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Suhana Safar
Suhana Safar is a 1970 Bollywood drama film directed by Vijay. The film stars Shashi Kapoor
Suhana Safar
and Sharmila Tagore.
Directed by Vijay
Starring Shashi Kapoor
Contents Sharmila Tagore
Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Release date 1970
Country India
Language Hindi
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Sapna (Sharmila Tagore), flying back to India from the USA is involved in an airplane engine "flameout". She loves poetry, in particular
the work of a poet called Ujjwala. Unable to distinguish between the poet and the poetry, she sets out on a journey to meet the poet in a
place called Phulwari. Sapna believes that Ujjwala is her dream man.

Her wealthy father, worried by her distraction consults a psychiatrist who pronounces that Sapna needs treatment and must be sent to
his clinic for an extended period of time. Running away from home, in a beautiful red MG TF (probably a 1954 model) she comes across
Sunil (Shashi Kapoor) working on his Jeep (one of the early right-hand drive versions that Mahindras produced).

A couple of accidents later they find themselves in a luxurious Mercedes Benz tour coach (possibly an O 321 H - with a rear engine) and
their journey of exploration begins. Faced with obstacles, raised by greedy people who want to get the informant's reward announced by
Sapna's father Randhir Singh Chauhan; and going through some comic as well as dangerous interludes the screen couple arrive at the
climax on their way to Phulwari. Sunil is doing his best to escort Sapna to Phulwari.

How Sapna reconciles her love for Ujjwala, who she has only met through his poetry and Sunil's unreciprocated love for her makes for
an interesting denouement.

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Suhana Safar - Wikipedia

Shashi Kapoor as Sunil
Sharmila Tagore as Sapna
Lalita Pawar as Bus Passenger
David Abraham as Bus Passenger
Manmohan Krishna as Mohan - bus passenger
Master Bhagwan as Bus Passenger
Leela Mishra as Bus Passenger
K.N. Singh as Dr. Singh
Ramayan Tiwari as Daku Mangal Singh
Sunder as Bus Passenger
Randhir as Rana Randhir Singh Chauhan
Mukri as Mukkaramjah Mknaik 'Mukri'
Keshto Mukherjee as Keshto
Mohan Sherry as Bus Driver

With Laxmikant Pyarelal's music and Anand Bakshi's lyrics, Mohammad Rafi sang some fabulous songs for Shashi Kapoor. "Suhana
Safar" & "Sari Khushiyan" remained evergreen hit.

# Title Singer(s)

1 "Suhana Safar " Mohammad Rafi

2 "Sari Khushiyan Hain" Mohammed Rafi

3 "Tim Tim Chamke Re Tara" Lata Mangeshkar

4 "Paise Ka Kya Yakeen" Mohammed Rafi

5 "Suhana Safar (Female)" Suman Kalyanpur

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Suhana Safar - Wikipedia

6 "Chudiyan Bazar Se Mangwa De Re" Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle

7 "La Gloria (Music)"

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