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TEACHER’S BOOK Linda: He died in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1616, actually on

his birthday – the 23rd of April!
SCRIPT (p. 10) CD1 track 2
SCRIPT (p. 29) CD1 track 10
What do you usually do in your summer holidays? Travelling by plane
Each year I visit my grandparents in their village for two A.
weeks, but this year I had the chance to go to Bristol with my Good morning. This is an announcement for all passengers
school. travelling on the 8:15 flight AF1426 to Sydney. This flight is
What did you do there? delayed by two hours due to bad weather. You should stay
The first day we went to the funfair. I had a great time there in the departure lounge until further notice.
because it was sunny and it was really good fun. We also B.
went on a trip into town, visited a museum and went on a hot Would all passengers travelling to Canberra on flight FR952
balloon ride. We could enjoy a panoramic view of the Clifton please have your boarding passes and passports ready for
Suspension Bridge. It was amazing. boarding immediately. Please proceed to gate 15.
Are you going on holiday next year? C.
I’m going to visit my grandparents in August, but I’m hoping This is the final boarding call for passengers Sarah and Nick
to go to Blackpool with a friend and his family as well. He Thompson flying to Tokyo on flight BA8025. Your flight is
invited me to go to the beach with them. ready to leave. Please go to gate 17 immediately. The doors
of the plane will close in five minutes. Final boarding call for
SCRIPT (p. 10) CD1 track 3 passengers Sarah and Nick Thompson.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain
Linda: Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about,
speaking. First I’d like to welcome everyone on Virgin Flight
Lucas. It’s more than 450 years since this man was born.
706. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet at
Lucas: OK… so maybe… fifteen-sixty… no sixty-four.
an airspeed of 590 miles per hour. The time is 1:25 p.m. The
Fifteen sixty-four.
weather looks good and we are expecting to land in
Linda: He wrote 37 plays, including Romeo and Juliet and
Auckland approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.
the tragedies Hamlet, King Lear, Othello and Macbeth.
Lucas: Hm…
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We have landed at
Linda: … and he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon.
JFK airport in New York where the local time is 15:40 and
Lucas: Easy. It’s Shakespeare!
the temperature is 32ºC. We hope you have enjoyed your
Linda: You’re right. It is believed that William Shakespeare
flight with American Airlines this evening and wish you a very
was born on the 23rd April 1564.
safe journey to your final destination.
Lucas: This time, iTEEN Top Seven is our Top Seven
Facts about Shakespeare. SCRIPT (p. 32) CD1 track 12
Lucas: Number seven. Special phone-in
Linda: He had his left ear pierced and he wore an earring. Dave: Lots of British teens go on school exchanges in the
Lucas: Number six. Easter or summer holidays. Therefore, of course, lots of
Linda: He had three children, including twins. One of the foreign teens come to the UK. Usually, the class travels
twins – Hamnet – died when he was only eleven years old. together to the destination town and individual students then
Lucas: Number five. stay with host families. Most of those teens love going away,
Linda: He was a poet and playwright as well as an actor. but for some this can be very stressful. They are homesick.
He acted in lots of his own plays. So, we want to know – have you ever been homesick?
Lucas: Number four. Helen: First, we’ve got Jack on the line. Hi, Jack, are you
Linda: By 1599, William Shakespeare and his business British? Can you tell us your story? Have you ever been
partners built their own theatre on the south bank of the homesick?
Thames River, which they called ‘The Globe’.  Jack: Yes, I have. I’m British – English, in fact, from
Lucas: Number three. Nottingham. Last year I went to Munich in Germany for a
Linda: He is widely considered the greatest dramatist of week on a school exchange. I stayed with a German student
all time. He is often called the English national poet and the and his family.
‘Bard of Avon’. Helen: Was it your first time away from home on your
Lucas: Number two. own?
Linda: He invented more than 1,700 words and phrases in Jack: Yes!
the English language that we still use today. Helen: And did you get homesick?
Lucas: For example? Jack: For the first two days, yes. I missed my home, my
Linda: ‘You’ve got a heart of gold’ and ‘love is blind’. family and things like food and the TV programmes.
Lucas: And number one. Everything was so different there. And my German wasn’t

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very good. SCRIPT (p. 65) CD1 track 21

