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Welcome to The Interior Design Institute’s Course Prospectus!

At The Interior Design Institute (IDI) we offer an online Interior Design Course!

Since our course is provided online, it allows you to study at home, in your own
time and at your own pace.

As online education is now the preferred method of study for many people all
around the world, The Interior Design Institute has developed a unique learning
platform and innovative course to provide you with everything you need to
You will receive:

• The skills and knowledge required to become a successful interior designer,

either as a full or part-time freelance career, or to enjoy an exciting new hobby.
• Extensive support from a variety of sources during your studies
• Your own personal tutor who will be there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.
• Personalised feedback on all your assignment and image submissions
• Access to our dedicated Student Support team, available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.
• Access to our exclusive Facebook group, designed specifically for our students.
• A 7 day money back guarantee from the day you enrol.

We believe good design is impactful and everyday experiences
should be enhanced by the beauty and mood of your surroundings.

Not everyone has time to study a 4 year, full-time course at

university. So in 2006, we created the ultimate online course in
interior design.

It’s catered for those who are on the move, the go-getters who
have a side hustle, the stay at home mums (and dads) who want to
learn how to renovate their own home or prepare themselves for a
refreshing career.

We provide the technical and practical skills necessary to translate

design ideas into reality, and our commitment to providing a quality
training program has resulted in unique teaching and student
support systems that have produced unparalleled results.

Not only is our program unique and interactive, but it’s fun, inspiring
and provides you with the skills to start your own business!


Our online course is made up of 12 written modules and 12
knowledge and skill-based assignments.

You have up to 12 months to complete the course, with the option

to extend if required.

During this time you will be educated in all aspects of interior design
by a highly experienced professional interior designer and educator.

Our course is cutting edge, written by some of the best working

interior designers in the industry.

The aim of our course is to provide you with the knowledge and
skills required for a career as a professional interior designer or to
excel as a keen hobbyist.

To help you achieve this, you will be paired with a personal tutor for
the duration of your course who will be there to help you 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.

We strongly believe in providing the best quality service
and learning experience available online and have also
partnered with a number of third-party accreditation
bodies to give you peace of mind and confidence in
studying with us.

We are recognised globally by the following bodies:

- DDA (Decorators & Designers Association of Canada)

- CID (Certified Interior Decorators International)
- BAC (British Accreditation Council)
- IARC (International Approval and Registration Centre)
- BBB (Better Business Bureau)
- UKRLP (United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers)

The below modules are covered:

Module 1 The Visual Language of Design

Module 2 The History of Style, Decoration & Architecture

Module 3 Design Styles

Module 4 Space Planning

Module 5 Lighting

Module 6 Colour

Module 7 Interior Finishes

Module 8 Decorative Textiles & Fabrics

Module 9 Furniture, Art & Accessories

Module 10 Working With Clients

Module 11 Visual Communication

Module 12 Setting Up an Interior Design Business

The Interior Design Institute offers a wide range of optional
Advanced Modules, which can be purchased should you wish to
further your studies:

- SketchUp for Interior Designers

- AutoCAD for Interior Designers
- Business, Branding, Marketing and Social Media
- Kitchen & Bathroom Design
- Commercial Design
- Setting Up Your Own Website
- Plant Styling & Landscape Design
- Home Staging & Property Styling

To take part in these Advanced Modules you will need to enrol

in our Interior Design Course and complete the initial 2 modules
before the Advanced Modules will be available to you.

This is to ensure you have a basic understanding and knowledge

of the design principles and elements, history & period styles,
trends and iconic designers.

Darren Palmer is a renowned interior designer, author and television
personality. His extensive expertise combined with his understated
approach to design has made him a household name, known not
only for his professionalism and integrity but also as a trusted
industry expert.

Darren Palmer has written for many publications, featured as a judge

on award-winning television series and has gathered a wealth of
knowledge through a very interesting and diverse career in design.

Darren Palmer has a strong passion for education and a unique

ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible

In partnership with The Interior Design Institute, Darren Palmer has

created 15 high-quality videos, that align perfectly with the subjects
covered in each of the IDI modules.

The content is totally unique and based on Darren Palmer’s theory of
design. It has been designed to take your knowledge of each subject
to the next level based on Darren Palmer’s vast experience and
inspiring anecdotes.

Over 2 hours of full HD video that includes examples of amazing

settings to demonstrate the subjects covered by Darren Palmer.

The videos can be purchased at the time of enrolment or at any

point during your journey through The Interior Design Institute

The Darren Palmer Masterseries is a truly inspiring set of videos to

give your interior design knowledge, passion and experience a new
innovative edge.

Our course has been written by industry leader Wende Reid. An internationally
recognised architectural, interior and furniture designer, and fine art consultant.
Through this course Wende shares her years of knowledge and expertise to
help you excel at what you love, and develop a keen eye for planning and
producing your very own interior designs.

Wende has held licensing agreements in the US and Europe under her
company ‘Form and Colour’ and other trademarks. She has developed
numerous best-selling collections in decorative textiles, wall paper, bed linen,
rugs, lighting, dinnerware and flatware. Her work has been featured in highly
prestigious stores, residences, five star hotels, international sporting events
and publications in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne,
the sovereign nation of Kiribati, as well as in five star resorts located on Lizard
Island, Vanuatu and Fiji.

