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Complete the following sentence with coordinating conjunction; and, or, and but!
1. Rudi  .    .    .   .    Dona go to shool together.

2. Will you choose mango  .   .   .    .   watermelon?


3. I want to play football   .    .    .   the ball is flat.

4. The teacher is teaching  .    .     .    .   the students are studying.

5. Do you like to drink ice tea   .     .   .    .   juice?

6. Choose one of them, Mobile phone   .    .    .   .   Laptop!

7. Hendra works all day  .   .   .   .  he still get a little money.

8. Father gives me a bicycle  .     .     .    .    a computer.


9. Follow me  .    .    .   . him!


10. Santi has tried to win the game    .    .    .    .   she failed

11. She wants to cook friend rice  .     .   .     . the stove is out of gas

12.  Do you like Maria . . . Rizka?


13. Mother sweeps the yard .   .   .    .    Father cuts the tree.

14. My uncle chooses to use a bicycle  .    .    .    .  a fishing kit

15. They want to play football  .    .    .    .   it rains


16.  Rio will eat  a plate of chicken  .   .    .   .   drink a glass  of orange juice.
17. Choose one of the two, make a picture of kite   .      .     .     .   a doll.

18. John wants to go to the downtown    .     .     .    .    he  gets a flat tyre.

19. Catherine     .     .     .     . his boyfriend  attend a meeting.


20. The farmer is confused whether he must plant rice   .      .     .     .     corn.

Subordinate conjunction

1. Since the boy bought a PS3, he forgot to study. (sejak

2. She is reading while her mother is cooking

3. The students focused on the test until/ till the time was over

4. You can come to me whenever you are sad. (kamu bias

5. The teacher came before we finished the task.

Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Correlative Conjunction 

1. I love playing ... violin ... piano
a. Both, and
b. Either, or
c. Neither, nor
d. Not only, but also
2. ... Fandi ... his employeed are not coming to the meetin
a. Both, and
b. Either, or
c. Neither, nor
d. Not only, but also
3. .... I ... my friends are interested in the music. 
a. Both, and
b. Either, or
c. Neither, nor
d. Not only, but also
4. She is ... beautiful ... talented.
a. Both, and
b. Either, or
c. Neither, nor
d. Not only, but also
5. Ian is ... a busy man ... he can’t come to your birthday
a. Such, that
b. Either, or
c. Neither, nor
d. Not only, but also
6. Whales, dolphins, and walruses are … fish … mammals.
a. Not, but
b. Not only, but also
c. Between, or
d. Whether, or
7. Lia and I discussed … to attend the meeting … have a representative attend in
our place.
a. Between, or
b. Whether, or
c. Not, but
d. Not only, but also
8.  … had hotel housekeeper left … the guests entered the room.
a. Hardly, than
b. No sooner, than
c. Between, or
d. Whether, or
9. The more you smile, … you will get positive reactions from others.
a. The less
b. The more
c. Nor
d. or
10. Neither the woman … her daughter has a posititive attitude.
a. Nor
b. or
c. The less
d. The more
11. I would like to try both the classic tiramisu … creamy cheesecake recipes.
a. or
b. And
c. To
d. Than
12. She would rather wash clothes by hand … use a dishwasher.
a. To
b. Than
c. or
d. And
13. Choosing between staying at home … working full-time were not easy for her.
a. And
b. To
c. or
d. Nor
14. Do you know the distance from Earth … Mars?
a. And
b. To
c. or
d. Nor
15. You can either wear open-toe sandals … shoes to work at the office.
a. or
b. Nor
c. And
d. To
16. Emily is ... pretty but also smart.
a. both
b. neither
c. not only
d. and
17. The research project will take ... time and money.
a. both
b. either
c. neither
d. and
18. Either the teacher ... the students are planning to come.
a. nor
b. or
c. and
d. but also
19. Not only my car ... my motorcycle is broken.
a. either
b. but also
c. both
d. and

Kunci Jawaban:
1. a. Both, and
2. b. Either, or
3. c. Neither, nor
4. d. Not only, but also
5. a. Such, that
6. a. Not, but
7. b. Whether, or
8. b. No sooner, than
9. b. The more
10. a. Nor
11. b. And
12. b. Than
13. a. And
14. b. To
15. a. or
16. c. not only
17. a. both
18. b. or
19. b. but also