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Hamlet - Gertrude

Act, Original Text Modern Text


3,4 GERTRUDE GERTRUDE According to this

scene, Hamlet said
Have you forgot me? Have you forgotten that he
who I am? acquaintanced
HAMLET Gertrude as a queen
HAMLET though he also said
  No, by the rood, that Gertrude was
not so. For God’s sake no, I also a wife and a
You are the queen, haven’t. You are the mother.
your husband’s queen, your
brother’s wife, husband’s brother’s (men view women as
And—would it were wife, and you are my a wife and a mother)
not so!—you are my mother, though I
mother. wish you weren’t.

GERTRUDE GERTRUDE Women did not have

freedom to speak,
Nay, then I’ll set those In that case I’ll call in instead their opinion
to you that can speak. others who can still is controlled by men
Come, come, and sit
you down. You shall No, sit down. You
not budge. won’t budge until I
You go not till I set hold a mirror up to
you up a glass you, where you will
Where you may see see what’s deep
the inmost part of inside you.


What wilt thou do? What are you going

Thou wilt not murder to do? You won’t kill
me? me, will you? Help!
Help, help, ho!


killing a king and
Oh, what a rash and Oh, what a marrying his brother
bloody deed is this! senseless, horrible as the same thing.
act! This means Hamlet
HAMLET thought that
HAMLET Gertrude's act of
A bloody deed? marrying Claudius is
Almost as bad, good A horrible bad.
mother, act—almost as bad,
As kill a king and my good mother, as
marry with his brother. killing a king and
marrying his brother.

(to GERTRUDE) (to​ GERTRUDE​) Hamlet thought that

Leave wringing of Stop wringing your Gertrude is heartless
your hands. Peace. hands. Sit down and for marrying Claudius
Sit you down let me wring your months later after
And let me wring your heart instead, which I King Hamlet died.
heart. For so I shall will do if it’s still soft
If it be made of enough, if your evil
penetrable stuff, lifestyle has not
If damnèd custom toughened it against
have not brassed it so feeling anything at
That it is proof and all.
bulwark against


Gertrude is not loyal
What have I done, What have I done to his father
that thou darest wag that you dare to talk
thy tongue to me so rudely?
In noise so rude
against me?
A deed that destroys
    Such an act modesty, turns virtue
That blurs the grace into hypocrisy,
and blush of modesty, replaces the blossom
Calls virtue hypocrite, on the face of true
takes off the rose love with a nasty
From the fair blemish, ​makes
forehead of an marriage vows as
innocent love false as a gambler’s
And sets a blister oath​—oh, ​you’ve
there, makes done a deed that
marriage vows plucks the soul out of
As false as dicers' marriage and turns
oaths—oh, such a religion into
deed meaningless blather.
As from the body of Heaven looks down
contraction plucks on this earth, as
The very soul, and angry as if Judgment
sweet religion makes Day were here, and
A rhapsody of words. is sick at the thought
Heaven’s face doth of what you’ve done.
O'er this solidity and
compound mass
With tristful visage, as
against the doom,
Is thought-sick at the

Hamlet - Ophelia

Act, Original Text Modern Text


3,1 OPHELIA OPHELIA Hamlet thought that

women's beauty is
Could beauty, my But could beauty be bad because it
lord, have better related to anything makes men lie.
commerce than with better than Hamlet thought he
honesty? goodness? loved Ophelia but he
didn't realize that it
HAMLET HAMLET was her beauty
defeating his
Ay, truly, for the Sure, since ​beauty’s truthfulness.
power of beauty will power can more
sooner transform easily change a good
honesty from what it is girl into a whore than
to a bawd than the the power of
force of honesty can goodness can
translate beauty into change a beautiful
his likeness. This was girl into a virgin. This
sometime a paradox, used to be a great
but now the time gives puzzle, but now I’ve
it proof. I did love you solved it. I used to
once. love you.
You certainly made
Indeed, my lord, you me believe you did,
made me believe so. my lord.

You should not have You shouldn’t have

believed me, for virtue believed me, since
cannot so inoculate we’re all rotten at the
our old stock but we core, no matter how
shall relish of it. I hard we try to be
loved you not. virtuous. I didn’t love

HAMLET HAMLET Hamlet told Ophelia

to go to a nunnery
Get thee to a nunnery. Get yourself to a because there are no
Why wouldst thou be convent at once. men there since her
a breeder of sinners? Why would you want beauty will make
I am myself indifferent to give birth to more men lie to her and
honest, but yet I could sinners? I’m fairly told her they loved
accuse me of such good myself, but her whether they do
things that it were even so I could or not
better my mother had accuse myself of
not borne me. such horrible crimes
that it would’ve been
better if my mother
had never given birth
to me. and

HAMLET HAMLET Hamlet think that

marriage should be
If thou dost marry, I’ll If you marry, I’ll give done away with so
give thee this plague you this curse as men don't get hurt,
for thy dowry. Be thou your wedding and that Ophelia
as chaste as ice, as present—be as clean should be a nun so
pure as snow, thou as ice, as pure as she can’t fool a man
shalt not escape the driven snow, and
calumny. Get thee to you’ll still get a bad
a nunnery, go. reputation. Get
Farewell. Or, if thou yourself to a
wilt needs marry, convent, at once.
marry a fool, for wise Good-bye. Or ​if you
men know well have to get married,
enough what marry a fool, since
monsters you make of wise men know far
them. To a nunnery, too well that you’ll
go, and quickly too. cheat on them.
Farewell. Good-bye.

Heavenly powers, Dear God, please

restore him! make him normal
He sees women’s
I have heard of your I’ve heard all about habit of disguising
paintings too, well you women and your themselves with
enough. God has cosmetics too. God make-up and
given you one face gives you one face, feminine behavior.
and you make but you paint another
yourselves another. on top of it. You
You jig and amble, dance and prance
and you lisp, you and lisp; you call
nickname God’s God’s creations by
creatures and make pet names, and you
your wantonness your excuse your sexpot
ignorance. Go to, I’ll ploys by pleading
no more on ’t. It hath ignorance.​ Come on,
made me mad. I say, I won’t stand for it
we will have no more anymore. It’s driven
marriages. Those that me crazy. I hereby
are married already, declare we will have
all but one, shall live. no more marriage.
The rest shall keep as Whoever is already
they are. To a married (except one
nunnery, go. person I know) will
stay married—all but
one person.
Everyone else will
have to stay single.
Get yourself to a
convent, fast


Is this a prologue or Was that the

the posy of a ring? prologue or the
inscription on some
OPHELIA wedding ring?

'Tis brief, my lord. OPHELIA

It was a bit short, my
As woman’s love. lord.

Yes, as short as a
woman’s love.