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How to be set free from

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~ Chapter IV
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HIS CHAPTER deals primarily with the subcon-
• .J:J
~ ~>

...Z ~.,

T scious mind of mCln.
.-; ~
Q 'Repression, in this chapter, is "to keep under control;
DI:::: •
restrain; check; as to 'repress a wish; subdue; curb."
You are prevented from doing what you want to do.
E )(
ca Here one is becoming close to the line of balance; If

~.J: you do not overcome these spirits they will soon over-
oo a'" "c5 come you. You will become as Paul was. When he
Ill:' ~
would do good, evil was ever present with him. In
short, these things, such as bitterness and complaining
in your subconscious mind, become a HABIT, with
Satan taking advantage.
This is not devil possession; but devil influence,
whether direct or indirect, and still comes from an out-
side source.


{(Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and
clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with
all malic(/' (Eph. 4 :31 ) .
{(Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are
these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
Idolatry . .. hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife,
seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, re-
veIlings, and such like . ~ . (Gal. 5 :19-21).
((Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication,
wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy,
murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, backbiters,
haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of
evil things, disobedient to parents, without understand-
ing, covenant-br.eakers, without natural affection, im-
placable, unmerciful" (Rom. 1 :29-31).
We read in the Bible that such men as King Saul,
Peter, Cain, Jacob, Jonah, Sampson, Judas, Bal~am,
David, and others were repressed with such spirits and

