® functionality avai-
lable through our hosting services, we can
provide our customers with a higher level of
IT automation – translating to lower operating
expenses and higher reliability of their IT pro-
cesses. In addition, our customers will now be
able to seamlessly integrate their non-SAP pro-
cesses into SAP® Hosting Services, effectively
decreasing both the complexity and the costs
of their IT operation.”

Thomas Besthorn
Managing Director
SAP Hosting AG & Co. KG

UC4:global® for Job Scheduling

for SAP® Solutions
Much of the mySAP™ Business Suite functionality is based on Dynamic Variant Management
background processes. The reliability of these processes - and of A myriad of variants play a constant role in driving the dynamic
the entire system operation - depends on how well they can be development of your IT operation’s background processes. SAP
automated, scheduled, and managed. For this task, top-quality job NetWeaver enables that these process parameters be created and
scheduling is the key. changed, UC4:global allows the dynamic generation and modifica-
tion of variants, ongoing and on-the-fly.
UC4:global® offers best-in-class job scheduling to centrally mana-
ge all background processes, for all SAP® solutions, across all plat- Assessing optimal values during run times, UC4:global ensures
forms. Through its simple, user-friendly GUI, UC4:global extends that, at each moment, just the right data is being processed. This
the functionality of SAP NetWeaver™ to seamlessly integrate SAP maximizes existing resources by streamlining processing needs and
processes into enterprise-wide process management. ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the necessary data and
Supporting end-to-end automation across all systems and platforms
in the enterprise, UC4:global increases the reliability of the entire Optimized Job Management
IT operation. The system offers a centralized process overview and No system has endless resources. The key is to use each resour-
maximum user comfort. As a result, end users become more auto- ce to the best of its capability, continuously balancing workload
nomous, and SAP solution specialists, no longer tied down by time- as needed to ensure maximum reliability and optimized process
consuming routine jobs, are free to focus on their core tasks. management. UC4:global effectively distributes jobs and workflow
across all available application servers and time allotments. To ensu-
Dynamic Management re dynamic job management in SAP NetWeaver, UC4:global uses
Modern processes require maximum flexibility. Companies must all available SAP monitor values. SAP solution information serves as
be able to dynamically react to changing market demands, just as input for the optimized processing.
corporate IT systems must be able to flexibly support new business
needs. With UC4:global, companies can rapidly respond to chan- Controlled Mass-Data Processing
ges in business and technology as they evolve – while ensuring that Expert SAP users already know: mass-data processing in SAP solu-
all background processes continue to run smoothly and reliably, tion environments can be a challenge. UC4:global optimizes the
without interruption. processing of large data volumes in SAP solutions. The system
automatically adapts the load to available resource space, and in-


Job Job Job Job Job Job





tegrates parent-child relations among single tasks into the overall

processing logic to implement dependencies for the general IT ope- Job
ration. finished canceled

End-User Integration
Via job interception, UC4:global® takes over and manages end-user
UC4:global offers completely new ways to integrate the end-user
jobs. The intercept rules are centrally maintained in UC4:global.
into SAP NetWeaver’s systems management capabilities. SAP users
can start their individual processes directly, while the systems ma-
nagement retains overall control.

Job Interception
Using specific criteria, SAP system administrators can easily hand Job 1 Job 2
off processes to UC4:global via Job Interception for effective work-
load management. Systems management tasks remain unaffected
by user jobs. finished

Portal Integration
UC4:global’s Job Scheduling iViews offer access to background
processing via SAP® Enterprise Portal solutions. Users can instan- Job 1a Job 1b
taneously check the status of their entire business operation, inclu-
ding SAP processes, from a single interface.


UC4:global makes it easy to create individualized, custom inter-
faces for end-users, who can access select UC4 functionality via
an API for ABAP™. As a result, routine jobs no longer encroach on Job 1* Job 1* Job 1*
dense IT workloads, streamlining efficiency and effectiveness.
UC4:global® uses parent-child relations to manage and monitor par-
allel mass processing.

