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March 2020 Teacher Liz

Salam Isra, we are still getting to know at An-nur, as
you mostly like to stay with Yusuf and teacher Fauzia.
But one thing we do know is that you love, love, love
water play! Today you found the tiniest puddles in the
playground, you didn't care you were delighted! Its
lucky for us that you were wearing gumboots! You
splashed and puddled and even called Miriam to join
you. Isra, I love your playful nature, you have been
jumping in puddles before haven't you! What fun thing
to do! I love that you invited Miriam to join you that
shows me that you have growing friendships with your
peers and you know that its funnier with friends! You
have an innate playfulness that leads you to explore the
world around you.

“driven by their natural instinct to explore

and discover using senses and motor ac-
tions. Thus they build a storehouse of
knowledge about the physical world”
This is what your childhood is about Isra! Having, fun, ex-
ploring, enjoying the little things with your friends. The best
experiences in earlychildhood will not be learning ABC or
123, but the fun times you have that will be remembered.