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FTB-501 Fiber Terminal Box

FTB-501 is a compact fiber terminal box for use at the finaal fiber termination point in the customer premises. It
provides mechanical protection in an attractive format su uitable for customer premises usage. It is used to
terminate the internal fiber cable in the customer premise to
o a point ready for connection to an Optical Network
Unit (ONU) both for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Single Dwelling
D Unit (SDU).


 86 type fiber faceplate

 Auto shuttered SC adaptor with dust-proof function is
 1F splice capacity
 Built-in fiber cable management
 D
Drop cable
bl tterminated
i t d with
ith fifield
ld assembly
bl or ffusion
i splllilice
with pigtail
 Material is ABS/PC which is flame retardant
FTB-501 Auto shuttered SC
 Indoor application


Item FTB-501
尺寸(mm) 86*86*22
Adapter type SC×1
Wall surface mounted,
indoor application
Splice capacity 1F
Cable diameter ≤ Φ4mm
Protection Level IP30
Color White

Cable route

Splice point Adapter

Drop Cable Adapter Drop Cable Adapter

Connector Field assembly connector

Field assembly connector route 0.9mm pigtail conne

ector route

2017 V2.0 1