UC4:global® offers a user-friendly GUI to support job administration within SAP® solutions.

UC4:global® for Comprehensive

Interface Management
SAP® solutions are likely not the only applications in your com- With its ability to centrally manage and automate all business
plex IT infrastructure. To successfully implement efficient business processes, UC4:global can also support the parallel processing of
processes throughout the enterprise, a seamless integration of all batch input sessions, maximizing existing resources and minimizing
applications is a must. With its comprehensive interface manage- processing time.
ment functionality, UC4:global® can streamline and simplify this
important task. Application Integration
While SAP NetWeaver provides the technical infrastructure for in-
Batch-Input tegrating SAP solutions with other applications in the enterprise,
Batch input sessions are still the standard method for importing it does not offer a process-oriented approach to this type of inte-
data into SAP solutions. UC4:global integrates batch input sessions gration. UC4:global stands for the seamless implementation and
into enterprise-wide process management, and supports the imp- management of all IT processes across all applications. It features
lementation of other processes’ dependencies to these batch input standard interfaces for SAP NetWeaver as well as for PeopleSoft®,
sessions. As a result, your entire IT operation can be fully centrali- Oracle® Applications, and Siebel®, and can also link to all other
zed and automated, increasing efficiency and reliability. business applications via the UC4 Business Integration Kit™ – in-
corporating virtually any solution into a centralized process ma-
Batch input sessions are automated according to customizable nagement operation.
rules. At the same time, the system administrator maintains the
flexibility to determine which sessions should be automatically pro-
cessed by UC4:global, and which should still be handled manually
if needed.

Triaton GmbH
a company of HP

“Our customers include leading corporations,

such as Aventis and Thyssen Krupp, who have
recognized the critical benefit of outsourcing
their IT operation to HP Triaton. UC4:global®
is an essential component of our offering, en-
abling us to leverage a comprehensive systems
management tool for the enterprise-wide,
cross-platform planning and management of all
jobs and events.“

Holm Thiele
Portfolio Manager
Hosting Division, Triaton

Batch Application Integration

At UC4, we know that it is usually not necessary to integrate appli-
cations in real time; which is why UC4:global is also the premier so-
lution for the implementation of batch application integration (BAI)
projects. UC4:global offers a more efficient and cost-effective op-
tion, with data exchange taking place in the background, and only
when needed. This means that infrastructure requirements can be
drastically reduced, without restricting the overall IT operation. Free
to focus on core processes, EAI projects become less intensive from
the standpoint of both cost and effort.

Transaction Automation
In general, automation ends when the system requires user input.
Yet this is not the case with UC4:global. Online transactions can be
fully automated, with UC4:global filling in the necessary informa-
tion. As a result, the number of manual interventions is drastically
reduced, improving overall accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

“Besides the simple and intuitive handling of
UC4:global®, it was especially helpful that we
were able to take over existing job chains de-
fined in our SAP® solutions without having to
re-define interdependencies.”

Walter Uebersax
Head of IT Service Delivery
Bon Appétit Group

UC4:global® for Centralized Monitoring of

Your Entire IT Operation
Dynamic process management across the enterprise requires the Load Management
consistent monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. UC4:global® Load management is an important element of UC4:global’s process
uses any available monitoring data to flexibly optimize existing pro- management capabilities. Based on monitor values, UC4:global
cesses. optimizes the load distribution in SAP applications. By dynamically
switching between online and batch-work processes and alloca-
Centralized Control ting jobs to different application servers as available, UC4:global
UC4:global centralizes the control of all IT systems, enterprise-wide. ensures that the job load is always efficiently balanced across all
This includes making all monitor data of SAP® solutions available existing resources.
for dynamic processing and active workload management as part
of the complete network operation.
In addition, UC4:global can automatically analyze log files for SAP
System Values
solutions, including the system log, the application log, the spool
lists, and the job reports. Logs

Automatic Notification Threshold
UC4:global automatically reacts to monitoring values, and features
a comprehensive notification system that leverages a range of avai- Files
lable communication tools to inform users of changes via e-mail,
mobile phone, beeper, and more. Shift calendars and escalation
mechanisms ensure that all notifications reach the appropriate
Databases Display
users on time.