She has also been commissioned to develop designs for dignitaries and royalty.
Along with this impressive list of accomplishments, Wende founded in-house
product development for the home furnishings at Federated Department
Stores. Also, in the US, Wende developed the early framework on which
coordinated home furnishings collections are based, such as Ralph Lauren and
Martha Stewart.

Our tutors have been handpicked for their own professional
success and their ability to pass on what they know. The tutors
who work for us are not just teachers, but leading professionals
in their field.
Your personal tutor will guide you through each step of the
course, offering personalised and specific feedback on your
submitted work. If you ever have any questions in relation to ROBERT
your course, all you need to do is send your tutor a message
and they will promptly reply with an answer.

With this close tutor mentorship, you will feel like your tutor is
in the same room as you, and all this can be achieved from the SAVITRI
comfort of your own home. One of the greatest benefits of our
course is your one-on-one relationship with your personal tutor.
Gain the inside information on how to develop your career or
hobby aspirations from a working professional. SOPHIE

If you would like more detailed information on any or all of our

amazing tutors, simply click on the following link:
The Tutors

Online study provides us with unique opportunities to bring students together
and share a wealth of information that goes beyond our Interior Design Course.

Even before enrolling, you can view and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest,
Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Through these channels you can see some of
our inspirational posts and student interiors, get involved in competitions or start
learning right away by reading some of our shared content.

Once enrolled, we encourage all students to take part in our exclusive Facebook
group. This is a group only available to current students and course graduates,
providing a space to share images, ideas and to discuss the developments and
challenges in the world of interior design as a whole.

Our social media not only aims to be educational, it also strives to celebrate
the accomplishments of our designers; highlighting their abilities, providing
recognition for their hard work and helping to share their unique visions with the

Start following us now and have a look at some of our recent graduates on the
following pages for inspiration.

Let us inspire you with a selection of projects and testimonials from our #IDIstudents.


Kelly Donougher @13interiors

Kelly graduated from our course in 2016 and has since

launched her own business called 13 Interiors. She is
heavily active in the industry and has hosted several design
events throughout Australia, as well as featuring on: @snooze.australia @ch9perth @realestateaus

“I found this course to be completely practical, inspiring

and most importantly exactly what you need to know when
starting out your journey in the design industry.

To the highly skilled tutors, easy to navigate online assignment

submissions and the outstanding support and design
community, I really can’t recommend this course enough.”

“ Mary Langley @theacreagehome

After graduating in 2019, Mary used her knowledge

from our course to build her dream home on the Gold
Coast. Long before purchasing the block of land with her
husband, they had always envisioned building something
special, and were particularly drawn to modern Australian
homes. They loved simple, minimalistic designs, that
blended seamlessly into their surroundings.

“The course was comprehensive, challenging and
rewarding! Each module was well thought out, with a
combination of great content and beautiful imagery and
the assignments were challenging yet enjoyable.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking

of pursuing their dream in interiors or even anyone who is
planning to renovate/build their home.”

“ Leanne Abrahams @lilyroseinteriors

Our IDI graduate, Leanne Abrahams, has an amazing eye

for detail and uses the skills she has learned in our course to
produce beautiful domestic spaces.

“My greatest love (apart from my family) is creating beautiful

homes for my clients... what sets me apart as an interior
designer is my hands-on approach to dreaming up gorgeous
family spaces that are affordable and functional.”

Read more about what our students are saying via the
#IDIstudent tag or on our testimonial page.

In a partnership with UNICEF, we at The Interior Design Institute are donating $5
from each enrolment to the children in the Syria crisis. This money will help to
provide a safe education to the children in war-torn Syria.

Last year UNICEF assisted the education of 2,239,884 Syrian children affected by
war in the region.

Currently, one out of three schools in Syria have been destroyed or rendered
unusable due to the crisis. This, added with the lack of essential learning materials
in the remaining schools, creates a significant barrier to the education of children
in the region.

UNICEF’s aim this year is to assist in providing a formal and safe education for 1.2
million children in Syria. This includes the provision of facilities, school furniture,
qualified teachers, rehabilitation, safe learning environments, and learning

We are very privileged to be working with UNICEF towards this goal.

Learn more here:

Previous experience in the design field is not necessary to enrol in
our Interior Design Course.

Our course hasbeen developed for all individuals, whether they

wish to practice interior design as a hobby, expand their existing
knowledge, or become a working professional in the near future.

You will be required to submit diagrams and illustrated plans during

the courses. A pencil, ruler, and paper are recommended as a
minimum to complete these tasks.

Aside from that, we only require that you have access to a computer
and internet connection, and that you bring all your enthusiasm and
passion to succeed in what you love.

The student site, course materials and tutor can all be accessed via
a MAC or PC, and will also function on all popular mobile and tablet

Getting started at The Interior Design Institute has never been easier! While
many learning institutes have lengthy enrolment processes, quarterly or yearly
admissions and complex prerequisites, IDI provides equal opportunities for all
individuals who want to improve their skills.

Enrolling in our Interior Design Course takes less then 5 minutes, and you can
get started right away by following these few simple steps:

Visit Our Website:

Choose Your Study Fee Plan

Enter Your Full Name

Enter Your Email Address

Submit Your Details

Because we understand that starting a new adventure into interior design can
feel like a big commitment, our support staff are also available 24/7 to assist you
with any queries you might have. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Contact Us & FAQs

The Interior Design Institute
Contact Us:
701 West Georgia Street, Suite 1500
Vancouver BC V7Y 1C6