Helen: Did you call home at all? Visit to an art gallery
Jack: Once, but I tried not to call home. Anna has been recently appointed as a guide at an art
Helen: That’s a good idea. gallery. Now she is taking the visitors through the museum
Jack: The host family were so friendly and kind. They when they come across a Vincent Van Gogh painting.
asked me what food I’d like to eat and they said I could call Anna: Ladies and gentlemen, here is the famous Van
my parents whenever I wanted to. Also, I got on really well Gogh painting.
with Karl, my exchange student, and it was really fun to go to Visitor 1: Wow! It’s so beautiful! What is it called?
a German school and meet new people. Anna: It’s called The Café Terrace at Night and was
Dave: Thanks Jack. Next, we’ve got Emma on the phone. painted in 1888.
Hi, Emma where are you from? Have you ever been Visitor 2: Can you describe the painting in detail?
homesick? Anna: Sure. This painting shows the exterior of the
Emma: Yes, I have when I did my first exchange. Two painter’s favourite café (in Arles, France), which is on the left
years ago my class went to northern England and stayed of the painting. There are tiny white tables on the street,
with families in Newcastle for one week and I used to get repeating the spheres of the stars in the blue sky. Some
really homesick. people are sitting at tables and a waiter is serving them.
Helen: What did you miss? Above the café there are four windows. In the background,
Emma: I missed my family, my dog, my mum’s cooking and we can see dark buildings with the lights on. In the
my bed! foreground, the street’s cobblestones call our attention to the
Dave: Did you use to have good days as well as bad? little café. The starry night contrasts with the warm yellow on
Emma: Yes, it got better when I made a few friends, but the sun shelter and walls of the café, which makes this
every day I used to get a phone call from home and that painting beautiful.
made me cry! It was also difficult to understand the accent. Visitor 3: Why is there no sign of Van Gogh?
Dave: Well… the accent in Newcastle is really quite Anna: This is the one painting where he did not sign his
strong. Even people from southern England can’t understand signature. Instead, as you can see on the bottom right
it? corner, he has just written the words 'Café Terrace'.
Emma: (smilling) I know – they told me that! But last Easter Visitor 4: How do we know what you are saying is true?
holiday I went on another school exchange (to Finland), and Anna: You can check our pamphlet at the end of the tour
it was much better. I was older, of course, and I knew what listing the literary sources backing up our description.
to expect. Besides, the Finns speak good English, but rather Visitor 1: This really is a great painting. What will its price
slowly and deliberately, and they try hard to be helpful. be?
Dave: Thanks, Emma. [Addresses the audience]. Well, Anna: At the current market rate, it will fetch around $25
here’s my advice: if you’re going away, have a lovely time in million.
your host country and don’t think too much about home! Visitor 2: Whoa! That is a fortune. The security here must
Team (adapted) be tight.
Anna: Yes, it is. The painting’s glass frame is virtually
SCRIPT (p. 57) CD1 track 19 impregnable. Now, if you don’t have any further questions,
let's move on to the next painting.
The Joy of books

T his fantastic short film is set in Toronto bookshop Type

Books. Books come alive after a shopkeeper leaves for
the night, much like the toys in Pixar films spring to life as
SCRIPT (p. 77) CD1 track 25

soon as humans leave the room. Phone calls/messages
The books dance, spin on their spines, move about in a Jennifer [cheerlessly]: Hi, Adam! How’s it going?
cheerful and lively way, and even change places on their Adam: Fine, thanks, Jen! What’s up? You don't look very
shelves in a circular pattern. happy.
The film is magic and it’s easy to imagine the books are so Jennifer:Oh, nothing special. It’s been a dull week. Well…
alive with characters and places and heartbreaks and great anyway, Friday at last! Would you like to do something
loves and wonderful adventures that they can’t help but twist together?
in their bindings. Adam: Why don’t you come to my house? We can play
Watching this video made me think about the importance of that new computer game I’ve got.
old-fashioned books, still playing a role even in my Jennifer:No. To be honest I think computer games are
technological world. Although I enjoy reading e-books on my really boring.
laptop, I still love the tactile feeling of reading a real book Adam: Oh, really? Well, er… We can go to the open-air
while I’m sitting on my sofa. pool. Let’s go swimming there.
Jennifer:Oh, no. I don’t like swimming there. The water is
always too cold.
Adam: How about going skateboarding?
Jennifer:I’m afraid I’m not very good at skateboarding. It’s
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too difficult to stay on the skateboard and I don’t want to get Undoubtedly, the main advantage of fast food is the fact that
hurt. it saves time. Home-cooked meals don’t only require the
Adam: Shall we go to the cinema, then? actual time for preparing the food, but also time spent
Jennifer:I’d like to, but I haven’t got enough money. shopping and washing the dishes. Such problems simply
Besides, there’s nothing on at the moment that I really want don’t exist when you are going for fast food.
to see. Fast food is definitely cheaper, especially for people who live
Adam: Oh, well, do you want to go to the Internet café? on their own. When cooking for a single person, you almost
We can have a coffee, read the news and talk about it. always end up with more food than necessary. Fast food on
Jennifer:We did that last week. You talked and talked about the other hand comes at a lower price than home-cooked
football and politics… I’m not interested in either. meals.
Adam: Oh, I see. I didn’t know you were bored. Sorry… Even though the main disadvantages of fast food are health
OK, then, let’s watch television. related, people on a diet can also find good options in the
Jennifer [cheerfully]: Good idea. We can watch the new menu of most fast-food chains. There are salads to choose
episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. That’s really cool. from and whole wheat breads. When it comes to drinks, one
Adam: Oh, yeah, OK. Hm,… Well, if you like it, I suppose I can skip the sugary ones and go for fresh juices.
will. Fortunately, fast food is not very rich in desserts, so there is
no temptation. People can also exclude unhealthy
2. ingredients like mayonnaise for instance.
Rose: HiTech Company, Rose speaking. How can I help
you? PART 2
Adrian: Good morning, this is Adrian Green. May I speak Cons of fast food
to Mr Andrews, please?
Rose: Just a second please, and I’ll put you through to
his office.
F ast-food opponents argue that it is bad for health for
various reasons. This type of food is richer in salt, fats,
oils and artificial substances than home-cooked meals. This
[…waiting…] increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Rose: I’m afraid Mr Andrews is not available at the Unfortunately, obesity is increasing and it is strongly
moment. He’s out for lunch. Would you like to leave a connected with the popularity of fast food. While the body
message? definitely needs salt and fats, the amount of these
Adrian: Yes, please. Could you ask him to call me back ingredients in fast food is too high. Additionally, the cooking
later? I don’t think he has my new office number – it’s 324 method of fast food usually implies frying which destroys
050 698. most nutrients.
Rose: The adverse effects of the fats, sugars, chemicals and salt in
Of course, Mrs Green. I’ll make sure he gets the message. fast food are definitely intensified by a sedentary lifestyle. In
Adrian: Thank you. Goodbye. most cases the people who eat lots of calories from fast food
Rose: Thank you for calling. Goodbye. don't burn these calories because they don't exercise
3. Disadvantages of fast food are not only related to health.
"Hi, I’m sorry I can’t answer the phone now. I’ll get back to Enemies of fast food also come up with the argument that
you as soon as I can. Or, you can try my home phone at 22 eating ready to serve food reduces the quality time that a
339 3900 after dinner. Have a nice day."  family can spend together cooking and eating.
While there are undeniable benefits of fast food, there are
4. also aspects which should worry regular consumers. As
"You have reached the office of Lindsey Munroe. I am in a always, moderation is the key word. Occasional visits to a
meeting with a client. I am sorry to miss your call. Please fast-food restaurant are not harmful, especially if they are
stay on the line and leave a message after the beep. I will combined with plenty of physical activity. However, a
return your call as soon as I can. Thank you for calling." sedentary lifestyle and regular consumption of fast food can
lead to health problems.
SCRIPT (p. 122) CD1 track 34
SCRIPT (p. 155) CD2 track 44(1)
Pros and cons of fast food
PART 1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