UC4:global®: Modern event-driven Job Scheduling.

“The joint introduction of UC4:global® and
SAP® solutions into our IT infrastructure has
proved to be a powerful, business-changing
decision for us. UC4:global perfectly balances
the functionality in SAP solutions, providing us
with a reliable tool that manages and monitors
the interfaces in our heterogeneous IT environ-

Ralf Schumann
Team Manager Production Planning
LSV Gartenbau

UC4:global®: Clearly arranged monitoring via customized Cockpit objects.

UC4:global® status data is visua-
lized in the SAP® monitoring tree
and serves as the basis for mode-
ling business processes with the
SAP Solution Manager.

UC4:global® for Seamless Integration

With SAP® Solution Manager
UC4:global® works directly with the SAP® Solution Manager, dis- All processes that are managed by UC4:global can also be used
playing up-to-date information from UC4:global in the SAP mo- for business process modelling within the SAP Solution Manager.
nitoring tree, and using visuals that are familiar to SAP users. SAP Processes running on SAP applications can be integrated with pro-
administrators gain a complete view of enterprise-wide IT proces- cesses being managed by UC4:global, ensuring that the SAP So-
sing and the entire UC4:global system. This makes it much easier lution Manager has all the data needed to drive a comprehensive
to track global processes, identify and eliminate errors before they business process management program.
occur, and keep the entire business operation running smoothly.

UC4:global® integrates SAP® BI
processes into enterprise-wide
job scheduling and process ma-
nagement. Jobs are easily defined
via the user-friendly UC4:global

UC4:global® for SAP® Business Intelligence

SAP® Business Intelligence requires background processes to gather Integrating InfoPackages and process chains into its centralized
and manage data. InfoPackages are used to manage data, while management capabilities, UC4:global® incorporates SAP BI proces-
other tasks are typically handled via process chains. The completion ses into enterprise-wide IT and business operations, and manages
of these activities usually depends on tasks and events taking place them efficiently and reliably. Mutual dependencies are implemen-
in other applications. A case in point: SAP® BI must only begin coll- ted via a user-friendly, graphical dialog. In short: UC4:global ensu-
ecting data once all of it is available in the source systems, typically res the smooth operation of all business processes and their com-
when day-end processing and data security are completed. plex interdependencies, making critical business data instantly and
accurately available whenever needed.

“UC4:global® manages all of our applications
and systems across all platforms – achieving
complete Enterprise Application Integration. As
a result, all of our applications are seamlessly
linked to provide consistent, relevant data au-
tomatically – without the need for any manual

Ralf Rogner
Systems Engineer
Bobst Group

UC4:global® for J2EE

Certified for J2EE™ on the SAP® Web Application Server compo- UC4 iViews
nent of SAP NetWeaver™ with version 3.0, UC4:global® manages UC4:global’s integration into the SAP® Enterprise Portal compo-
and controls J2EE applications in SAP NetWeaver, and also features nent of SAP NetWeaver is also based on Java™ technology. Via
proprietary J2EE solutions. iViews, users can gain access to a range of critical job scheduling
As a platform, SAP NetWeaver supports both the established
ABAP™ technology and the J2EE standard. J2EE applications are UC4 scheduling objects can be directly managed and controlled via
seamlessly integrated into the SAP system environment. the SAP® Enterprise Portal. Even without in-depth job scheduling
know-how, end users can easily plan and start a job. If necessary,
Via the UC4.Web GUI™, users can check the status of their enter- certain parameters can be pre-defined.
prise-wide background processing from any web browser. The in-
terface is based on J2EE technology, and runs on SAP NetWeaver. Once started, jobs are managed and monitored by UC4:global,
while users can check their status through the iView technology
at any time.

