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Jacquerie May

Music Lesson Plan

Title:​ Instrument Lesson Plan Grade Level: ​2nd Grade

Materials needed:
Phone, drums, and shakers
Muffin Man and Bremen March

A.S: How many instruments can you name? What instruments are loud or soft? Do
you know what it means to keep time? *Walking in time**Some drums/shakers
can be loud or soft*

1. Call on a few kids and hear what answers they have and see who has played an

2. For our first activity, we will play two of the three instruments and the kids will
react differently to each instrument.

3. For the shakers, the kids will shake their body as if they are shakers themselves.
As for the dums the kids are going to march and keep time with the drum beat.

4. After I introduce the instruments I demonstrate on how to use the instruments

thus leading us to our next activity.

5. First I’ll have half the kids with shakers and the other half with drums; then I
will have them stand in between each other.

6. Next, I will count off the kids into two groups: drums=1 and shakers=2

7. Then I demonstrate what I would like everyone to play when I start the music:
The drummers play on 1 and the shakers on 2.

8. Finally, I play the song( Bremen March) and on my count I will count everyone
off on their correct beat. And after a few trials I will have everyone march in a
circle to the beat of the music.
9. Lastly, we’ll have the kids switch instruments and we’ll repeat the same activity
except that I will play the Muffin Man instead.

10. We recap and I ask if it was easy to keep time with the songs and then also
introduce the concept of dynamics with the loud and soft instruments.

Closure: During this activity, the kids will discover that drums do not have to be
the only instrument that can keep a beat while also learning to march in time. The
kids can also take away that drums can also be played softly while shakers can be

Educational Objective:​ By the end of this lesson, the kids will have learned how to
play different types of instruments. They will also learn about dynamics as well as
the difference between beats and rhythm.

Social/ Cognitive Physical Musical Non-Musical

National Standards “Core” Music Content
All the kids Utilizes active Show the Standards Standards
A made up
are engaging listening kids how to 1. Singing: to the Creating activity based
with each skills when play the motion of the Imagine
off the activity
other when the music instruments objects of the song for dynamics.
Plan and Make
they are plays so they and have
marching can play on them march Evaluate & Refine
around and the right beat. around the
2. ​Play Present
taking turns They also had room. Instruments
with the to listen hard Performing
drums and and find a Select

shakers. beat to the Analyze

Muffin Man. 3. Improvising

4. Composing Evaluate, &


5. Reading & Responding

Notating Select


6. Listening: to
the rhythm + Evaluate
pattern of the
song to create Connecting
movement Connect #10

Connect #11

7. Evaluating

8. Integration
(outside arts)

9. History/Culture