T he popularity of fast food is on the rise in more and

more countries of the world. This type of food is
prepared and served very quickly and it can be excellent for
T his film is the story of Toula, a thirty-year-old woman
who lives with her Greek parents in their comfortable
Chicago home, but who is sad and lost, in part because she
busy people or people who don’t like cooking. Even though it thinks she’s too old and unattractive to ever find a husband.
certainly comes with a bunch of advantages, there are also One day, she decides she cannot work forever in her
the disadvantages of fast food which need to be considered parents’ Greek restaurant, so she returns to school to study
carefully. computers, gets a job in her Aunt Voula’s travel agency and
Pros of fast food learns to effectively use make-up. Then she meets Ian, a
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warm and charming vegetarian high school teacher. Soon inside. Never fight back, just ignore them. They will get
after, Ian and Toula fall in love and decide to get married. bored. If you still feel bad, tell someone – your mum, a
However, Toula’s Greek-American father, Gus, is convinced friend, a teacher or a helpline.
that almost all human accomplishments come from Greek
culture, and thus his daughter must marry a nice Greek boy. SCRIPT (p. 167) CD2 track 49(6)
Ian is finally accepted into the family and soon all of Toula’s
Help Other People by Volunteering

relatives are preparing for a traditional Greek wedding. Ian
y presentation today is about volunteering. I am going
and his very conservative parents are caught up in all the
to divide this talk into three parts. First, I will mention
love and excitement that such an event produces.
the personal qualities you need to be a volunteer. Then, I will
This is one of the best romantic comedies of all times. The
enumerate the different reasons for you to start volunteering.
cultural conflict, good humor and clever plot make it stand
Finally, I will present a few suggestions to help you to find
out from the others.
volunteering opportunities.
SCRIPT (p. 161) CD2 track 46(3) To start with, I would like to say that anyone can volunteer.
All you need are motivation, compassion and the willingness
You have to be brave to work and learn from the people in the community. I am
“To be different you have to be brave…” sure most of you have these qualities.
Imagine you were walking to the cinema with a friend. Moving on now to the reasons for volunteering, I can say
Suddenly a gang of young people started shouting names at that there are many reasons why people decide to volunteer,
you. “You’re weirdos!” they shouted. Why? Because you usually to give something back to society and make a
looked ‘different’. A new law in the UK states that an attack difference in the lives of others. No matter when you decide
on a person because they look different is a ‘hate crime’. A to volunteer, or what you decide to do, it will bring you
‘hate crime’ is also an attack on a person because of their countless benefits. And by doing it you will be making a real
race or religion or because they are disabled. difference in the lives of individuals, the community and the
Lucy Constable, 15, from Watlington is an emo. She talked environment. You will have the chance to meet new people,
to us about her experiences. while raising your social awareness.
Reporter: Lucy, tell us about your look. A volunteering experience can also benefit your professional
Lucy: It depends how I’m feeling. If I feel down, I dress all career, as you will develop and learn new social, technical,
in black with a bit of red. If I’m happy, I choose a more team-building and problem-solving skills.
colourful T-shirt. Lastly, one of the hardest parts of volunteering can be
Reporter: Why do you like emo culture? finding a volunteering opportunity that fits your personality.
Lucy: I love the music. My favourite band is My Chemical You can start looking in your local area until you find a
Romance, although they broke up. And I love the fashion. volunteer position that works for you. If you want to join the
Most girls I know all look the same: long hair, fake tan, short growing number of young people who volunteer in Europe
skirts. I dress how I want. and across the world, visit these sites:
Reporter: Have you had any problems at school,
because you’re an emo?, HYPERLINK
Lucy: Yes, once I was sitting in class when a boy noticed
my eyeliner and wristbands. Soon the whole class was ""
laughing at me. And at break times, girls from other classes
call me ‘freak’ or ‘creep’. But most people at school don’t say I want to finish my presentation with this memorable
anything. I think they’re bored now. sentence:
Reporter: Why do you think people react like that? “The beauty of volunteering lies in the fact that when you
Lucy: They’re angry because they’re not brave enough to give, you receive so much more in return”.
be different! I’m confident and happy in the way I look. Some
people can’t accept that you can be different.
Reporter: What about outside school? TEACHER’S WORKBOOK
