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Matea Crljenić

Višnja Pavičić Takač, professor dr. sc.

Second Language Learning
13 November, 2019

Dreamers and Doers in Modern World

In today’s world there is a divide between dreamers and doers. Dreamers judge doers because
they lack creativity and imagination, while doers judge dreamers because they think dreamers
are not ambitious as they are. So, who dominates our modern world, doers who prefer science
and industrialisation, or the dreamers who create amazing works of arts and relay on their
creativity to guide them through life.

First, without dreamers there would be no inventions, as all creations need a dose of
imagination to be created. For example there would be no modern technology and everyday
appliances without their inventors who had to have imagination and be creative enough to
come up with those inventions. Second, dreamers create amazing pieces of art and art is
important as it shows us different perspectives of emotions and how someone can see an
everyday item differently than us. For instance, everyone can look at a bowl of fruit and see
different thing, a regular person will see food, while an artist, dreamer, will see a face, relation
of shadow and light, and will create a piece of art that will evoke an emotion in people. Third,
there is a misconception that dreamers are not hard workers, which is false, their creativity
and imagination can make them work hard on something they deem important and can lead to
them working day and night to finish it just because of the creative rush they get into. In fact,
some artists do not sleep until they are finished with their piece. But artists are not the only
dreamers, even some of the greatest minds of our time are dreamers, like Mark Zuckerberg
who without his dream of connected world would not have made history as a person who
revolutionised modern communication and made it easier to stay in contact with people on the
other side of the world.

In contrast, doers make things happen. They push the limits of science to explain the world
around us, to discover new cures for illnesses, and to explore different universes and planets.
They make new revelations every day, but they do that just out of their drive to discover and
their thirst for knowledge. Still, doers relay on their knowledge and instinct to create a better
and safer world for others. For instance if there was no police or army there would be no order
and peace, there would not be anything that would save dreamers from themselves. Dreamers
are mostly reckless people and doers are the reason as to why dreamers are safe in their
dreams, because the doers give them safe space for them to dream. Finally, the doers are more
mature and they realise that there needs to be a balance of dreams and work for there to be
any chance of a better world. Not everybody can afford to be a dreamer, some have to grow
up and realise that world will stop changing if there is nobody to do what is necessary, but
that is only possible if they wake up from a childlike state of mind. It may be a dull way of
living but as we grow up there is only so little space left for dreamers. Once upon our parents
were dreamers, but they had to grow up so that they could create a safer world for us to be
dreamers. This is not to say that all grownups are doers, but their dreams do fall in the
background as they want the younger generation to create a new dream that would better the

All in all, dreamers and doers together make the world turn, so I see no need for there to be a
divided between them because the world would look better if they worked together. Every
person’s job leads to them being a mix of both dreamer and doer. A teacher job is to let
dreamers be dreamers but to also guide them into being a doer that will make something of his
dream. That is way dreams, creativity and imagination create new way of thinking that can
lead to new technological and scientific discoveries but only if work and energy is put into
them. So, there is a place for dreams and a place for hard work in our modern world,
especially if both are used for changing it.