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POSSIDIUS) SY: 2019-2020

ENCIRCLE THE LETTER AND THE WORD/S OF 12. This movement was among other things, a
THE CORRECT ANSWER. MAKE YOUR protest against the barbarism of the War.
a. Young Germany b. Dadaism c. Naturalism
I. KNOWLEDGE 13. It is a total art form which combines several
expressive media.
1. It is a federal parliamentary republic in
western-central Europe. a. Staging b. Arts c. Opera d. Stage Play
a. Europe b. German 14. It is the highest feminine voice as one of the
c. Germany d. France main categories of opera voices.
2. He is one of the authors during the High Middle a. Soprano b.Alto c. Bass d. Mezzo-Soprano
15. The highest pitch of men singing in chest
a. J.M.R. Lenz b.Goethe voice, and the most popular in opera.
c. Heinrich Frauenlob d. Schiller
a. Tenor b. Base c. Contralto d. Bass
3. The poem written about 1200’s by an unknown
Austrian from the Danube region.
a. The Death of Siegrfred b. Nibelungenlied II. PROCESS
c. The Nibelugenlied d. Nebilungenlied
Modified TRUE or FALSE. Leave the statement
4. It is the most impressive example of Early blank if it is true and Write the correct answer in
Middle High German Literature. the space provided if the statement is false.

a. Annolied ___________ 16-17. Drama is an extraordinary

b. The Nibelung show, where all human passions are at work.
c. Death of Seigred
5. It is the period which leaders viewed
___________ 18-19. Operas today are more varied
themselves as a courageous, elite body of
than ever.
intellectuals who were leading the world toward
a. Age of Reason ___________ 20-21. Operas today are identified as
b. The Baroque staging and setting have become key elements.
c. Enlightenment
d. Medieval Period
6. This period refers generally to a high regard for ___________ 22-23. Contralto is often associated
classical antiquity as setting standards for taste. with characters such as an elderly woman, maid,
mother, grandmother, or witch. In addition, it is a
a. Classicism b. The Baroque c.Young Germany dark, low, noble female voice. Quite rare in opera.
7. It is usually contrasted with Romanticism; an
art that seeks to be formal and restrained.
__________ 24-25. Bass is the highest pitch of men
a.Young Germany b. Classicism c. Baroque singing in chest voice, and the most popular in
8. It was an artistic and intellectual movement
that originated in late 18th century Western
a. Classicism b. Romanticism c. Expressivism
26-30. Among the time periods of German
9. It stressed strong emotion, imagination, Literature, which of the time periods were you
freedom within or even from classical notions of interested the most and Why?
form in art.
a. Romanticism b.Classicism c. Expressivism
10. A time where movement in theatre and film
a. Naturalism b. Romanticism c. Expressivism
11. A period that exhibited many art forms,
including painting, literature, film, architecture
and music.
a. Expressionism b. Romanticism c. Naturalism

31-40. Present your findings on how medieval

hunting differs from today’s hunting. Use a venn
diagram to show the comparison and contrast.

41-50. How does German literature flourish over

the years? Point out evidences that over the
years, German literature progressed.