habits, even after they had worked for God. We shall One night I saw in a vision a man who had been de-
see later that some were delivered and some were not. livered from tobacco. After he had been delivered
for about a year he yielded to repeated temptations,
became obsessed with the idea that it was not so bad
A LYING SPIRIT had lingered in the mind of one after all, and had taken the habit up again. The habit
brother until he Yielded to it. It became a repression. then became a repression. I drove about a hundred
The PeOple were really surprised when this spirit was miles to where he was. I arose during service and told
discerned one night during service. This man came
them what God had shown me. He was honest enough
forward, confessed, and was delivered instantly.
to come forward and confess. He was delivered in-
Here I will refer our reader back to the chapter stantly. After three years he is still free and is a
on OBSESSION. There we mentioned a man who wonderful church worker.
believed a lie. Now it has gone further. This man not
only believed a lie, and let his mind run on lies, but We could relate hundreds of cases like the above.
the repression actually had a hold on him. Just the other night, a lady came into the healing
Just the other night a woman came forward for de- line for deliverance. As I touched her, she let out a
liverance, saying that she could not tell things straight. scream, and a whoop. She jumped like she had been
Her husband also witnessed that she needed deliver- shot. She began to preach, and we didn't stop her!
ance. For about ten minutes she preached to that a~dience!
Many ministers exaggerate things in God's work, They were rejoicing with her! You could feel God's
concerning their converts and the size of their crowds. presence all over the church. She yelled, "I felt it go
A NICOTINE CRAVING (TOBACCO) SPIRIT op- out at my feet. ..It is gone! Glory! I feel different! It's
pressed the pastor of a certain church until it became gone out at my feet!" I knew something had left by
a repression. He could not break loose from it. It was the way the expression changed on her face. When
an indirect attack of the enemy through the craving she came up to me, she had such a downcast look on
of tobacco. It was discerned in our service one night. her face, as though she was going to the electric chair
He started to run out the door and go home; but the next day. Now, her repression is gone. When she
we caught him and would not let him ~O. He finally came back a few weeks later she was still acting like
confessed how he had tried to get loose from it. Being a bird out of the cage!
ashamed of it, he would hide it from his wife and A rnan in Blytheville, Arkansas made the remark
tried to lead people to believe that he did not use it. that he would give anyone a thousand dollars cash
He had gone for years that way, preaching and trying to show him how he could get loose from tobacco. He
to quit. But that night (the power of deliverance was had tried every doctor, and every remedy he could
there), he was set free and is preaching today. find. He was 69 years old and was about to die with
People do not need to be criticized as much as they heart trouble. In two minutes time while we were in
need to be set free. It is easier to criticize than to a morning service, he was completely delivered and
understand. These repressed people don't need to be healed. He also received the Holy Ghost at the same
preached out; they need to' be preached in. time.
Many good people are never repressed with the A lady near Malvern, Arkansas, received the Holy
tobacco habit until they are first obsessed with the Ghost one night. The next mornIng she started to
belief that there is nothing wrong in using it. They the spring after a bucket of water. She took a dip of
will not be delivered until they first confess that it is snuff, as usual. The Holy Spirit told her not to mix
not right {I John 1:9).
38 39
that up with Him. She ran for a dipper of water! That before. She studied for a while and said that she had,
was her last! After 56 years of bondage she was free! and agreed that she had such reactions, since that day,
every time she came near the power of God. When
AN ALCOHOLIC SPIRIT got hold of a man and
she confessed, she was delivered and received a beau-
bound him for many years. He tried every remedy
he could think of to break loose from it. One night he tiful experience of t~he Holy Spirit baptism!
came forward as we made the call. In a second of A SPIRIT OF GOSSIP attacked a good member of
time he was set free and has been rejoicing ever since. a church, who had much influence, causing her to go
A lady bound by alcohol, was also set free, in a from one member to another until she split the church
moment of time, and came back to the revival f:r om and the good pastor had to leave.
night to night telling the wonderful news to others! Many times it is the truth that Satan wants one
We could relate hundreds of such cases. to tell; but he knows that the truth about someone
A REBELLIOUS SJ;:>IRIT oppressed a young convert. will do more damage than a lie. A soldier could tell
In her subconscious mind, it had been a repression, the truth many times and the army would never get
which had been there from her childhood. Now Satan to their destination. A spy can ruin us by telling Rus-
was taking advantage of it. I wondered what was sia the truth.
binding and hindering the service, until finally the A LUSTFUL SPIRIT caused a young convert to
spirit was discerned and cast out. She was instantly "abuse himself" daily. He was delivered in our revival.
delivered, began to preach, hold revivals, and win This first started with temptation; then it became an
souls! obsession; next it became Repression, because it con-
Oh if Saul had only been delivered when he had a trolled his actions. Scores that we know of, have been
repre~sion of a rebellious spirit! But he went on to delivered from lustful spirits in our revivals lately.
Possession! A young lady said that each time she received for-
AN EVIL SPIRIT took hold of a lady each time giveness for her sins she went back and Yielded to "the
she came near the healing line where the power of old gang" because she failed to receIve deliverance.
God was being manifested, causing a violent shaking Like· Sampson, each time she came right back seeking
in her body as the spirit of God came against it. As God. She was criticized by Christians because of her
I questioned her I found that she had been going to "ups and downs." They were at least partly to blame
a fortune-teller. She was not yet possessed; but she because they did not stay with her when she professed
was under a severe repression. It was a good thing until she was completely delivered.
she got there when she did! A FAMILIAR SPIRIT repressed a lady who used to
A lady in Oakland, California, heard "father divine," preach; but she was delivered before she was possessed.
the colored man who claims to be God, talking to her She came in the healing line one night and said
every day. He told her to stay away from our revival; that she heard voices continuously.
that we were of the devil. The man was in New York "Have you been to a spirit medium?" I inquired.
and she was in Oakland. It was really demon voices "My husband has been going," she replied.
which she heard. When she first believed in him, be- Then I warned her against her husband bringing
cause her mother did, that was an obsession; but now, such spirits into her home. After prayer, the whole
since he has control over her, it is repression! audience could see that her expression changed. Before
I wondered why a lady in Fort Worth, Texas, could going home she testified that the voices had all gone.
not receive the Holy Spirit. I stopped her and asked The other night a lady came into the healing line
her if she had not gone to a: fortune-teller a few years who was full of fear and torment.

