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100 Woodside Lane Fredericton, NB. Canada.

E3C 2R9
506-454-1220 / 1-866-838-6542 Fax 506-459-3489


Name: Sarah Cimesa
Contact Info: Street: 5278 Nova Crescent , Apartment
Please update your contact
info here if anything has City, Prov/State: Burlington , ON
Country: CA

Postal/ZIP: L7L 7B9

Phone (Home): (905) 464-1313

Phone (Mobile):
Email: (primary)


Student Number: 2018102114

Program of Study: Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
Start Date: September 02, 2019

TUITION: Tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis. The tuition fee for your first term (September 2019) is $770.00 per
credit hour. Tuition may be increased on an annual basis. Increases go into effect in the Fall Term.
You will receive a confirmation of registration each term. Your first term’s tuition is based on the following course load .
Course Delivery Start Date End Date Credits Tuition
PSYC6104 - A Biopsychosocial Approach to Counselling Online September 2 November 10 4 $3,080.00
PSYC6113 - Theories of Personality Online November 11 December 15 3 $2,310.00
Total: $5,390.00

You may view a sample of your on-campus schedule.

Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please ensure you check online at the MyRecords portal
before classes start to confirm your on-campus course schedule.

Your Admissions Advisor is Christina Adams (, 1-866-838-6542 Ext: 1563)


I have paid the $300.00 Registration Fee.

I have been made aware of and agree to the University’s Student Finance Policies.
By checking this box I acknowledged that I have read the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Student
Information and Agreement Form and understand that I am expected to comply with and adhere to the legal and
ethical rules and standards that govern the profession of counselling and psychotherapy and that failure to meet
this expectation may lead to dismissal from the program on grounds of professional unsuitability.

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Date: 6/28/2019
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