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C-line Motorised Changeover Connection Logic & Application

C-line offers a unique series of Motorised Changeover Switch combining

compactness with high performance & customer convenience.

The range covers ratings 125 A to 2000 A in 5 frame size.

Connection logic

NC 1 NO 1 C1 C2 NO 2 NC 2

Position 0-I Position 0-II

240 Vac
Auxiliary Contact
Potential free inputs to be given

Control Accessories
A. Manual Control & Status Indication using Illuminated Push button assembly
B. AST Controller gives an option for controlling MCO through supply monitor
or manual control through Illuminated push button
C. Automatic sensing , measuring & controlling of MCO through smart AuxC
1000L controller
C-line Motorised Changeover Connection Logic & Application

Controller Feature Comparison

Illuminated Push AST Controller AuxC-1000L

Parameters Button Assembly with wire Controller with
harness wire harness

Display Indicator
Display type LED Push Button LED Push Button 15 Status LED
Source (I,II) Available - Yes Yes
Switch Position Yes Yes Yes
Unique Control Function
Default Priority - Yes Yes
Priority Source Swap - - Yes
Source Sensing Setting
Voltage sensing - Yes Yes
Under Voltage - Yes Yes
Over Voltage - Yes Yes
Frequency sensing - - Yes
Phase Loss - - Yes
Asymmetry - - Yes
RS-232 - - Yes
Additional 12-48V DC Power - - Yes
Generator Control Signal - - Yes
Alarm (open and close commands of the - - Yes
Switch concerned are inhibited)
Auxiliary Contact - - Yes
Installation Flush Mounting Flush + Base Flush Mounting
C-line Motorised Changeover Connection Logic & Application

Reliable Changeover between either Earthing of equipment such as motors or
Primary and back up sources Signaling electrical lines and isolated load
in a fail-safe way
Source 1

Source 2

Load Source Load

Switching between Soft Starter & Switching of the power supply from one
conventional starter connected to same load to another load in order to ensure
Motor load that they both age at an equal rate

Soft Starter

Motor starter

Load Load 1 Load 2

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