40 41
"Did you ever go to a fortune teller?" I asked. livered years later. She finally confessed after she lost
Then she confessed that after she went she gradually an eye. I hardly know which is worse--one with a
became bound. At first she was obsessed with the spirit that will cause him or her to gossip and tear
superstition which made her believe if her left hand upa church, but who is quick to repent and ask for
itched someone was coming who was in need. Sure forgiveness, or one with a spirit that causes him to
enough Satan saw that someone came. If her nails shut a thing up in his heart, and refuse to tell anyone,
itched that was the sign that something else was going and takes it to hell with him!
to happen. A TIMID SPIRIT tried to keep me from doing any-
This went from one idea to another until finally thing for the Lord just after I got saved. I thought
her life was in one continual trend of dread, fear, and I just couldn't speak in public. It was a repression
torment. When she entered the line her face looked which I had for years. By God's Grace I overcame it.
like she had been weaned on sour kraut; but her Read, "THE GRACE OF GOD IN MY LIFE." I was
expression really changed when she was delivered. so bashful I would crawl under the bed when I saw
That whole audience was so electrified by the power someone coming.
of faith that nearly any miracle could have happened. We dealt with a minister who could make a table
dance, if he yielded to the spirit of the devil.
EXPERIENCE PROVES REPRESSION While we were in a recent revival we lived in the
One day before I got saved, while I was plowing in house with a sister who could look into a cup and tell
the field, I suddenly began to hate my best friend. I fortunes by coffee grounds; but she would not do it,
got so angry at him about some little things he had for fear she would become possessed. She showed signs
said untjl I wanted to kill him. Although I was not of deliverance after coming into the healing line.
saved I knew I must have help. I stopped the mules While I was fasting and praying for a long· season
and knelt down between my plow handles and asked I wanted to go whip a certain -preacher and a school
the Lord to take that spirit away from me; it sud- teaGher who had done me wrong 25 years before. I
denly left. Within five minutes I felt good about this also wanted to whip a man who had left his wife and
boy. children. During that fast, God delivered me! That
A SULLEN SPIRIT caused my wife and me to go repression had been there since before I was saved.
three days without speaking to each other after we A GRUMBLING SPIRIT kept a sister's body pulled
married. down until her body became so weak it would not
My Sister and Father lived in the same house for resist disease. I asked her what she was grumbling
about ten years without carrying on a conversation. about.
Usually when one wanted the other to know something "How did you know?" she asked.
I relayed the message. She received deliverance, Then I told her how the Lord showed me the scrip-
through the power of God twenty years ago. Since tur~, James 3:6, which says that the tonglle can defile
then, they have been all a father and daughter should the whole body. Just as a doctor can look at your
be. tongue and tell you have been eating trash, so can
A member of a church I pastored would not answer God look at your tongue and tell what you have been
me when I asked why they had not been coming to saying.
church. She refused to tell anyone anything. What- When she obeyed James 5:16 she was healed on the
ever the reason was, the whole family shut it up in spot.
their hearts, and stayed at home, until she was de- I know of a wonderful musician and Sunday Sc~ool

