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Dismantling of the Pitman

5. Dismantling of the Pitman

Figure 5

See points from 1.1 to 1.5 to read how to take

the pitman from the crusher.

5.1 Detach one locking pin (F, Figure 5)

from both labyrinths by screwing into
the hole of the locking pin a jacking
bolt. Unscrew the labyrinth rings (G,
Figure 5). Detach the labyrinth covers
(H, Figure 5) of the bearing housing.
(Labyrinth seal ass./disass. tool in
draw. 341012)

Figure 5.1. Screw in the jacking bolt and turn it

until the locking pin rises out.

18 N11450058, D
Dismantling of the Pitman

5.2 Detach on the adapter sleeve of the

frame bearing by screwing a hydrau-
lic nut, it must screwed min. 3 rounds
on the adapter sleeve.

Pump with hydraulic pump oil to

adapter sleeve so that it slides out
and release bearing , bearing housing
(L) and one labyrinth seal (V) from the

Model Hydraulic nut for frame bearing


C63 HMV38

C80B HMV54

C80 HMV46

C96 HMV50

C100 HMV62

C106 HMV58

C110 HMV62

C116 HMV62
Figure 5.2a The hydraulic pressure needed for
C125 HMV80 the hydraulic nut is 600 bar.
C140 HMV84

C145 HMV84

C160 HMV96

C200 HMV112

C3054 HMV70

Figure 5.2b

N11450058, D 19
Dismantling of the Pitman

5.3 Lift out the bearing housing (L, Figure

5) with bearings. Remove the adapter
sleeve from the bearing. Turn the
bearing housing downwards when
the bearing gets loose from its

Figure 5.5a

Model Eccentric shaft extraction tool

C63B 319569

C80B 300449

C80R 319569

C96 319569

C100B 300449

C106 300449

C110B 300449

C116 300449
Figure 5.3 C125B 300449
5.4 Detach the inner labyrinths (N, Figure C140BS 289568
5) of the bearing housing and the
C145 289568
outer labyrinths(N, Figure 5) of the
eccentric shaft. Use heating if the C160B 289568
labyrinth’s tight to the shaft. Detach C200 MM0247911
the inner labyrinth covers (R, Figure
C3054 300449
5) of the pitman.

5.5 Push the eccentric shaft out through

the pitman eye. The extraction is
made by a hydraulic jack against the
jack support which is bolted to the
pitman. The shaft must be supported
in one end during the whole period of
pushing because it must be
absolutely remain horizontal. The
necessary impulsive force is approx.
50 tons. The heating of the pitman
eye decreases the impulsive force

20 N11450058, D
Dismantling of the Pitman

Push the shaft outwards until the distance

bushing comes in sight.

Clean the distance drum between the

pitman bearing and dismount the joint
bolts and remove it, if this crusher model
has the drum. All other models open the
seal ring locking screws from shaft and
slide them to the middle of the shaft.

After removing the distance bushing,

support the shaft also in the middle.
Continue the pushing.
Figure 5.5b.

Place spacer pieces between the jack and

the support beams during the shaft is
moving outwards.

Figure 5.5c.

Place the end of the shaft on a support.

(Normally the end is supported with a
chain block)

Figure 5.5d.

N11450058, D 21
Dismantling of the Pitman

C145 i320H8 i420H8 i702 h7 i700H7 i850 js8 i420H8 i450 h8

+0.089 +0.097 0 +0.080 +0.070 +0.097 +0.097
0 0 -0.080 0 -0.070 0 0

C160 i360H8 i480H8 i794 h7 i790H7 i1000 js8 i480H8 734

+0.089 +0.097 0 +0.080 +0.070 +0.097 -1.0
0 0 -0.080 0 -0.070 0

C200 i440H8 i560H8 i925 h7 i920H7 i1170 js8 i560H8 i560 E8

+0.097 +0.110 0 +0.090 +0.083 +0.110 +0.255
0 0 -0.090 0 -0.083 0 +0.145

C3054 i280H8 i350D9 i545 h7 i540H7 i660 js8 i350H8

+0.081 +0.350 0 +0.070 +0.062 +0.089
0 +0.210 -0.072 0 -0.062 0

5.6 Disassemble the pitman bearings by

turning the outer ring so that the rolls
come in sight. The disassembling is
carried out by detaching a roll one by
one turns from opposite sides. If its
not necessary to replace the
bearings, it is important to know about
each bearing which side the rolls
have situated and rotated, as well as
which direction the outer and inner
rings have rotated, because if the old
bearings are reassembled, they
should situate exactly the same way
as before disassembly.

