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Choose the verb

form the box and

complete sentences.

start dance help finish tidy visit watch open like

1 My room was in a mess so I tidied it yesterday.

2 The concert 9.30 and at midnight.
3 It was very hot so we all windows. In the negative we use
4 We a great movie on TV last night. didn't and the main
verb without suffix –
5 She her friends last Saturday. ed.
6 I visited my sister last month. I her new house very She didn't cry today.
much. She didn't cried today.
7I my mum in the garden yesterday.
8 People a lot at the opening party last night. 1

Jake Mike Jane negative
What did play soccer
play cook lunch sentences.
they do
clean shoes watch movie wash dishes
help dad wash dishes watch movie
visit grandma help mum water flowers

3 2
1 The match started at six o’clock.
Look at the table and write sentences. It didn’t start at five o'clock.
1 Jake soccer, his 2 I called my brother this morning.
shoes, his dad and his yesterday.
grandma. 3 The game finished at 8 o'clock.
2 Mike at 9 o'clock.
4 James stayed in Paris.
in London.
. 5 Mary studied for a Biology test.
3 Jane a Maths test.
6 James and Jake visited their friend
this morning.
. this afternoon.
8 We watched „2012“ last night.
9 My mum cooked spaghetti for
4 lunch.
Look at the Exercise 3, ask and answer. for dinner.
1 Jane / play soccer? 10 My sister played the piano at the
Did Jane play soccer? No, she didn’t. concert.
2 Jake / clean his shoes? the violin.
11 Stan and Mike played basketball.
3 Mike / help his dad? soccer.

4 Jane / water flowers?

5 Mike / cook lunch?

In yes/no questions we use
Did at the beginning, then
6 Jake / play basketball? subject and main verb
without suffix –ed.
7 Mike / water flowers? Did she visit her grandma?
Did she visited her
8 Jane / help her dad?