42 43
teacher who said that there was nothing wrong in let- such a hard time; I lost my husband a few years
ting his mind think on love songs. This obsession back; I-I-I."
turned into a repression. He ,began to play and sing I told her that other people were having just as
them. He soon ran away with a deacon's wife. hard a time as she, but they were not carrYing their
One lady said every time she started to hug her troubles all over town from house to house, and un-
husband she shut her eyes and imagined that Clark loading them on every preacher that came along.
Gable was in her arms. She had looked at movies of She said, "Yes, but you are the only one I tell them
Clark Gable so long that they became a part of her to."
-It was a repression! I said, "You spill that junk on everyone you meet,
AN ANGRY SPIRIT took hold of Brother N. He whoever you talk to, sinner, or Christian. That is the
got so mad at his car that he whipped it with a pole, very reason the sinners do not want to come to the
scolded it, and pushed it into the river. church or to hear your pastor preach; that is the
Mrs. T. got mad ather car and chopped it to pieces reason scores of them are already in hell; you sent
with a chopping, ax. Brother S. got so mad at his old them there! That grumbling and complaining is in
mule that he cursed it; then looked at it and said, "You there, and you will belch it out on everyone you meet.
made me do it." But when Sister L. gets mad she lies People walk 10 blocks to keep from meeting you. You
about it and says her feelings are hurt! Two sins in one! are driving more people from the church than the
pastor will ever win. You need to be delivered from
MANY ARE BOUND that spirit!" I explained how she could be delivered.
Lazarus needed to be loosed after he was brought We dropped to our knees and had a prayer meeting.
back to life. Jesus says to us today. "Loose him and let She was a different person from then on;
him go.~' The dry bones came together before they
were covered with flesh. There was a shaking before HOW YOU CAN BE FREE
there was a great army with p0'Yer. Pray and fast. Get into a room to yourself and pray
There are conY~cts, who are not in the penitentiary; and read all the scriptures on our card. It is free. Then
there are sick people who are not in the hospital; go into the, healing line. Write one word, Obsession,
there are people who are bound, but not with chains. oppression, repression, etc. And I will know. If you
One day a fine looking lady parked in front of our cannot go to a full Gospel church of any kind, God
apartment, got out of her car, walked in and sat down. has provided a way for you to be set free by sending
She was a member of one of the churches cooperating for a prayer cloth. We have hundreds of testimonies
in the revival. She paid me a pledge which she had affirming that people have been delivered from spirits
made on some expense. Then she wanted help with her this way (Acts. 19:11-12). Be sure and receive the
problem. Soon she was crying as if her heart would Holy Ghost.
break, as she told how she had been mistreated by Confess to God instead of justifying yourself and
the pastor and the church for twelve years. blaming others. Get someone you can trust and tell
"Do I have to listen to all that stuff?" I asked. him, or her, the whole story. By this I mean tell your
She was surprised, for she was expecting sympathy. faults instead of the faults of others (James 5:16).
"You need to be delivered from that spirit of self- There is no use in any more than you and one Spiri.t
pity; you are sorry for yourself, or you would not be Filled person (who can pray and discern) to know it.
whimpering and whining," I said. After that Spirit is cast out, be sure and stay full
Between her sobs she said, "Yes, but I have had of God and be led by the Spirit each day. Overcome

44 45
temptation three times by saying, "It is written" and * * * * *
you can stay delivered. But you must know what is If you fail to receive deliverance, and wait until you
written. You are no better than Jesus (Matt. 4). Faith get into discouragement, when your spirits have be-
cometh by hearing the Word with your spiritual ears come so low you don't care, you will go·into a depres-
(Rom. 10:17) . sion. That is discussed in the next chapter.
If you are single and bothered with lust and feel
that you should stay single for some reason, remember
these things: After you are delivered from that spirit,
keep your mind employed on some good work con-
tinuously. That is a sure cure. Stay busy working in
the young people's band, reading some good book, or
doing some good work.
The reason a stream does not freeze when it is run-
ning down a mountain side is because it is too busy
flowing. A still body of water freezes. An idle mind is
the devil's work shop.
Take part in every service, especially the altar serv-
ice. When the disciples fed the multitude each of them
had a basket full left. Testify every time you get a
There is a story about a soldier boy caught in the
snow wl}o sat down· on a log when he was about to
freeze. He found that the ~og covered with snow was
another soldier who had nearly frozen to death. While Page 2
he was working to bring him back to life he got so
warm that he saved his own life. FLYING SAUCERS - - -
Speak evil of no man, not even in your mind. Think Page 10
of their good pqints. Justify them instead of criticiz- THE MEN IN THE FlYING SAUCERS WILL
ing them. If you begin to feel bitter about someone SOON RETURN - - -
Page 21
bake him a cake and carry it to him.
w. v. GRANT