Lucy: Mostly people leave me alone. Sometimes they
stare at me or smile at my independence. My friends like my SELF-CHECK 1 - SCRIPT (p. 18) CD2 track 26
look, and so do my family. It’s not ‘just a phase’. It’s who I
am. PART 1
Reporter: What do you think about the new law? Lost sports bag
Lucy: I’m very happy that the British government is Which is Kyle’s sports bag?
talking about crimes against emos and goths. I don’t think Kyle: Hi! Have you got my sports bag, by any chance?
this law will make much difference, though. Nadia: Well… I’ve found one, but I don’t know if it’s yours.
Reporter: What advice do you have for people who look Where did you lose it?
different? Kyle: I last had it in the lobby of the health club
Lucy: If people are bullying you because of your clothes yesterday afternoon. I saw you there.
or music, don’t change. Keep smiling, even if you feel awful Nadia: Yes, I was there and I found a sports bag, but I
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gave it to the receptionist. What colour is your sports bag? but it took us seven or eight years to find out who we were
Kyle: It’s blue and yellow with two handles and a zip. as a band. Then I started listening to Stevie Wonder, and
Inside there is a pair of size 6 trainers, a watch with a black everything changed. We also started listening to other types
strap, a sponge bag and a bright green towel. I’ve taken of music, like hip-hop and R&B.
somebody else’s sports bag by mistake. It was next to mine JC: I used to play the guitar in Kara’s Flowers. Then I
and it’s black and yellow. started listening to jazz music and playing the piano.
It has got a tennis racket, a large black tracksuit and a book AL: I started singing differently, and when Jesse
in it. started playing keyboards I also changed. But we always
Nadia: The one that I found is orange and black. So, it remained a rock band. The difference was just our approach.
can’t be yours. Why don’t you call the club to ask if they’ve VH1: Where was your first gig?
found it? AL: Our first gig was the Natural Fudge Company. It
Kyle: Yes, of course. I think I’ll do it now. Thanks was this old-school burlesque theatre. I remember there was
a fatal car accident outside the night we played!
PART 2 CD2 track 27 VH1: What’s “This Love” about?
AL: At the time I was breaking up with my girlfriend. I
Going through security control
was very unhappy, so I wrote about it.
Officer: Please, put your hand luggage on the conveyor
VH1: So is this a song about Jane, like the album title
belt and use this tray for small objects.
Robert: Do I need to take my laptop out of the bag?
AL: Jane was my muse so it was a very sincere title.
Officer: Yes, I’m afraid you do. Take off your belt and your
VH1: Is “She Will Be Loved” about Jane, too?
shoes, too.
AL: That song is not about Jane. The song is about my
(Robert walks through the metal detector) [BEEP BEEP
friend Sam and his really bizarre relationship with this girl.
She was really strange. They had a strange couple of years
Officer: Please, step back. Do you have anything in your
together. The song came out of nowhere, and it seemed like
pockets – keys, mobile phone, loose change?
the perfect thing to talk about.
Robert: I don’t think so. Let me try taking off my watch.
Officer: OK, come on through, please. (He goes through SELF-CHECK 3 - SCRIPT (p. 50) CD2 track 32
the metal detector again.)
Officer: Everything is OK. Have a nice flight. PART 1
Robert: Thank you. Have a good day! Mobile phones
Three teens talk about their mobile phones.
SELF-CHECK 2 - SCRIPT (p. 36) CD2 track 29 Jackie: Hi, I’m Jackie, I’m fourteen and I go to Prendergast
PART 1 School in London.
Lucie: Hi, I’m Lucie, I’m thirteen and I go to the John
At the video store
Roan School in London.
Which video did Bruce decide to buy?
Maddy: Hi, I’m Maddy. I’m fourteen and I go to Prendergast
Bruce: I want to buy a video for my younger brother.
School in London.
Joanna: What about Guardians of the Galaxy?
Lucie: I bought my touch phone myself and I’ve had it for
Bruce: No way! He hates sci-fi movies.
about six months.
Joanna: Then perhaps he’d like this Harry Potter video?
Maddy: I mainly use my phone for texting and calling my
Bruce: No, I don’t think so. He’s not into all that stuff about
friends. My mum and dad bought it for me. I’ve had this
witches and wizards and magic spells.
phone for two years and I don’t really like it.
Joanna: Does he like romantic films?
Jackie: I’ve had my phone for about a month. I play games
Bruce: Well, they’re not his favourites.
and I text on it, but I don’t really like it because it doesn’t
Joanna: Your brother sounds difficult to please.
have a camera.
Bruce: Yes, I think so.
Are you allowed to use your mobile phone in class?
Joanna: What about How to Train Your Dragon? That’s
Maddy: No, we’re not allowed to use it apart from using a
very good.
calculator on your phone, but some people in my class still
Bruce: That’s a good idea. It says here that it’s exciting,
emotionally resonant, and beautifully animated. I’ll buy it.
Has anyone in your school ever used a mobile phone in
a negative way?