People Integration
Collaboration WebGUI Job Scheduling iView

Information Integration
Knowledge Management UC4.Executor
Business Intelligence for use with
Master Data Management SAP BI

Process Integration UC4.Executor

SAP NetWeaver

for use with

Integration Broker UC4.Connect mySAP
Business Process Management for use with Business Suite
SAP NetWeaver
Application Platform UC4.Executor
J2EE UC4 OS System
ABAP Resource
DB- and OS independence Adapter

UC4.Call API

UC4:global® is tightly integrated with SAP NetWeaver™ on all levels.

Powered by SAP NetWeaver™
With its tight integration across the SAP NetWeaver™ platform nages all IT processes enterprise-wide, including those in SAP Net-
UC4:global® represents a comprehensive solution for managing Weaver. Information about the all IT processing is delivered to SAP
asynchronous IT processes within SAP NetWeaver. Its capabilities NetWeaver via the UC4:global component “UC4.Connect™ for
for SAP NetWeaver are approved by multiple certifications for this SAP Monitoring“, where it can be used for business process model-
platform and by hundreds of customers using UC4:global for ma- ling with the SAP Solution Manager.
naging their SAP® solutions with UC4:global. UC4:global has been
certified with version 3.0 and may therefore use the “Powered by Information Integration
SAP NetWeaver” logo. On the information integration level UC4:global manages all back-
ground processes in SAP® Business Intelligence. By using Batch
Application platform Application Integration, information from other applications is also
On the Application Platform level UC4:global is tightly integrated transferred and processed under UC4:global’s control.
with the SAP NetWeaver platform. UC4 Executors™ (agents) run-
ning on all systems where SAP NetWeaver is operating provide the People Integration
basic functionality for system management in SAP NetWeaver. A To complete the integration of UC4:global with SAP NetWeaver,
dedicated Executor for SAP Solutions takes care of the asynchro- it also provides for integrating SAP users. Through use of the
nous processing in SAP NetWeaver. Furthermore, for custom inte- UC4.WebGUI running on the SAP® Web Application Server, ope-
gration solutions UC4:global provides APIs for both basic technolo- rators control job scheduling operations. The UC4 iViews for Job
gies supported by SAP NetWeaver – ABAP™ and J2EE. Scheduling even bring job scheduling information to the SAP® En-
terprise Portal and enable business users to start and monitor criti-
Process Integration cal business processes.
Process integration is UC4:global’s core business. UC4:global ma-

The Best Value:
Optimize Your Investment in SAP® Solutions
with UC4:global®
Here’s a quick look at the value you’ll get by deploying UC4:global® Unmatched usability and flexibility
in conjunction with your SAP® solution environment: • Access an intuitive, user-friendly GUI that features drag-and-
drop functionality
Proven Success with SAP Solutions • Ensure integration with all SAP applications and other systems
• Take it from our customers: over 50% of UC4:global installati- during design and run time
ons manage SAP solutions • Make job scheduling easy via a simple, cross-platform schedu-
• See for yourself: visit for our varied cus- ling language that can be easily mastered by users at any skill
tomer reference list level
• Leverage multiple certifications for SAP NetWeaver™ and the
entire SAP solutions suite Advanced technology
• Take up only minimal system resources when installing
Reduced costs UC4:global
• Achieve total process automation, eliminating manual tasks • Experience UC4:global’s uniform support for all SAP solutions
and errors • Enjoy UC4:global’s comprehensive functionality for SAP and all
• Maximize existing resources, optimizing the staff and systems other business applications
you already have in place
• Create a reliable IT operation throughout the enterprise, incre- Professional Support
asing efficiency and productivity • Work with our SAP-certified consultants
• Access 24x7 support wherever and whenever you need it
Increased reliability • Talk to us in any language you need; we offer multi-lingual sup-
• Ensure non-stop availability for all users and systems port in our customers’ native languages
• Gain centralized control over enterprise-wide systems and ap-
• Build a secure audit trail for total visibility into your business

Maximum investment security

• Enjoy seamless support for all of your systems and applications,
now and in the future
• Scale your investment as you grow your business with our fle-
xible architecture
• Leverage state-of-the-art technologies that continuously evolve
to address changing customer needs and market conditions

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