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Benefits of Reading or Listening to Power Vs.


Keep in mind that this is an unusual book, acclaimed by Nobelists and world leaders,
described by experts as "breathtaking" and it spearheads a major paradigm jump in human

It is roughly akin to the discoveries of Leeuwenhoek (Microscope) or Galileo (Telescope) in

which simple instruments revealed new universes and a shift of paradigm about the nature of

Reviewed as "probably the greatest book of its kind ever written." Claims for the benefits of
reading the book are substantiated by documented research which reveals that merely reading
the book advances the reader's level of consciousness by a remarkable 35 points. (The
average human's consciousness advances by only 5 points in a lifetime).

1. Mere exposure to the "Map of Consciousness' on pp. 52-53 advances one's

understanding of all human behavior
2. Instant access to information that is beyond the capacity of all the world's computers.
3. By "critical point analysis" detect the exact point in any complex system where the
least effort brings about the greatest result, (p.33).
4. Understand the significance of the holographic mind in a holographic universe (p.37).
5. Advance one's level of consciousness faster than any course of study, mental or
spiritual technique or consciousness expansion workshop (p.54).
6. Understand the nature and power of attitudes, emotions and their personal
consequences (pp. 60-75).
7. Discover how to heal oneself of any illness (p. 173).
8. Discern the reality of "near death" or "out of body" experiences-fact or fiction? (p. 81).
9. Understand the basis and recovery from addiction (p. 151).
10. Understand how to advance one's own level of consciousness.

11. Efficiently advance industrial, scientific and medical research and achieve rapid
breakthrough (p.88).
12. Ascertain correct medical diagnoses and treatments (p. 100).
13. Quickly obtain information unavailable to current military intelligence or forensic
science. Identify validity of physical evidence and forensic findings (p.l 19).
14. Decipher codes that are beyond the capacity of the most advanced cryptographers.
(Simply bypass the code and directly obtain the content of the message!) (p. 123).
15. Recognize and utilize the critical differences between power and force (p.l 19).
16. Differentiate powerful attitudes and concepts from weak ones (pp. 120-122).
17. Understand the basis of true political power (p. 126).
18. Understand the source of power of democracy.
19. Discover the true power base of successful business, and the marketplace and
commerce (p. 132).
20. Reveal the power base of athletic prowess and the Olympics (p. 140).

21. Discover that who and what you are and have become is more powerful than anything
you do, have, or possess (p.69).
22. Discover the basis of genius, creativity, and the arts (p. 164).
23. Discover how to advance health, wellness and reverse the disease process (p. 179).
24. Learn how to instantly access any information about any subject (p. 189).
25. Understand how the minds of all of mankind are secretly controlled and dominated by
unsuspected energy fields which reside in the invisible quantum space of
consciousness itself (p.200).
26. Discover how you and everyone you know is the prisoner of entrapment of dominant
fields that determine perception and experience (p.205).
27. Understand the spiritual pathways to enlightenment and advanced states of spiritual
28. Understand the underpinnings and levels of truth of the worlds great religious and
spiritual teachers (p.233).
29. Learn how 85% of the worlds population falls below the level of integrity and how it is
counterbalanced by the 15% that calibrate above the critical level of 200 (p.234). How
one person who calibrates at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000
individuals who calibrate below 200. (One person at level 300 counterbalances 90,000
below 200; one person at 700 counterbalances 20 million below 200).
30. Learn how the level of men's consciousness stood at 190 for centuries and has now
jumped to 207 with major importance for the future of the human race (p.237).

31. Understand the common plight of all mankind - how to utilize that insight into the
compassion that uplifts, heals and enlightens (p.242).
32. Calibrated levels of truth of each chapter (for the first time in history) documents
objective validity of all statements made.
33. How to remove doubt and ascertain correctness of personal decisions.
34. Learn why this book which calibrates at an amazing 800 is described as one of the
greatest books ever written with the intrinsic capacity to elevate one's own power
merely by reading the material.
35. Provide a calibrated level of power for each of alternate decisions and choices and an
objective basis for action.
36. Resolve conflicts by merely recontextualizing them. Conflicts cannot be resolved at
their own level but only by raising them to the next higher level when awareness
become obvious.
37. Obtain answers to questions that are beyond the world's current state of knowledge.
38. Discover the basis for all knowledge and how to access it.
39. Transcend the limitations of both past and fixture in the timeless quantum reality
reachable only in this exact moment of now.
40. Differentiate the subjective from the objective and thereby transcend both time and
space to reach the realm of absolute certainty.

41. Discover simple steps to reach inner serenity.

42. Discover how to unveil the mysteries of past events hidden from the public (what
happened to Amelia Earhardt, the JFK assassination, O.J. Simpson trial, Clinton's
accusers, etc.).
43. Instantly detect counterfeits, bad checks, claims, or any fact that is in doubt.
44. Calibrate the level of truth or any teacher, leader, set of teachings, philosophy,
religion, or government (p.90).
45. Differentiate between a cult and a legitimate spiritual group (p. 103).
46. Detect fallacies in history both recent and ancient (p.96, p. 107).
47. Eliminate needless avenues of research and instantly detect the most fruitful focus of
48. Easily resolve complex business issues and decisions (p. 98).
49. Select best employee for a given job.
50. Discover the actual truth in any human endeavor (p. 103).

51. Benefit from a cutting edge coordination of the most advanced scientific information
(chaos theory, non-linear dynamics, quantum theory, advanced theoretical subparticle
physics, the thrust of these discoveries is expressed in simple easily understood
language. (You don't have to be an electrical engineer to throw a light switch), (p.
52. Resolve marital and personal relationship problems.
53. Resolve doubts about fidelity of relationship, employees, romantic, business
associates, lawyers, accountants, earnings statements, contracts, customers.
54. Knowledge of the easily performed kinesiologic response affords a benefit which has
been unknown until the publication of this book - How to tell the truth or falsehood
about any statement about any event.
55. Quickly know the whereabouts of lost objects.
56. Instantly know the genuineness of art or antiques.
57. Instantly know the honesty of any business, (p. 94), investment, politician, witness,
crime suspect, (p. 94, 97).
58. Ascertain the degree of integrity and level of consciousness of any person living or
59. Instantly tell whether a politician is lying or telling the truth, (p. 95).