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Are you ready to live your

AIESEC Xperience ??

Thank you for deciding to be a part of NLDC Singapore 2010! It’s
less than a month to the big event, and we are excited to have
you on board with us! As delegates, you can look forward to the
biggest and most exciting NLDC with a host of enriching sessions
to allow YOU to live your very own AIESEC experience together
with 210 delegates from around the world!

NLDC 2010 Agenda:

2) Empowering Leaders Session - A
1) The biggest Global Village yet unique opportunity to hear form
with an exciting fashion show and Professionals who believe in the AIESEC
make up by Singapore’s very own Jill Xperience and want to share their skills
Lowe, a professional Image with US!
Consultant. Chill out, kick back and
enjoy this unique AIESEC Xperience Dress Code: Business Formal
Dress Code: Cultural Costumes

3) An Eventful 40th Anniversary Gala 4) Networking Sessions with our

Dinner, where we journey through 40 years of renown Corporate partners. FInd out
AIESEC milestones in Singapore why AIESEC is important to them!

Dress Code: Formal Dress Code: Business Formal

*Please remember to make your NLDC Delegate payments if you have not done so.

Local Delegates: Please arrange for payment with your respective VP Finance

International Delegates: Please make your payment via Western Union or Bank Transfer

Reporting Time and Venue:

6th January 2011, 7.45am

Singapore Management University,
Admin Building Conference Hall

OC Contact:

Regina Ng
+65 8379 3989
Packing List
Item Quantity Remarks
T-Shirts 4–5
Shorts 3
Pants/Jeans 2
Sleeping attire 2 sets
Business Formal Attire 3 sets For Empowering Leaders’ Day
(2 sets)
- Blazer/Jacket with Pants/Skirt
- Heels
- Blazer with long-sleeved shirts, tie and
- Covered formal shoes

For Gala Dinner (1 set)

- Formal
Jacket/Sweater/Cardigan 1 piece
Undergarments 6 sets
Slippers/shoes 1 pair each
Toiletries 1 set
Towel 2 pieces
Water Bottle 1
Zip loc Bags 2
Umbrella 1
International Powerpoint Plugs 1
Business Cards At least 50 pieces

LC Promotional Materials As necessary

Personal medication As necessary

Make-up & Hair products As necessary

Camera Optional

Global Village
Non-perishable cultural foods For sampling and displays

Traditional costumes & Music

LC / Country Collaterals

Tourist information about Brochures, tourist guidebooks, flyers etc


Country Performance To prepare prior to Conference

Copy of ALL travel documents 1 Copy For International Delegates

Laptop 1 To bring adaptors

NLDC 2010
Yours to Imagine, Ours to Create