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Amanda Burnside

Steve Saladino

EDU 201


Philosophy of Education

I have chosen to get my degree in Elementary Education because teaching students is

something I have realized I would love to do every day. It took me having children of my own to

really take the leap and go for what I have wanted to do for a long time. I would have to say

that my children are my inspiration. I want to be the type of teacher I want them to have in their

lives. Right now my career is a cage supervisor for a large casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Although I do enjoy my job I know that it is not my passion. Becoming an Elementary school

teacher would be a big change for me professionally, but I feel like what I do now will help me

in making my dream a reality. Everyday at my job I teach the cashiers I work with new things, at

the same time learning new things myself. I look forward to the continued learning teaching

would bring and the excited looks that children get when they learn something for the first time.

I feel it is very rewarding to watch someone learn something new and being the person who

taught them makes it that much more exciting. I know that the profession comes with its ups

and downs, but I believe that it would be all worth it. I have heard and read several negative

things about CCSD and none of it makes me feel like I have chosen the wrong direction for my

life. Teaching is a career you choose if you want to have an impact on the lives of young

children. It is not a profession you should go into looking for lots of money, the summers off, or

just an easy ride.

I feel that the educational philosophy that is closest to my current belief about

education in a mixture of behaviorism and progressivism. I believe that children benefit very

much from structure and a reward system. I think most people all around like to be recognized

for a job well done, children are no different. I also believe that free will plays a large role in the
learning process. Learning involves being an active participant in whatever is going on. I

believe students perform best in school when they are involved in a hands on activity. I think

over time it is possible that teaching may become more difficult and limited. Looking back at

the history of education the way we teach is most definitely improving. At the same time there

are more barriers out there for educators with what they can and cannot do. I believe it will be

my job to give each and everyone of my students the best education that is possible in spite of

any hurdles that we may come across.

I will make sure each of my students is actively participating in each lesson. I want to be

firm yet approachable to a any student that may have a question or need assistance. My goal

is to have my students respect me and see me as someone who is always on their side. If an

issue arises I feel it is important to address it at the time it occurs. It is better to resolve an

issue than brush it to the side for another time. My approach to diversity in the classroom is to

make sure that each student knows the way they should treat everyone. Everyone is treated

equally and included in a classroom. In this day and age diversity is so normal that students

will find it to be easy to treat everyone how they would want to be treated. I also understand

that all students learn in different ways and at different paces. I will be sure to make time for

any student that may be in need of additional assistance understanding a lesson. All students

should know where they stand when it comes to their grades and that includes there parents

also being aware of their progress. I believe progress reports monthly are an important tool for

getting everyone on the same page.

One of the most important qualities a good teacher will have is passion for all aspects

of the job. This needs to be a decision that is made confidently without hesitation. Teachers

have to have drive and patience. Being a teacher requires long hours and can be stressful,

which is why I believe this is a career you need to be 100% committed to. I want to be that

person who get to experience that “ah ha” moment with students. Another important quality of

a teacher is to be organized. There is a lot of paperwork involved and that is something that

requires organization. The license I am going for is K-2nd grade. Before I finish all of my
schooling and am able to apply for the license I would like to spend as much time as I can in a

classroom. I look forward to volunteering and when I am able to substituting. Getting involved

in classrooms as much as possible before I complete my education is my goal. I feel that the

best way to learn is to do. Helping out the teacher and being involved with students whenever

possible will help me when it comes time for me to have a classroom of my own.