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2020 Summary of Benefits – Reduction in Hours (more than 20 per week) or

Salary Reduction

The following benefit plans will be unaffected by a salary reduction or hours reduction if
your work schedule remains at or above 20 hours per week:

• Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage

• Health Savings Account (HSA)
• Dental and Vision Plans
• Health Care FSA & Limited Purpose FSA
• Dependent Care Account
• Transportation Management Program – TRANSIT & PARKING
• Accidental Death & Dismemberment
• Employee Assistance Program
• IPG BEST Benefits:
o Critical Illness and Group Accident
o Home and Auto
o Pet Insurance
o Identity Theft Plan/Group Legal Plan
o Gym Membership

The Basic & Optional LTD plan and Basic & Supplemental Life Insurance is based on
salary, however, due to an IPG plan enhancement all salary-dependent benefits will
be tied to pre-reduction base salaries through 2020.

Basic & Optional Long-term Disability Plan

If you experience a reduction in pay the benefit that you would receive if you were to
transition to long-term disability would be reflective of your pre-reduction salary. If you
are enrolled in the optional LTD coverage, your paycheck deduction will be reflective of
your pre salary reduction salary level accordingly.

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

Your basic and supplemental life insurance coverage amounts will be maintained at the
pre-reduction in salary level. For example, if your salary was $100,000 and is reduced
to $90,000, your basic life insurance coverage amount will be $100,000. If you are
enrolled in optional life insurance, your deductions will be reflective of your pre-
reduction salary level accordingly.

The following benefits will be impacted by your reduced salary:

• Savings Plan (contributions calculated based on new salary)

• Employee Stock Purchase Plan (contributions calculated based on new salary)
PTO Accrual
PTO will accrue based on your reduced work schedule if applicable.
This summary contains only certain provisions of Interpublic’s Employee Benefit Plans and does not attempt to
cover all the details. The details are contained in contracts and other legal documents, which prevail in the
event of a conflict between this summary and the Plans.
If you have questions regarding Interpublic’s Employee Benefits Plans, you should review the Summary Plan
Descriptions or contact your local Human Resources Administrator or the Interpublic Corporate Benefits