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Mrs. Clark
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46 47
angry, cursed, and discouraged; then yielded to an un-
clean spirit.
Chapter V When one is vexed with an unclean spirit, the human
spirit becomes so low that most any kind of evil spirit
DEPRESSION can take over (Acts 5:16; Luke 6:18). They finally be-
come as low in spirit as a natural brute beast (Jude).
T HIS CHAPTER deals mainly with the SPIRIT of
Many of them loose all self respect and decency, and
live like brute beasts. Their standard of living is drag-
Depression is to have a low spirit, to be in a gloomy ged into the dirt! God said they would howl for vexa-
mood; to be downcast, sad, and glum; to be in a dis- tion of spirit (Isa. 65:14).
couraged, mournful, or low spirit. This is not devil The people who are obsessed with false doctrine,
possession; but it is depression; it is devil influence, and fail to be delivered, will finally become so depressed
and also comes from an outside source. in spirit that they will commit vile, unclean acts in
One cannot hold up under heavy oppression, obses- their worship. Many cults today include sex relations
sion, and repression too long; his spirit will break in their ceremonies (II Peter 2; I Tim. 4).
sooner or later, depending on his constitution.
"By sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken" (Prov. going through a depression in spirit just as a person
15:13). can go through a financial depression. His spirit seemed
"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a to hold up very well while his wife ran around with
broken spirit drieth the bones (Prov. 17 :22). other men for years, leaving his children in his care,
but when she forsook the whole family, and he had to
"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a
put them in the Children's home, it seemed that his
city that is broken down, and without walls" (Prov.
25 :28). constitution broke. He got into a low, don't care, melan-
choly state. Who knows what his next step will be?
u . . . I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed"

(Ps. 77 :3).
A GLOOMY SPIRIT changed the countenance of
Mr. L. At one time I saw him in high spirits, with a
When Saul was only obsessed, David's music drove happy-go-lucky attitude but, during the long financial
the evil spirit away from his mind (I Sam. 16:23); but depression, little by little, his spirit broke. His bank ac-
music failed to relieve him when he became repressed count diminished; his crops failed; droughts and floods
(I Sam. 18:10, 11). Finally he came to the place of brought him to poverty. His cows and hogs died like
cheerlessness, so depressed that he decided to go to a flies. Funeral bills, medicine bills, etc., came his way.
witch, the very thing he had punished others for doing! As he stood and watched the storms take away his
It is surprising what people will do when they are earthly possessions, for which he had worked hard, his
spirit tumble~ and his ambition crumbled! It was all
The spirits of the children of Israel became so low he could stand! He would gaze for hours into space,
that they gave way to whoredoms (Hos. 4). without talking or looking at anyone. Many times when
Since the daughter of the Syrophenician woman was someone talked to him, he wouldn't hear them. Had it
"vexed" with a devil it may have been that she was not been for God's mercy to deliver, what would have
only depressed (Matt. 15). Undoubtedly she became been the next step?

