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Hello Class!

.Hoy les envio material sobre “question formation” (formular preguntas) y un repaso sencillo de
tiempos verbales.
Recuerden que se pueden ayudar con sus compus o celus para conocer el significado de las palabras
que no entiendan. Cualquier duda me mandan un mail!
Take care of yourself

WH questions

1) Interviewing Lady Gaga: Make questions.

a) ______________________________ ? My name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

b) _______________________________ ? I´m from New York and I´m 23 years old.
c) _______________________________ ? I´m famous because I´m a different artist
d) ________________________________? “Just Dance” is my first CD.
e) ________________________________? My next concert is in Los Angeles
f) ________________________________ ? It´s on August 11.
g) ________________________________ ? “Alejandro” is the name of my new song.
h) ________________________________ ? Brazil is a beautiful country and I have lots of fans there.

2) Lady Gaga meets Beyoncé. Put their dialogue in the correct order :

( ) Ok, so See you there.

( ) That´s great! When is your next concert?
( ) I´m fantastic too. Lots of concerts, making money…
( ) Hello!
( ) Oh, I´m great! My new song is a success. What about
( ) Hi, how are you?
( ) It´s on August 11 in Los Angeles

3) Complete the text:

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé _____ two of the most famous artists nowadays. _______ are beautiful, talented, famous
and rich. Lady gaga ______ to wear different clothes and Beyoncé _______ sensual clothes. They performed
together on a clip from the music “Telephone”

4) Answer: Which one do you prefer? Why?

5) Complete the interview with Black Eyed Peas using appropriate Wh -word

1) _____________ kind of music to you play? We play Hip-hop, pop, rap and dance music.

2) _____________ is the band from? We are from Los Angeles, California.

3) _____________ did you start playing? In 1995

4) _____________ is the main singer? It´s Fergie

5) _____________ was the last album recorded? It was in June 2009.

6) ____________ is its name? It is “The E.N.D”

6) About you now.

1) WHAT is your favorite band? ______________________________________________

2) WHO is your favourite singer?______________________________________________
3) WHY do you like him/her?_________________________________________________
4) WHERE does your favorite singer live?________________________________________

7 ) Circle the correct tense: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple,
Present Perfect:

1. Tom ____ to school every day. 14. Dave ____ to Paris recently.
a) goes b) went a) is b) was
c) is going d) has gone c) is being d) has been
2. Mona ____ her report yesterday. 15. I ____ Mona for a long time.
a) finishes b) finished a) don’t see b) didn’t see
c) is finishing d) has finished c) am not seeing d) haven’t seen
3. Nick ____ his car every Saturday. 16. Paul ____ his guitar at the moment.
a) washes b) washed a) plays b) played
c) is washing d) has washed c) is playing d) has played
4. They ____ Berlin two years ago. 17. I ____ in the pool every Sunday.
a) leave b) left a) swim b) swam
c) is leaving d) have left c) am swimming d) have swum
5. I ___ already ____ my exercise. 18. Bill ____ in the zoo yesterday.
a) do b) did a) is b) was
c) is doing d) have done c) is being d) has been
6. Pam ____ a nice dog at the moment. 19. Kate ___ just ___ her friend.
a) draws b) drew a) meets b) met
c) is drawing d) has drawn c) is meeting d) has met
7. Ben ____ the competition yesterday. 20. We ____ two days ago.
a) wins b) won a) talk b) talked
c) is wining d) has won c) are talking d) have talked
8. Liz ____ dinner in the kitchen now. 21. They often ___ their time in Spain.
a) cooks b) cooked a) spend b) spent
c) is cooking d) has cooked c) are spending d) have spent
9. We ____ a new car recently. 23. Sue ____ an interesting film now.
a) buy b) bought a) watches b) watched
c) is buying d) have bought c) is watching d) has watched
10. Liz often ____ her pet for a walk. 24. Helen ____ as SMS at present.
a) takes b) took a) sends b) sent
c) is taking d) has taken c) is sending d) has sent
11. Look! The baby _____. 25. They ___ just ____ home.
a) cries b) cried a) arrive b) arrived
c) is crying d) has cried c) are arriving d) have arrived
12. I ____ my grandparents last week. 26. Tim ____ a gold medal last year.
a) gets b) got
a) visit b) visited
c) is getting d) has got
c) am visiting d) have visited
27. We ____ dinner at present.
13. The boys rarely ____ football.
a) have b) had
a) play b) played
c) are having d) have had
c) are playing d) have played