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My Experience Traveling

Abroad (2 Phase)
The objective of the project is making a dialogue about “your experience
traveling abroad”. This project is divided in three phases.

Term Phase Topic Dates

First Term First Phase Organization February 4th- February 10th
Second Term Second Phase Script March 4th - March 10th
Third Term Third Phase Video April 8th - April 14th

In this Second Phase you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Think as a group a situation where each participant is going to talk about an
experience travelling abroad. It’s important to decide the place where is going to be
developed the conversation, the places you are going to talk about and other details
you think are important.

Step 2: Create a script focus on the description of each experience where the three
participants interact in a real situation. It is important to add questions and answers
taking into account the vocabulary and grammar structures learnt in the course. Do
not use any translator tool to translate complete sentences or phrases.

Step 3: Download the file “Our Script” in your PC, complete the file by taking into
account the recommendations that you can find there.

Step 4: Participate in the forum “Communication with my Group”, in this forum

you can plan and interact with your partners about the script.

Step 5: Send the file “Our Script” in the link “Send my activity (Phase 2)”, only the
group leader sends the file.

This activity will be evaluated through the criteria showed in the following rubric. The lowest score to
approve the activity is 60 points and the highest 100 points.

0 points 10 points 15 points 20 points

The group does The group doesn’t The group uses The group uses
not send the file use the appropriate appropriate
and/or uses vocabulary in a vocabulary vocabulary
translator tools for correct way and according to the according to the
the activity. the meaning of topic given. The topic given. The
Lexic and
some words is not text has between variety of words
clear according to 150 and 250 enriches the topic
the idea they want words. developed. The text
to express. The has more than 250
text has 149 words words.
or less.
The group does The group does The group shows The group shows
not send the file not take into an appropriate use an excellent use of
and/or uses consideration of grammar grammar structures
Grammar translator tools for grammar structures in the in the proposal
structure the activity. structures in their proposal sent.The sent. The ideas
writing. Some of ideas have have coherence
the ideas are not coherence and and cohesion.
clear. cohesion.
The group does The ideas The ideas The ideas
not send the file developed in the developed in the developed in the
and/or uses proposal are not proposal are clear, proposal are clear.
translator tools for clear. The group but there is not It is shown through
Ideas and
the activity. does not show a coherence in the the ideas, the
good script. comprehension of
comprehension the project created.
about the topic
The group does The sequence of The group handles The group handles
not send the file some contents is a good an excellent
and/or uses not clear due to organization in the organization in the
translator tools for the little ideas developed. ideas developed.
the activity. organization of the The sequence of
topic developed. the content is clear.
The group does Members don’t Most of members All members of the
not send the file use the forum and of the group use group use the
and/or uses don’t leave the forum and forum and leave
Interaction translator tools for evidences of leave some evidences of
the activity. communication evidences of communication
between them. communication between them.
between them.