Figure 5.7a

N11450058, D 23
Dismantling of the Pitman

Place the tool behind the roller and push it


Figure 5.7b

Figure 5.7e

5.7 Detach the inner ring of the pitman

Figure 5.7c. bearing by heating when the shaft is
in vertical position. The heating must
be even and it must not exceed 120
Place the tool under the roller and tap with
degrees of Celsius.
a hammer until the roller is moving.
Warm up the ring with an effective
gas heater fast so that the heat won’t
transform to the shaft. Equal warming
is confirmed by rolling the shaft and
heating the ring from both sides.

Figure 5.7d

24 N11450058, D
Assembly of the Pitman

6. Assembly of the Pitman

6.1 Assemble the disassembled bearings

or new bearings. Note point 4.7. As to
the pitman bearing it is not allowed to
assemble a new and an old bearing
as a pair, or two old bearings whose
clearance as to each other is over
0.05 mm.

6.2 Mounting of the pitman bearings on

the shaft:

There must absolutely be a plain

mounting surface with a sufficiently
big hole as well as sufficiently deep
mounting pit on which the eccentric
shaft can be placed into the hole of Figure 6.2a
the heated pitman bearing. Heat the
bearing in the oven at the
temperature of 100 degrees of Model Eccentric shaft lifting tool
Celsius and place it on a hole of the
C63 384 757
mounting place. Fasten the eccentric
shaft with a special tool, which C80B 390 780
compensates the angle due to the C80 915 110
eccentricity, and lowers it down into
C96 A153
the inner ring of the bearing so that
there will remain no clearance C100 A154
between the inner ring and the shaft C106 A157
shoulder. Let it cool down for 30
minutes. C110 909 411

C116 909 411

C125 A162

C140 A165

C145 A165

C160 A161

C200 918 373

C3054 A158

Turn the shaft around and mount the

other heated pitman bearing on the
mounting surface and place the
eccentric shaft in its hole as
described above. Let it cool down for
30 minutes.

30 N11450058, D
Assembly of the Pitman

6.3 Turn the shaft to horizontal position

and place it’s ends on the support.

When the temperature has

decreased to 20 +/- 5 degrees of
Celsius, measure the bearing
clearance. The bearing clearance
The max. clearance must be measured simultaneously
between the inner over both trains of rollers over three
ring and the shoulder consecutive rollers. See the data
is 0.1 mm. about the bearing clearances from
the point 5.9. Check the clearance of
the inner ring and the shoulder of the
eccentric shaft. The clearance must
not exceed 0.1 mm.

If the clearance deviation in the

bearings is below 0.03 mm, fill the
bearings with crease from side to the
percentage of 75.
Figure 6.2b

All the lubrication greases should be

resistant to water, frost (-30 degrees
of Celsius) and heat (+100 degrees of
Celsius). The grease must not oxidize
and it should contain EP
compounding agent.

Some ball bearing greases:

Gastrol APS 2

BP Energrease LS-EP 2

Esso Mobilux EP 2

Gulf Gulfcrown Grease EP 2

Kluber Centoplex EP 2

Mobil Mobilux EP 2

Shell Alvania Grease EP 2


Caltex Starplex EP 2

Total Complex EP 2

N11450058, D 31
Assembly of the Pitman

6.4 Mount the distance bushing (U) or 6.5 Mount the labyrinth cover (R, Figure
slide the sealing rings on they places 5) on the pitman. This will stop the
and lock the locking screws. shaft to the right position when the
shaft is installed. Turn the pitman on
its side so that the mounted bearing
cover is downwards and the eye of
the pitman absolutely in vertical
position to both directions.

