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OptiXstar P612E Datasheet

Enterprise-Level Routing Gateway ONU Date: 2019-10-30

Product Overview
The OptiXstar P612E is an ONU designed for scenarios such as enterprise campus and video backhaul. It provides 4 GE ports
with PoE/PoE+ to provide high-quality voice, data, and HD video services.

Product Highlights
 802.1x and IPv6/IPv4 firewalls ensure device access security and network security.
 The PoE/PoE+ function supports flexible power supply.
 Features high reliability, type B dual-homing service protection.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 190mm x 130mm x 35mm(Without UNI 4*GE(PoE/PoE+)
(WxDxH) floor mat)

Weight About 800 g Static power 7W


Operating -5°C to +45°C Maximum power 9 W (POE port without PD)

temperature consumption 77 W (POE port with PD having the
maximum power consumption)

Operating 5%RH to 95%RH (non-condensing) Maximum PoE Gross power 60W (up to 30W for one
humidity output power GE port)

Power adapter 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz Surge protection GE: common mode 4 kV; differential

OptiXstar P612E Datasheet 1

input specifications mode 0.5 kV.
AC power : common mode 6 kV;
differential mode 6 kV

System power 56V DC, 1.42A Installation mode Support indoor desktop installation,
supply wall mounting, or network box


Port Parameters

 Port type: SC/UPC  PoE and PoE+, complying with IEEE 802.3af
 Complying with ITU-T G.984.2, Class B+ and IEEE 802.3at
 Port type:RJ-45
 Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm;
 Auto ports speed(10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
 Overload optical power: -8dBm;
 Transmission rate: upstream 1.244 Gbit/s, downstream 2.488
Gbit/s  Configuration of the number of MAC addresses
 Type B single-homing learned
 VLAN transparent transmission/VLAN filtering
 Type B dual-homing (supported in Layer 2 forwarding)

Function List
Automatic Smart O&M Layer 3 Features Security

 Authenticati  XML/Web UI  Default/Static/Policy/Service routes  802.1x

on  Rogue ONT detection and  VLAN binding  IPv6/IPv4 firewalls
exemption self-regulation  ALG/UPnP/ARP  Filtering based on
 XML/OMCI/  Ring network MAC/IP/URL
TR069 detection/PPPoE/DHCP  DoS/ARP anti-attacks
 PPPoE/Static IP/DHCP
simulation testing
 Static MAC address
 Port mapping/Port trigger
 IPv6
 Device access control
Multicast QoS Layer 2 Management  Web session number
  
IGMP v2/v3 Ethernet port rate limitation DHCP Option82
snooping  802.1p priority  PITP
 Dynamic  SP/WRR/SP+WRR  BPDU transparent transmission
 IGMP proxy
 MLDv1/ML

OptiXstar P612E Datasheet 2

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