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Technology has evolved in a very impactful way in the lives of human beings, all
these disciplines and areas of knowledge as we knew them have had to adapt to
the new challenges that are presented to us every day in the development of new
methods and processes technological, we have, for example, technological
innovations in the field of physical health in the role of the doctor, we can see how
technology increasingly helps the human being to make more accurate diagnoses,
and linked to the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases from this results
generated by technology are generated, we can create organs in laboratories
through bioprinting, biomedical advances are wrapped in a halo of mystery and
enchantment offer many possibilities among them are: artificial fertilization, organ
donation, sterilization , transsexuality, gene therapy, all this fascinates but also
scares Due to the bioethical part, mental health is also being touched by
technological innovation, but this does not mean that the patient should not be
considered as a body or a mind that needs to be repaired just like a machine that
has lost its efficiency, concentrating only on the quantitative and instrumental
nature, our technology has generated a growing desire to modify our human
conditions seeking the perfection of physical, intellectual and, also, psychological,
technological and scientific advances are changing the way in which we approach
the human mind, traditional psychology has been reconfigured or modified, with
new concepts such as cyberterapy, virtual reality therapy to simulate phobic
situations in patients and the most recent is the use of artificial intelligence to treat
a variety of mental disorders have evolved this discipline responsible for the study
of l soul thus establishing a change in the psychologist-patient relationship
From Alan Turing (Father of computer science), artificial intelligence as "science
that tries to establish the basis for the subsequent development of a set of
techniques aimed at providing machines with a certain autonomy", has
represented a dream for man , in their efforts to make a machine as autonomous
as possible they have never stopped, at the beginning of the current year we saw
how in the different headlines the following “Artificial Intelligence of Google
defeated for the first time a millennial professional GO game (Chinese Game)
”defeating the human champion Lee Sedol with the artificial challenger culminated
in the 4-1 victory of artificial intelligence with that champion leaving in South Korea
society a certain apprehension and fear towards intelligent machines and the future
to come, from psychotherapy in the Science edition, in an article called or titled
"The synthetic therapist" (e l synthetic therapist) the author develops the possibility
of replacing the human being with a machine in psychotherapy, take as an
example Ellie, an artificial intelligence designed to "bring clinical psychology to the
21st century" Ellie Whose graphic interface is a woman in His thirties, elegant but
casual in his dress and of a kind countenance, is a psychotherapist who has a wide
knowledge in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a script created from the
combined experience of its programmers and peripherals designed to detect in
their patients facial expressions, postures, hand movements and tone of voice with
a very thorough level that it would be difficult for many human beings to detect,
however there is something in artificial intelligence that cannot compare with the
human being and it is his capacity for empathy for more programming that Artificial
Intelligence has, it would only be that, that “spirit is missing u ”its vital history, the
sensations that it awakens in the patient, the confidence, lack the power to be“ in
the shoes ”of the patient to be able to understand it correctly, the overcoming or
replacement of human beings by artificial intelligences, is not they would give as
long as artificial intelligence could incorporate morality and ethics in their decisions
in this field the debate is just beginning and the future is full of amazing and
hopeful uncertainties