Install the eccentric shaft with pitman

bearings into the pitman eye by a
special tool mentioned in point 5.2 so
that it goes against the bearing cover
(R, Figure 5). Mount the bearing
Figure 6.4a
cover (R, Figure 5) of the opposite

Figure 6.4b

Figure 6.4c

32 N11450058, D
Assembly of the Pitman

6.6 Turn the pitman to horizontal position.

Place the pitman Mount the inner labyrinth seals (N) on
so that there is shaft, by heating if needed. The
hole in the floor labyrinth must be mounted without
under it or locate clearance against the inner ring of the
the pitman on pitman bearing.
stands so that
under it is place 6.7 Install the frame bearing and adapter
for eccentric shaft sleeve (M and K, Figure 5) into the
section which bearing housings (L, Figure 5) and
goes through the measure their bearing clearance. See
eye when shaft is item 5.3. The bearing clearance must
sinked down. be within the clearance range C 3
Pitman eye hole given by the manufacturer.
must be in both
direction in
vertical position. If
not, shim it.
Eccentric shaft is
sinked down into
the pitman eye
against the bolted
Figure 6.5a

Figure 6.7a

Model Min (mm) Max. (mm)

C63 0,220 0,290

C80B 0,260 0,350

C80 0,240 0,320

C96 0,260 0,350

C100 0,310 0,420

C106 0,280 0,370

C110 0,310 0,420

C116 0,310 0,410

C125 0,370 0,500

Figure 6.5b.
C140 0,370 0,500

C145 0.370 0.500

The pitman hole must be in vertical posi-
tion in both directions. Use shims under C160 0,410 0,550
the pitman if needed. C200 0,440 0,600

C3054 0,340 0,450

N11450058, D 33
Assembly of the Pitman

Figure 6.7b Measure the clearance with a feeler

Spacer piece

Lock the bearing temporarily to Locking bolt

bottom bearing housing (Figure 6.8a). Washer
This can be done by mounting 2 bolts
of the labyrinth cover (H) so that there
are big washers under them. Figure 6.8a

Between the outer ring of the bearing

and the washer, mount such pieces
that the bearings can be locked to the
bottom of the bearing housings with
the help of pieces during the

6.8 Lift the bearing housing with bearing

and adapter sleeve on vertical
position and locate the labyrinth ring
(N) at back side of bearing housing
on adapter sleeve shoulder. Eccentric
shaft or adapter sleeve is not allowed Figure 6.8b
to be oiled. They must be wiped with
a clean cloth. Push the above
combination on the eccentric shaft so
that the labyrinths (N-N) are attached
to each other without any clearance.

Figure 6.8c

34 N11450058, D
Assembly of the Pitman

6.9 Expanding of the frame bearing:

Mount the hydr. nut against the

adapter sleeve (K, Figure 5). Place
behind the nut the support drum and
lock it to the end of the eccentric shaft
with three bolts. See the sizes of the
hydraulic nuts and support drums in
tables below.

Push the adapter sleeve inwards by a

hydr. nut until the decrease of the
clearance compared with the value
measured in point 6 has reached the
value in the table (also in instruction Figure 6.9c
manual). Note, however, that the
clearance of the bearing must not go
below the minimum clearance given Model Supporting drum Hydraulic nut
in the table below. for frame bearing for frame
assembly bearing

C63 289 577 HMV34

C80B 390 781 HMV44

C80 913 751 HMV38

C96 913 751 HMV38

C100 341 137 HMV54

C106 926 262 HMV46

C110 341 137 HMV54

C116 MM050119 HMV54

Figure 6.9a C125 289 578 HMV66 or


C140 289 578 HMV66 or


C145 289 578 HMV66 or


C160 289 579 HMV80

C200 918 236 HMV96

C3054 341 137 HMV62

Figure 6.9b

N11450058, D 35
Assembly of the Pitman

6.10 Fill the bearing with a grease Rotate the labyrinth until the locking pin
mentioned in the repair instruction can be placed.
manual, point 6.3 to the percentage
of 75. See points from 3.8 to 3.15 to read
how to assemble the crusher after
placing the pitman.
6.11 Take off the temporary lockings
mentioned in item 5.7 and mount the
labyrinth covers of the bearing
housings (H, Figure 5). Rotate the
labyrinth seal (G, Figure 5) to the
thread of the adapter sleeve so that it
is attached to the inner ring of the
bearing (M, Figure 5). Use special
tool 341012. Lock the labyrinth (G,
Figure 5) by a locking pin (F, Figure

Figure 6.11a

Figure 6.11b.

N11450058, D 37