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Money and Banking

A. What is money?
Object that is portable, divisible, durable, and stable, and that serves as a
medium of exchange, a store of value, and a measure of worth.
a. Characteristics
1. Portability
2. Divisibility
3. Durability
4. Stability
b. Functions
1. Medium of Exchange
2. It is a store of value
3. It is a measure of worth
c. M-1: The Spendable Money Supply
d. M-2: M-1 Plus the Convertible Money Supply

B. The U.S Financial System

a. Financial Institutions
1. Commercial banks
2. Savings institutions
3. Savings and loan associations
4. Joint savings bank
5. Credit cooperatives
6. Non-savings institutions
b. The Growth of Financial Services
1. Pension and guarantee services
2. International services
3. Services for intermediaries and financial advisors
4. Electronic fund transfers

C. Financial Institutions Create Money and Are Regulated

a. Regulation of the Banking System
Because commercial banks are essential to the creation of money, the government
regulates them to ensure a sound and competitive financial system. Federal and state
agencies regulate banks to ensure that the failure of some will not cause the public to
lose faith in the banking system itself.
1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations
D. The Federal Reserve System
a. The Structure of The Fed
1. The Board of Governors
2. Reserve Banks
3. Open Market Committee
4. Member Banks
5. Other Depository Institutions
b. The Functions of The Fed
1. The Governments Bank
2. The Bankers Bank
3. Controlling the Money Supply
c. The Tools of The Fed
1. Reserve Requirement
2. Interest Rate Controls
3. Open -Market Operations
E. The Changing Money and Banking System
a. Government Intervention for Stabilizing the U.S. Financial System
b. Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism Regulations
c. The Impact of Electronic Technologies
1. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network
2. Check 21: Making the Paper Check Go Away
3. Blink Credit Card
4. Debit Cards
5. Smart Cards
F. International Banking and Finance
a. Currency Values and Exchange Rates