PART 2 CD2 track 30 Lucie: In the playground, people try and prank call each
Maroon 5 on the radio other; and they put 141 in front of the other person’s number
Adam Levine (AL) and Jesse Carmichael (JC), the singer so they don’t know it’s them, and they put on a funny voice
and the pianist of the band Maroon 5, spoke to radio station and pretend it’s someone else.
VH1 about their album “Songs About Jane” and their band. Has a teacher ever confiscated your mobile phone?
VH1: You were called Kara’s Flowers when you formed Lucie: No, because I put my phone on silent.
the band. Why did you change the name of the band? Jackie: It just rang in the middle of class! It was, like, my
AL: We started as Kara’s Flowers when we were 14, mum. And she rang in the middle of class – in the middle of
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French – and the teacher confiscated it, and I had to go and forgotten. It’s next Friday at five o’clock, but I’ll pick you up
get it back at lunchtime. by a quarter to four because I haven’t bought the tickets yet.
How would you feel if a teacher read your messages or Is that OK?
looked at your photos? It’s five pounds fifty to get in.
Lucie: Very embarrassed! Call me later on my mobile – nine, one, six, oh, five, two,
Jackie: Yeah. eight, three, seven.
Maddy: A bit embarrassed, but I haven’t really got anything Bye!
on there that bad, but it would just be a bit embarrassing.
Should teachers be able to read your messages? SELF-CHECK 5 - SCRIPT (p. 80) CD3 track 4
Jackie: It’s private. It’s like you text to your friends, not how
you would speak to your teachers.
Lucie: Yeah, it’s, like, informal. They might think it’s about George Clooney
them, or rude or anything, but to your friend it’s not.
Maddy: They won’t get it. G eorge Clooney is a famous actor, writer, producer and
director. He was born on May the 6th, 1961, in
Lexington, Kentucky, USA into a well-known family of media
How would you feel if your parents read your
messages? and entertainment personalities. His father spent many years
Lucie: Angry and also embarrassed because they would as a news anchor. His aunt, Rosemary Clooney, had a long
probably make fun of me! career as a singer and actress.
Do teachers spend a lot of time dealing with mobile In school, Clooney was more focused on sports than books,
phones in class? but still managed to be a good student. "I pulled out my
Jackie: Some teachers make quite a big deal out of it report cards… I had all A’s and a B," the actor told Esquire
when a phone starts ringing, and they spend quite a lot of magazine. He was also a fairly good baseball player at that
time telling the person off and stuff. time.
Maddy: Yeah, but some teachers either just say “Oh, just Before being an actor he worked as a shoe salesman, door-
turn it off!” or they just take it and don’t say anything about it, to-door insurance agent and as a farmhand picking tobacco.
just “Collect it at the end of the day”. During his long acting career, Clooney has won two
Has there been any mobile phone crime at your school? Academy Awards, as well as a BAFTA and a Golden Globe
Maddy: Someone stole our head teacher’s phone! She was for his role in The Descendants.
really annoyed in assembly; she made a big speech about it! Clooney has twice been named People magazine’s "Sexiest
Man Alive" and in 2009 was included in Time’s annual Time
100 as one of the "Most Influential People in the World". He
is also noted for his political activism and was officially
appointed a United Nations peace envoy on January the
31st, 2008.
In April 2014, Clooney, who has been dubbed "Hollywood’s
most eligible bachelor" by the tabloids, proposed to Amal
Alamuddin, according to a report in People magazine.
PART 2 CD2 track 33
Alamuddin, 36, is a Lebanese-born British human rights
Voice messages lawyer who has represented high-profile clients. Clooney
1. and Alamuddin wed on September the 27th, 2014 in Venice,
Hello, Mark! I’m on my way and I’ll be sitting in my usual Italy.
place in the café. Cheers, Cynthia
PART 2 CD3 track 5
Hello, Paul! Thanks for your message. It was lovely to hear
from you. Sorry to miss your call. I’ll see you at the bowling Dialogue
alley tomorrow. Jim: Hi, Sue. I haven’t seen you for ages!
Betty Sue: Hi, Jim. How have you been?
3. Jim: Pretty good. I’ve got a new job.
Hi, Vera! It’s me, Charles. Flying back home in two days with Sue: Tell me all about it.
a postcard from Manchester for you. I felt sorry I didn’t have Jim: I’m working as a waiter at a new Italian restaurant.
your address with me. Love, Charles Sue: Great! Do you have to wear a uniform?
Jim: Yes, black trousers, a white shirt and a tie.
SELF-CHECK 4 - SCRIPT (p. 68) CD3 track 2 Sue: Do you have to work long hours?
Jim: I always work at lunchtime and in the evening until
PART 2 eleven o’clock.
A Football Match Sue: That’s too hard. Do you get any days off?
Girl: Hi Andrew. This is Kim. Jim: I don’t have to work every weekend.
I’m calling to remind you about the football match that will Sue: What about your colleagues?
take place at the National Stadium. I hope you haven’t Jim: They are quite friendly and helpful.

