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Classification: Internal Use #

IBB Reliability Improvement Project

Observation Report

Consumable Finding Target Risk

Q-Area Location Initiator Md Aziz Tarique 26-Mar-20 Immediately
Store Workshop Date Date Level

Negative Finding Detail

During Regular Visit (07 AM) in WorkShop Electrode/Consumable Room Found Low Hydrogen Final / Closure Comments
Electrode Keeping 08 Box (Rest Electrode Half One Day Before Used) in Open Atmosphere and
should be keep in holding Ovens/Reback for again use . This is Specification Violation
Requirement As Per Specification (W01-F10 (Welding Requirements for Metals)

3.7 (6) After use, any remaining electrodes shall be re-dried in accordance with the manufacturer’s
12.a All electrodes having low-hydrogen coverings conforming to AWS A5.1 shall be baked for at
least two hours between 500°F (260°C) and 800°F (430°C)

Photo Before Rectification After Rectification

Action By Accepted By Initiator

Name Md Aziz Tarique Md Aziz Tarique