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Listening Lesson Plan

Title: ​The clock Symphony (by Haydn Grade Level: ​Kindergarten

Source: ​ Dr. Michelle McConkey

Materials needed:
No materials needed


A.S: Who can tell me what a clock tells us? How can you tell what time it is

1. Organize the students in a circle

2. Ask students questions about the clock
3. Chooses students who are raising their hands to answer the questions
about the time
4. Explains the instructions about the clock.
5. They create a clock and students start counting.
6. Makes students stand up and use their hands to show how the clock
7. They practice telling the time.
8. We pretend to be clocks and we sway side to side, when the clock
stops we stop.
9. Ask students questions about what time it is when the clock stops?
and tell me what time it is?

Next time we will be learning a new song. Who can tell me what time it is? What
does the big hand and little hand mean and point at the clock?

Educational Objective: ​ By the end of this lesson, students will have learned . . .
How to distinguish what time it is and what are the parts of the clock
Social/ Cognitive Physical Musical Non-Musical
Fun Thinking of Holding National “Core” Content
Singing parts of a hands. Standards Music Standards
together clock Standards
Making 1. ​Singing
Team work Memorizing parts of the Imagine
numbers. clock with
Plan and Make
Counting their hands 2. Play
together Instruments Evaluate &
Moving 3. Present
sideways Improvising
Composing Analyze

5. Reading &
Notating Rehearse,
Evaluate, &

6. ​Listening Present

7. Select
Evaluating Analyze

8. Integration Interpret
(outside arts) Evaluate

9. Connecting
Connect #10
re Connect #11