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Sue: Good for you! Maria: Venezuela. I’m only staying here three more
months. Then I go to Columbia University in New York.
SELF-CHECK 6 - SCRIPT (p. 92) CD3 track 7 Ali: By the way, my name’s Ali.
Maria: Hi. I’m Maria.
Ali: Hi. Oh, here comes the waiter. It looks like we’re
It’s fun to be in a group going to get served after all.

J ohn has come into class today with an unusual

expression on his face. He looks much happier and
excited. “Hey, guys, – he says, – we’ve got to be more active
Maria: Good. I’m starving.

and do something more lively and exciting. We’re so lazy…” s/sm_talk.htm

Everyone seems to be a little surprised by what he says and
nobody can understand him. And yet it is quite easy to LISTENING TEST 1 - (p. 135) CD3 track 9
understand what John means. Yesterday evening he saw his PART 1
favourite group in concert. It has been a fantastic experience
Summer Camp
for him. There had been so many happy people gathered
In Carol’s house at the start of the summer holidays.
together in a party mood. It seemed as if a great crowd of old
Mr Taylor: Carol, have you packed everything for the
friends had got together.
What John experienced is something we have all experienced
Carol: Yes, mum. I wish you’d stop asking me that!
at some time in life. The getting-together of a group of friends
Mr Taylor: What about your trainers and sunscreen?
during a special ocasion. In fact, almost everyone is
Carol: I told you! Everything’s packed! Anyway, if I forget
interested in making friends.
something, I can buy it in the camp shop.
Having a family is not enough if you want to do something
Mr Taylor: The camp shop is tiny. They won’t sell much
with others, like play sport, enjoy yourself, chat or simply
there. Besides, the camp is 60 miles away, in the middle of
exchange secrets with each other for the first time. You need
Elsam Forest. It’s not near a railway station or a bus route.
to go with other people in order to do these things and so
And it’s far away from a supermarket – in fact, it’s far away
you need to form groups. But sometimes it is difficult to stay
from anywhere…
together, and being sincere with each other is never an easy
Mr Taylor: Well, that’s a good thing.
task for group members. Life in a group will be exciting,
Carol: What do you mean?
enjoyable and useful only if the members know each other
Mr Taylor: You know what I mean, Carol. You’ll be far
well and there’s a sincere relationship among them.
away from George. He’s a bad influence on you. Since you
met George, your behaviour has changed. You’re irritable
with us; you don’t spend enough time on your school work;
you go out without telling us what time you’ll be home…
TEACHER’S FILE Carol: That’s not fair! You don’t know George. He’s a
good person.
DIAGNOSTIC TEST - SCRIPT (p. 130) CD3 track 8
Mr Taylor: Carol, we don’t want you to see him again.
Maria: The service is really slow here. I’ve been trying to Your mother and I have talked about this, and we feel it’s the
get the waiter’s attention for the last ten minutes. right thing for you – and for George. You are both too young
Ali: I hope he comes and serves us soon. I have a to be serious about each other. You’ve got your future to
class at two o’clock. think about.
Maria: Me, too. I recognize that English book. You must Carol: You just don’t understand! We’re just friends.
be a student at the English Language Center. Actually, he’s my best friend and has always been very
Ali: Yeah. I’m in the fourth level course, upper – supportive and friendly with me.
intermediate. Are you studying there? Mary Glasgow Publications (shortened and slightly adapted)
Maria: Yes, I’m in the fifth level course. I finished the
fourth level last month.
PART 2 CD3 track 10
Ali: I just came here two weeks ago. Do you like the
institute? Airport announcement
Maria: It’s pretty good. I think I’ve learnt a lot of English so
Ali: Yeah. I only wish the classes were a little smaller,
H ello. Here is an announcement for passengers on
Sunshine Airlines 17– passengers on flight 17 bound
for Caracas, with stops in Atlanta and Miami. The departure
though, because we don’t get enough chance to talk. But I gate has been changed to 30B. Also, there will be a slight
like my teachers a lot. departure delay due to snowy weather. The ground crew is
Maria: How long are you going to be here? in the process of removing snow from the wings in
Ali: I guess a year, but sometimes I feel like going preparation for departure. It also looks like the flight is
home tomorrow. slightly overbooked, so we are offering free round-trip tickets
Maria: You’ll get used to it. Where are you from? to a few passengers willing to take a later flight. We should
Ali: Saudi Arabia. How about you? be boarding about a quarter of an hour after the scheduled

