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DIMMER CCR 300 series

Completely self-contained, plug-in

F Lr.J
o Convection cooled - no
fan required.
o Plug-in printed circuit cards. oo
o Two back-to-back silicon controlled rectif iers. zt
o Three curve adjustment potentiometers.
o Both overload and short circuit protection il.
standard. lmil
o External controland load test points. -
o Complete range of sizes up to 12KW capacity. O)
o All capacities same physical size. a m
STFIAIvtrl o
*=y**T__u_"ff. o
20 Bushes Lane 5432 West 102nd Street 6334 Viscount Road t
Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 Los Angeles, California 90045 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada rU)
U.S.A. U.S.A. L4V 1 H3
Tel: (201) 791-7000 (212) 564-6910 Tel: (213) 776-4600 Tel: (416) 677-7130
Telex: 130322 Telex: 653508 Telex. 06968646
Strand Century Dimmer Modules CCR 300 series
! 1 Dimming curve adlustment potentiometers
+ 2 Primary circuit breaker
3 Control voltage monitor iack
4 On/Otf Pilot light
-Load 5 Output voltage monitor iack
6 Preamplilier plug-in printed circuit board
7 Faceplate
8 Handle
I Heatsinks w/scr's
10 Filter choke
11 Preamp fuses
Heighl:914" (242mm)
Depth: 213i4" (552 mm)
Width:6%" (165mm)

D. The dimmer module shall include all solid K. The rise time shall be not less than 500
Specif ications state devices. No relays, tubes, fans, motors, microseconds measured at a 90'conduction
Quantities and ratings of dimmers shall be as or rov,ng parts shall be used. angle f rom 10% to 90% of the output wave form
specified in the schedule. with the dimmer operating at maximum load.
E. The dimmer shall be designed to operate
lndividual dimmers shall be built on a steei satisfactorily on 50 to 60 Hz., 105 to 132 volt L. The output voltage versus control position
chassis formed of two heavy channels with A.C. lines, and in ambient temperatures f rom shall be factory adjusted to conform to the
steel cross-members and a face plate. Each 32'F to 104'F (0'C to 40'C) with component ''Square Law Dimming Curve '. lt shall be pos-
shall slide into a steel tray in the Dimmer variations not exceedinq I 57". sible to adjust the dimmers in the {ield to meet
Equipment Bank equipped with mating recep- field conditions. Screwdriver adjustments,
tacles as previously specified. The face plate F. The power efficiency o1 each dimmer shall
be approximately 95% minimum at full load readily accessible through the {ace of the
shall be provided with a handle for ease of dimmer, shall be provided for this balance.
withdrawal, power-on indicator light, test and the output voltage 96% to 100% of the
input voltage. l\4. The input signal shall not exceed 12 volts
lacks and access {or curve adjustments. The
whole module shall be finished in baked G. The dimmershall be capable of hot patch- D.C. at l millr2np€'vsr and dinmer response
enamel to harmonize with the f inish of the ing cold incandescent lamp loads up to its shall be insensitive to the phase from which
Dimmer Equipment Bank. Alldimmer modules full rated capacity either in parts or in one the control signal is taken.
rated for four to twelve kilowatts shall be the compiete load, without malf unction or change N. Switch-On versus Switch-Off response
same size and weigh an average of 20 lbs. (9.1 in operation. The control setting may be at any time shall be within 1/a second for all loads.
kgs.) each. position during this patching operation. O. At minimum load, the output of the dim-
These solid state dlmmers shall be of the H. All rectifier components shall be com- mer with circuit controller at 'zero" may be
generic type designated as avalanche recti- pletely protected, during 'hot patching' or adjusted not to exceed 5 volts RMS.
f iers. They shall utilize two silicon controlled any proper or improper operation of the dim- P. The preamplifier shall not mlsf ire during
rectifiers in a back{o-back electrical config- mer. Under no circumstances wrll the recur- transient energization or de-energization.
uration which provides at all times, symmet- rent peak ratings of the rectifiers be exceeded.
rical alternating current output to the lamp The rectifiers in this equipment shall carry a Q. Power consumption of the control circuit
life-time guarantee. shall nol exceed a total of 6.5 watts.
load which it controls. The full load of the
circuit is to be carried and controlled solely by L Each dimmer module shall contain two pro- R. When fading between two presets at the
the silicon controlled rectifiers. Dimmers tective devices which shall protect the rec- same setting, the vo ltage of the dimmer output
using triacs will not be accepted. Dimmers tiIie's unde' all circuit conditions. shall not vary more than 2 volts RN4S.
shall be U.L. approved. 1. A f ully magnetic circuit breaker which may S. For purposes of test, fused jacks shall be
A. The output of each dimmer shall be A.C. and also be used as a disconnect and reset. Under provided in the face plate to make available
at maximum shall approach a full sine wave. lt overload conditions it will disconnect power output and control voltages. A neon pilot light
shall be symmetrical with respect to the zero to the dimmer module before damage can be shall indicate when there is power to the dim-
volatage axis at any point on the dimming done to the power devices. mer module. The testing and adjustment de-
curve. 2. A replaceable silversand fuse for short cir vices shall be accessible on the face plate of
B. Each module shall contain an inductive cuit protection which will open the input the module, without having to remove the
type filter to accomplish the following: power with ,rz cycle. This fast-acting f use will dimmer module from the Dimmer Equipment
prevent failure of the semi-conductor ele- Bank.
1. Limit obJectionable harmonics.
ments due to short circuit in-rush current. T. All dimmer modules shall be the same size
2. Limit the conducted radio f requency inter
Current limiting feedback technique will not regardless of capacity and all shall be inter-
ference on supply lines.
be acceptable as a means of protecting a main changeable in the system with others of the
3. Modify the steep wave front of the ava- same capacity. Dimmer faceplate dimensions
power device because an overload condition
lanche effect which would otherwise create shall not exceed 9,/," H x 6r/," \N (242 mm x
noise of an acoustical origin in the lamp fi{a- must exist before circuits can sense and cor-
rect for the condition. 165 mm).
ments in the output circuit.
Under no circumstances will dimmers allow- U. The following dimmer modules shall be
C. The control circuit shall be complete on a provided:
single11rs" (1.6mm) thick glass epoxy, printed ing continued operation with loads substan-
tially in excess of the rated capacity be ac- 4 Kw (stage)
circuit board. This board shall also carry
dimmer curve adjustment potentiometers ac- ceptable. The protective devices shall have 6 Kw (stage)
cessible through the face of the dimmer. Cir- maximum must trip ' ratings of 1257o o{ rated 12 Kw (stage)
capacity. On overloads greater than 25%, the -
cuit boards for all dimmer capacities shall be Kw (house)
the same. Paper laminate or phenolic circuit fuse may open depending on circuit condi- -
boards will not be acceptable. Circuit boards tions and the degree of the overload. Othetr -
shall be plug-in type, readily replaceable in the wise, the circuit breaker will trip, opening the
module and protected by a one ampere primary circuit.
preamplifier fuse. Circuit board replacement J. Each dimmer shall be capable of voltage
shall not require the use of tools or removal of regulation wjthin r 21tz"k from 60 watts to f ull
other components for access. rated load at any point on the dimming curve.

Copyright 1977 Strand Century lnc

Printed in Canada