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To: Dr.

Leslie Bruce
From: The Resistance
Subject: Team Charter
Date: March 4, 2020

We strive to educate people who are reading the journal about antibiotic
resistance and current research that has been done in this field. Our
review article will provide background information pertaining to
our PI’s research that they are planning to publish soon. The Fig 1. The Resistance Logo
audience of our review article is our PI, people who read the Adapted from [1]
journal, and individuals who are knowledgeable in this field.

Broad Team Goals

1. Complete assignments on the designated times assigned by the team.
2. Make sure that the work is evenly divided between the group.
3. Gain more team/group experience
4. Complete the paper at hand.

Measurable Team Goals

1. Complete assignment by the due the dates provided in the padded timeline
2. Get an “A” paper.
3. Meet all 6 SLO objectives on the review prompt
4. Follow consistent formatting according to the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
review journal: Clinical Microbiology review
a. Numbered system citations (in order presented in review paper)
b. Parenthetical numbered in-text citations

Personal Goals
1. Jason Sims: Learning to trust the group and to gain more rhetorical awareness as a writer.
2. Devin: Produce an understandable review of antibiotic resistance and causes behind the
3. Shaina: Work on effectively communicating with the group and following deadlines
4. William: Improve writing skills (be more concise and clearer) and to practice writing
Individual Commitment
1. Jason does not have a part time job and is willing to take extra work if need be. He is
willing to go over 100% in order to get a good grade in the class
2. Devin is willing to do his part to produce a complete project.
3. Shaina will make sure to meet all deadlines. Additionally, she will pace herself with this
large assignment. That means making small progress each day as opposed to all at once.
4. William will set aside about an hour a day to work on our group project. During this time,
he will work on annotations, slides, and the group review article.

Other Concerns
1. Jason has had bad group experiences so it's hard for him to trust the timeliness of the
group work. He likes schedules and working ahead so he starts working on people's parts
when he does not see people working.
2. Devin has no other concerns.
3. Shaina wants to make sure that the group is constantly communicating about what they
have done. She has had experiences where one individual does not talk to the other group
and this could become an issue.
4. William has a few concerns about making sure that the discussion of the subject is on
topic. He wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page when moving from step
to step.

Conflict Resolution
1. Be honest but respectful of one another.
2. Try to resolve conflicts as soon as possible. Do not wait for it to be a bigger deal.
3. Bring it up in the group, try to understand the other side, and try to compromise on a
4. If conflicts still exist, it will be brought to the professor to help resolve the conflict.

Missed Deadlines
For drafts: If a team member feels that he/she is unable to make the group-appointed “soft”
deadline, the member must inform the rest of the group at least 24 hours in advance of the
“group deadline.” If this condition is not met, a warning will be issued. If work is not completed,
an anonymous peer conflict resolution form may be put into motion. For presentation slides and
the final drafts members must keep each other accountable to stay on top of the work.

Unacceptable Work:
If a team member submits work that has evidence of no effort or does not follow the general
guidelines and schedule of the project, it will be brought up by members of the group to create a
resolution. If the actions of the person continue, their actions will be brought to the professor.
Padded Timeline:

Week/ Shaina William Jason Devin Group Reality Other

Dates Work Important
March Annotate Annotate Annotate Annotate Peer review
2-6 2 articles 2 articles 2 articles 2 articles each
and start and start and start and start person’s
final 2 final 2 final 2 final 2 annotation
article article article article by 3/9
annotatio annotatio annotatio annotatio (soft)
ns by 3/7 ns by 3/7 ns by 3/7 ns by 3/7
(soft) Write the
y 3/9 (soft)
March Finish Finish Finish Finish Peer review Annotated
9-13 annotatio annotatio annotatio annotatio each Bibliograp
n of 2 n of 2 n of 2 n of 2 person’s hy DRAFT
articles articles articles articles annotation by 3/9
by 3/11 by 3/11 by 3/11 by 3/11 by 3/13
(soft) (soft)
outline 3/13
March Write up Write up Write up Write up Meet with Annotated
16-20 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 group to Bibliograp
paragrap paragrap paragrap paragrap organize hy due 3/16
hs on hs on hs on hs on ideas and
what you what you what you what you structure
annotated annotated annotate annotate presentation
(from 2 (from 2 d (from 2 d (from 2 and review
articles) articles) articles) articles) in class
by 3/18 by 3/18 by 3/18 by 3/18 3/18
March Write up Write up Write up Write up Start slides Draft
23-27 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 and follow review
paragrap paragrap paragrap paragrap guidelines article for
hs on hs on hs on hs on under in class
what you what you what you what you “Review 3/25
annotated annotated annotate annotate article
(from 2 (from 2 d (from 2 d (from 2 Presentatio
articles) articles) articles) articles) n” by 3/25
by 3/23 by 3/23 by 3/23 by 3/23
March Work on Work on Work on Work on Review
30- presentati presentati presentat presentat Article
April 3 on and on and ion and ion and Draft by
(break Review Review Review Review 4/4 (soft)
) as as as as
necessary necessary necessar necessar
during during y during y during
break break break break
April Finalize Finalize Finalize Finalize Start Electronic
6-10 presentati presentati presentat presentat practicing drafts of
on on ion ion presentation Research
“speech” “speech” “speech” “speech” and set up Review
(2-2.5 (2-2.5 (2-2.5 (2-2.5 group time and
minutes) minutes) minutes) minutes) to practice Presentatio
By 4/8 By 4/8 By 4/8 By 4/8 presentation n slides due
(soft) during this 4/6 & 4/8
week (4/6- respectivel
10) y
draft of
slides by
draft of
April Practice Practice Practice Practice In class
13-15 presentati presentati presentat presentat presentatio
on and on and ion and ion and n 4/13-15
making making making making Final
final final final final Research
edits as edits as edits as edits as Review
needed needed needed needed due 4/15
Group Work Time Sheet

Name of project:

Responsibility Responsible Team Amount of time Date

member(s) spent


[1] L. Cosmo. “Illustration depicts a super bug microorganism, drug resistant or antibiotic.
Ideal for informational and medicinal materials.” Shutterstock.
image-vector/illustration-depicts-super-bug-microorganism-drug-672003151 (accessed March 2,