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time, so at about 11.30. Thank you for your patience. 6.30. Bring some crisps and fruit juice. Pass it on. Sally
PART 2 CD3 track 14
LISTENING TEST 2 - (p. 149) CD3 track 11
PART 1 Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan.
Martha: Hi, I’m Martha.
My favourite teen series

Louise: Hi, I’m Louise.
y favourite teen series is called Ranger’s Apprentice
How many selfies do you take a week?
because it has all of the items in a fantasy book that I
Martha: On average, I take about forty selfies a week!
like. It has action, romance, and secrets (until someone
Jordan: You need to stop! On average, a week… I’d say
reveals the truth and solves the mystery), and of course,
about three or four when I’m happy to do a selfie.
suspense. I particularly like it because its main themes are
Louise: Normally I take about one or two. Depends if I’m in
loyalty, bravery, endurance and friendship. I often prefer to
the mood or not.
read intriguing books over playing video games. I also
When and where do you take selfies?
choose print books only because I am not able to use an e-
Martha: I would take selfies at concerts to remember the
book all the time.
moment, or possibly at parties… with my friends.
Why do people take selfies?
PART 2 CD3 track 12
Jordan: I think people are obsessed with taking selfies
Film buff because they’re a lot of fun, mainly. It updates your social
Four teenagers talk about their film preferences. media: Facebook, Instagram, things like that. And,
Naomi: Are you a film buff? personally, I like them, but I don’t always take them.
Rob: Well, I love going to the cinema; I’m not a cinema Louise: I think it’s because their idols take a lot of selfies,
addict, though. so they decide that they need to, and also their friends may
Rick: Going to the cinema is one of my favourite take a lot of selfies, so they also have to keep up with them
pastimes. Actually, I saw a terrific film last month called because they don’t want to seem different from their friends.
Gravity. Martha: From following people on Instagram and Twitter, I
Rob: What makes it so special? found Rihanna takes a lot, Harry Styles, the One Direction
Rick: The plot, the characters… everything is great. This boys, and McFly, they all take a lot of selfies. I think that it
science fiction epic won seven Academy Awards, including does follow through to their fans because they want to
best director and best visual effects. interact with their idols.
Grace: Who plays the leading roles in the film? What do you think of people who take lots of selfies?
Rick: The film stars Sandra Bullock and George Louise: I think that sometimes they’re a bit vain – most of
Clooney as astronauts involved in the mid-orbit destruction the time – because they constantly keep doing it.
of a space shuttle and their attempt to return to Earth. Martha: I’m not just vain. I can admit that I am slightly, but
Grace: Well, actually it has very good actors and it’s more to capture the moment than to constantly be taking
astonishing special effects, but I’m not fond of this kind of pictures of myself.
film. I love romantic comedies. Are there any negative sides to selfies?
Rob: Oh, they’re not my type. They’re a waste ot time. Martha: I have had a negative experience with selfies. I
We know from the beginning that the main characters will fall posted a photo on Facebook, and had a rude comment, and
in love with each other. it put a downer on my confidence, and it upset me a bit but it
Grace: That’s true, but their relationships usually have didn’t stop me from taking more selfies.
some difficulties. By the way, which film genre do you enjoy? Jordan: I think it’d be more about fun than anything, but
Rob: I’m into sci-fi fantasy-adventure movies. They sometimes it can lead to pressure if you’re being judged by
always tell thrilling adventure stories. someone. But, if you’re not, it’s fun!
Naomi: I prefer tragicomedies. They include jokes that
make you laugh, but you’ll never know how they will end.
There might be a happy ending or not; it’s often LISTENING TEST 4 - (p. 177) CD3 track 15
Grace: Oh, yes, but there’s always a series of unfortunate PART 1
events – it’s very sad. Biggest Loser to tackle childhood obesity
The Biggest Loser is a reality television show which started
LISTENING TEST 3 - (p. 163) CD3 track 13 in the US in 2004. The show centers on  overweight
PART 1 contestants attempting to lose the most weight and to fight
for a cash prize. The person who loses the highest
Voice message
percentage of weight becomes the Biggest Loser.
Hi, Jeremy!
When The Biggest Loser returns to NBC on Sunday, the
Everyone’s coming to my place tonight to watch the football
country will be watching as three teens fight to lose weight
on wide screen. It’s France vs Germany. Match starts at
and gain self-esteem while the hit weight-loss show tackles
© Areal Editores

