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A. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense in the following Conditional
1st Type
1.I _____________ (to pass) the exam if I ________________ (to study) a lot.
2. If you ______________ (to wash) the dishes today, I _______________ (to dust) the house.
3. If you _______________ (not /to apologise), she _______________ (not /to forgive) you.
4. The machine _________________ (to stop) functioning if he _____________ (to press) that
2nd Type
1. Students ________________ (to get) good marks if they _____________ (to study)
2. If you _________________ (to touch) the dog, it ____________________ (to bite) you.
3. If my computer _____________ (to function) properly, I ______________ (to use) it more
4. You ________________ (to be) healthier if you _______________ (to eat) less red meat.
3rd Type
1. If my students _____________ (to listen) to English music, they ____________________
(to learn) more vocabulary.
2. If you _____________ (tidy) up your bedroom every day, it ________________ (not / be)
in a mess.
3. If they ______________ (to know) more vocabulary, they ___________________ (to be)
able to understand the texts.
4. We ________________________( to stay) in Tom’s house if he ____________________
(to live) in a big house.
Mixed Types
1. I ___________________ (to work) harder if I had known that the exam would be so
difficult, but nobody told us.
2.If the policeman ____________________ (to be) fitter, he would have caught the thief.
3.If you drop something made of glass, it________________________ (to break).
4. Sophie’s mother____________________ (to pick) her up after school if it rains.
5.If I saw an elephant walking freely in Barcelona, I ___________________ (to think) it had
escaped from the zoo.
6. If you ran so much, you______________________ (to get) really tired.
7. They___________________ (to travel) if they had money but they are broke.
8.Ruth would be happily surprised if you __________________(to bring) her flowers.

B.You (to paint) your house if your father (to help) you.

1st Type: ____________________________________________________

2nd Type:____________________________________________________

3rd Type:____________________________________________________
B. Translate into English:

1.El ar sosi la timp dacă tu l-ai suna.

2.Prietenii noștri vor veni la petrecere dacă îi voi invita.
3.Dacă ai fi adus mașina, noi ți-am fi spălat-o.
4.Dacă voi cumpăra această bluză, voi fi foarte fericită.