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Knowledge Base contains reference information on the following subjects

1. Abbreviations Used in Oil Industry

2. Conversion Tables

3. Drilling

4. x

Abbreviation Means Detailed Word & Context if applicable

2P Proven plus Prabable

AAPG American association of Petroleum Geologists

ABS American Bureau of Shipping
API° American Petroleum Institute Gravity

bbl Barrel
BCF Billion Cubic Feet
BCM Billion Cubic Metre
BTU British Thermal Unit
bwpd Barrels of water per day

CNG Compressed Natural Gas – Natural Gas at 200-250 kg/cm2

DST Drill Stem Test

DWT Dead Weight Tonne

FDP Field Development Plan

FPSO Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading Vessel
FSO Floating Storage & Offloading Vessel

GCV Gross Calorific Value

GIIP Gas Initially In Place
GOR Gas Oil Ratio

Kcal Kilocalorie
km Kilometre

lkm Line kilometer

LNG Liquified Natural Gas – At atmospheric pressure Natural Gas liquefies below
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas – A mixture of propane and butane

M3 Metre Cube i.e. 1 Metre x 1 Metre x 1 Metre

MDRT Measured Depth from Rotary Table
MDT Modulated Dynamic Tester
MMbbl Million barrels
MMBTU Million British Thermal Unit
MMscfd Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day
MMstbd Million Stock tank barrels per day
Natural Gas A blend of gaseous hydrocarbons found below ground which normally contains 60-
95% Methane
NCV Net Calorific Value

NELP New Exploration & Licensing Policy

NGL Natural Gas Liquid – Heavier hydrocarbons mainly pentane and hexane

PNG Piped Natural Gas

PSC Production Sharing Contract
PSDM Pre stack depth Migration
Psi Pounds per square inch

Scf Standard Cubic Feet

Scfd Standard Cubic Feet per day
SCM Standard Cubic Metre
SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers
SPM Single point Mooring
Stb Stock tank barrel
Stbd Stock tank barrel per day

TCF Trillion Cubic Feet

TCM Trillion Cubic Metre

WPC World Petroleum Congress


Amou Quantity in Common Use Abbreviati = Equivalent Explanation
nt on


Amou Quantity in Common Use Abbreviatio = Equivalent Explanation

nt n
1 Standard Cubic Meter SCM = 1 cubic metre @ NTP 1 atmosphere pressure ( 14.7 ibs/sq inch )
and 15° C
1 Cubic Metre M3 = 35.3 Cubic Feet
1 Billion Cubic Metre/Yr BCM/Yr = 2.8 MMSCD
1 Trillion Cubic Feet TCF = 4 MMSCMD 3.88 MMSCMD (100% recoverable (20yrs x
1 Million Tonne Per MMTPA(LNG = 4 MMSCMD 3.60 MMSCMD (Mol Wt. of 18
Annum(LNG) ) @365days/annum
1 MT of LNG = 1300 SCM 1314 SCM(Mol. Wt. 18)
Gross Calorific Value GCV = 1000 Kcal/SCM
Net Calorific Value NCV = 90% of GCV
1 Million BTU MMBTU = 25.2 SCM GCV 10000 Kcal/SCM
1 Mega Watt of Power MW = 4500 SCMD 4440 @ Heat Rate 1850 Kcal/Kwh
Power from 1 MMSCMD = 220 MW
Specific Gravity of Gas = 0.65
Density of Gas = 0.76 Kg/SCM