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Republic of the Philippines

Universit of Rizal System

Morong, Rizal
College of Science

Subject Title: The Contemporary World

Names of Presenters: Shekinah Mae Galletes, Ellah

Grace S. Giducos and Kelvin Gomez

Course: BS Biology and BS Psychology

Year and Section: 1-A1, 1-A2 and 1-C1

Professorial Instructor: Dr. Van Russel A. Robles

Topic: Effects of Globalization on Government

(Internationalism Vs. Globalism)

I. Objective

1. Identify the effects of Globalization on Government

II. Statement of the Problem

1. What are the effects of Globalization on Government?

2. What is Internationalism and Globalism?

III. Introduction

Globalization has so many effects to all the participating nations.

Specifically, it has effects to the country’s government as well. This will
discuss how the government will be affected by its effects and how it is
related to Internationalism and Globalism.

IV. Content

Globalization affects the size and composition of government

expenditures. The Globalization process has led to a growing
interdependence of fiscal policies affecting inter alia, the composition of
government expenditures. Globalization affects government’s ability to
continue providing the social protection at the level of past decades.
Republic of the Philippines
Universit of Rizal System
Morong, Rizal
College of Science

According to the disciplining hypothesis, globalization restrains governments

by inducing increased budgetary pressure. As a consequence, governments
shift their expenditures in favor of transfers and subsidies and away from
capital expenditures.

On the other hand, Internationalism is a political principle which

transcends nationalism and advocates greater political or economic
cooperation among nations and people while Globalism is an ideology based
on the belief that people, goods and information ought to be able to cross
national border unfettered.

V. Reflection

Having the chance to know the effects of globalization on government

makes us more knowledgeable. These effects will help us to know more
about the outcomes of globalization to the government. With that, it gives the
government the idea on what to do and what will happen if they are engaged
with globalization. Also, knowing the difference between Internationalism and
Globalism is really helpful in a way that it gives us prior information and clear
distinction that these two are different in their own way.

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