the epidemic of childhood obesity for the first time. what they do, how long they’ve been in business, what their
‘It’s just so tough to be an overweight teen because it affects business motto is, that kind of thing. You should also
so many different aspects of your life,’ said contestant anticipate possible questions, and think about how you will
Sanjana ‘Sunny’ Chandrasekar. answer.
Sunny will join Lindsey Bravo and Noah ‘Biingo’ Gray as the Fay: Should I memorise my answers beforehand?
first children to be featured on the Biggest Loser. And it’s Jerry: No! Definitely not! That sounds very mechanical.
perfect timing for trainer Jillian Michaels, who is returning to You should be natural when you speak. Just think about how
the show as a first-time mother. you want to answer, and choose the right words at the time
Motherhood has “made me all the more demanding,” she of the interview. That way, you can use the interviewer’s own
said. “It’s like, it’s taken a lot for me to be here right now and words in your answer, which shows you’ve been listening.
I expect you to give a lot.” Then you’re sure to make a good impression.
The trio is coming into the challenge with varying, age- Fay: I never thought about that before. You’re really
appropriate goals, including finding a “really cute” junior smart, Jerry! But what should I do if I can’t remember an
prom dress. English word when I’m answering a question?
‘Not feeling like people are laughing at you because you’re Jerry: In that case, you have to paraphrase. In other
wearing a nice shirt that’s tight on you and they just call you words, you have to explain what you want to say. For
rolls,’ said Lindsey Bravo, contestant. example, if you forget the word “manufacturing”, you can say
For Noah “Biingo” Gray, he’s looking to gain something else “making a product” instead.
that he said has eluded him: a girlfriend. Fay: That’s very helpful, Jerry. Thanks so much. Ah,
Because they’re children, the show’s challenges won’t be one more thing. Should I ask about the salary during the
about the numbers and there won’t be any weigh-ins or interview?
elimination for Sunny, Lindsey and Biingo. Instead, there will Jerry: No, either let them bring up the topic of money, or
be plenty of working out, lessons about eating well, and else wait for a second interview. If you prepare well, make a
having fun. good first impression, have confidence, and use English
‘It’s about getting them to run around and chase a ball and naturally, you're almost certain to be interviewed again.
be a kid again and get away from computer devices,’ said Good luck!
trainer Bob Harper.
And it’ll be a family affair. ‘It’s about educating parents,’ said
trainer Dolvett Quince. ‘It’s about insisting. The more LISTENING TEST 6 - (p. 205) CD3 track 17
education the parents have, the more successful their
children are going to be.’ PART 1 At the box office
Eric is buying tickets for a benefit concert at the box
185774792.html (adapted) A: Can I help you?
B: Yes, have you got any tickets left for the concert?
LISTENING TEST 5 - (p. 191) CD3 track 16 A: Yes. We’ve got a few left.
PART 1 B: How much are the tickets?
A: There are some at £15, and some at £8 left.
I have my first job interview!
B: Are the £8 seats the cheapest?
Fay: Hi Jerry. I’m thinking of applying for a job with a
A: No, there are tickets at £5, but we’ve sold out of them.
multinational company, but I’m worried about having an
B: OK. I’ll take two at £8, please.
interview in English. Can you give me any good tips?
A: How would you like to pay?
Jerry: Hmmm. That’s a tough one. I guess the first thing
B: Cash, please. What time does the concert begin?
is to try to make a good impression. We often say, “you
A: At 9.30 p.m., but you’d better come earlier.
never get a second chance to make a first impression”. You
B: How long will it last?
really need to get off to a good start.
A: About three hours.
Fay: That sounds like good advice. Maybe I could sing
B: How many performers are set for the concert?
and dance for them, ha ha ha! Then they'd really be
A: About 15.
impressed! But seriously, how do I make a good first
B: OK. Thank you so much.
A: You’re welcome. Here are your tickets. Enjoy the show.
Jerry: To begin with, you should firmly shake the
interviewer’s hand while greeting him or her with a smile. Be
sure to keep eye contact, especially when listening to the PART 2 CD3 track 18-19
interviewer. Experiences in volunteering
Fay: Ah, “body language” is really important, isn’t it?
Jerry: Yes, it is. The second thing is to have confidence.
You get confidence from being prepared. You should learn a
M y name is Kate. I am 15 and I am interested in taking
part in associations for charities. I have been a
volunteer since my twelfth birthday. I often do gardening,
little bit about the company before the interview. Find out painting or decorating. Last year I did some decorating for a
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lady in her eighties. One day, as I was standing on a ladder

painting the upper windows, one of my co-workers suddenly
pushed the ladder with his feet and I found myself on the
floor with a can of paint on my head. The old lady was sorry
– not for me but because there was a lot of paint spilling all
over the floor.

I ’m Paul Miller and I can say I was a very successful doctor

in England. For the last six months, I have been living in
Ethiopia, working for an organization called “Doctors without
Frontiers”. It provides emergency health care in African
countries. I feel that my job in Ethiopia is much more
important. I have been working very hard to improve
conditions there. At the moment, I am training local people
as health care workers. Helping people who really need it
has made me feel more useful than ever before.

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