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Hospital Front Office & Billing Executive Course Details

Hospital Front Office & Billing Executive Course Objective and Curriculum
The Hospital Front Office & Billing Executive Course has been designed to cater to the
growing need for trained billing executives in healthcare facilities. They are trained to
recognise medical terminologies, abbreviations and diagnoses. They are also trained to work
on hospital information systems for real time online billing and hospital operation work.
The Hospital Front Office & Billing Executive course curriculum covers the following
 Organisation of a hospital and its departments
 Basic human anatomy & physiology
 Hands-on training on HIS
 Handling of medical insurance holders
 Process flow of a patient
 IPD billing flow
 Medical terminologies and abbreviations
 Procedures carried out by different departments
 Handling of cash paying patients
 Handling of patients referred by CGHS & ECHS clinics
 OPD billing flow
 Handling stress and difficult situations
 Hospitals
 Nursing homes
 Clinics
 Front office in related fields
 Greets patients and visitors, in person or on the telephone
 Prepares treatment and admission slips of patients
 Responsible for front-office activities, operations and maintenance
 Guides patients and visitors towards the different departments
 Prepares bills after checking the entire treatment records
 The Hospital Front Desk Coordinator oversees the
administrative duties of the facility. They are responsible for
moving the patients through the registration and checkout
process. Hospital Front Desk Coordinator ensure that all
procedures, from pulling the correct patient files to charting
insurance information, are closely followed so that the
medical team can concentrate on the well-being of the
patients. Hospital Front Desk Coordinator interacts with
back-office personnel and helps out in the back office area if
needed. They will be able to operate various Healthcare
Software Applications. They will also develop the basic skills
(Basic Life Support & First Aid) necessary to deal with a
medical emergency.
 This course helps individuals to acquire all the necessary set
of skills and knowledge. Post completion of the course,
students receive the Hospital Front Desk Coordinator
Certification and get easy placement opportunities across


There is a broad array of growth opportunities for certified
Hospital Front Desk Coordinators. They can work as a Hospital
Front Desk Coordinator, daily supervisor of all employees and
other staff rotating through the office. They can work in
insurance companies as Insurance Executive, medical
administrative assistant, patient care coordinator, medical billing
manager. They can also be a part of a supervisory relationship –
reports to administration, physicians, & company owners.