48 49
The writer once had his hopes set high in life; but
with the obsession of thoughts. She had been made
depression of spirit came at an early age when his
believe that it was all right to kiss boy friends. This
health broke, with no hopes for the future. He was
spirit took her down.
delivered before he made that awful last step!
A TORMENTING SPIRIT brought a good Christian
A CHEERLESS SPIRIT depressed a minister's wife
in one of my campaigns (because her husband received lady under such depression that her nerves became
tense. The nerves tied up in the back of her neck and
the Holy Spirit Baptism), until she ran away and would
head. The fluid was thrown into her stomach. It poison-
not even come to church.
ed her whole system. (No wonder your food will not
A SPIRIT OF GLOOM took hold of one of the main digest if you eat while you are angry! Your spittle is
members of a church while we were in the best revival even poison!) After she was put into a mental hospital
in that church's history. She locked herself in the she saw the devil as he came up to her, took hold of
bathroom and stayed there until her husband could her body and started to tear every muscle apart! She
stand it no longer. He sent for the pastor. They cut cried out to God; and His Spirit came and fought
the door down with an ax, and discovered that she was against the demons of depression! She was set free
not in there! She had climbed out the window. Some- and came home!
time later they found her, just before she became pos-
sessed with a suicide spirit.
trict church officials until it became necessary to carry The spirit of some people breaks down quicker than
her to a mental hospital. She had first become obsessed in other people. The spirit of some holds up through the
with a spirit of hurry as she served over 150 churches; worst of disease a,nd sickness. That has been proven
then, as she did not take time to get alone with God on the battle field and in dirty prison camps.
in prayer, it became an oppression; that grew until it THE SPIRITS OF WORRY AND FEAR had de-
was a depression. pressed the spirit of a lady who came into our healing
Fear took hold of one of our fine missionaries while line lately. She had suffered with cancer of the blood
she was in a foreign land near some devil worshipers. so long that she had given up under the load. No one
This grew from obsession to depression until she could knew the blackness of the depr~ssion she was going
hear the spirits speaking to her; but the power of God through. Her spirit became so low that she could not
instantly delivered her, before she was possessed! resist new diseases. The entire audience could tell the
A COVETOUS SPIRIT first obsessed the mind of difference as she was set free in a moment of time. She
Mr. C. Failing to be delivered, it grew to repression. He testified later that she could sleep perfectly, free from
continued to gamble! He lost all his money, his home, disease!
his clothes, and his reputation. After he lost his wife, A sister in a nearby town lived constantly under a
and his children ended up in a State home, -he went depression of fear that she was going to have cancer.
about as long as he could under a severe depression. It happened according to her faith. ·What she feared
His spirits were very low, but God delivered him! came upon her! (Job 3:25). Her spirit became so low
A LUSTFUL SPIRIT oppressed a young lady so long, that the cancer entered.
it 'Caused her to hang out at the night clubs all the A SPIRIT OF MELANCHOLY depressed a pastor's
time. After she went through a terrible depression, and wife until she was in such a state of discouragement
was almost ready to be possessed, she was set free (de- and d~spondency that she did not want to live. God
livered) in a service in five minutes. This first started sent me 200 miles to her rescue. She was delivered!

50 51
I talked to a person who had been' delivered from a
A DESPONDENT SPIRIT had to be dealt with one hospital for nervous ailments who said that she saw
night in the line before a lady could accept healing. many there 'who were so depressed over their condition
THE SPIRIT OF DOUBT had depressed a lady until that they "gave up" and were possessed on the spot.
she began shaking 'her head like a mule, as we started
to pray for her hearing. After that spirit was cast out
she received instant healing. She heard for the first
time in 67 years! Even a watch ticking! When a person's mind lingers on one thing he looks
into space. You can speak to him and he will look at
A MOURNFUL SPIRIT caused sister D. to stay un-
you, not even knowing what you said. He is so low in
der a burden all the time for her husband. She was
spirit that he is like a city with the walls broken down.
so depressed until he could hardly live with her. I ex-
Proverbs 25 :28-({He that hath no rule over his own
plained to her that the Lord would keep that which
spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without
we commit into His hands. If she took it back into her
walls." They are open. for anything.
own hands after God had given her the victory then
Matt. 12 :43-45-({When the unclean spirit is gone out
God had not promised to keep it. After she was de-
of a man ... then he saith, I will return into my house
livered she prayed the burden off until her spirit was
from where I came out,. and when he is come, he findeth
light and free. She had such assurance that she went
it empty . . . then goeth he, and taketh with himself
around singing. Her husband became hungry for what
seven other spirits more wicked than himself,' and they
she had and was saved a few weeks later!
enter in and dwell there . .."
A SPIRIT OF GLUM depressed sister L. until her
husband left her to get out of such a discouraging at-
mosphere. She was always looking on the dark side DEPRESSION WIm A CONTRITE HEART
of things. ({The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken
heart,. and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit" (Ps.
A SPIRIT OF DESPAIR so depressed a sister until
34 :18).
when I went there for a re\ftval she arose and said,
"There is no use to have a revival as long as this Really when one's spirit is depressed he is at the
church is in the shaPe it is in." forks of the road. The walls are broken down; he has
no resistance. He is forced to accept the spirit of the
devil or the Spirit of God.
DEPRESSION PREPARES FOR POSSESSION At this point many are just about to accept a murder
A SPIRIT OF ACCUSATION first obsessed the mind spirit or a suicide spirit when they come in contact
of a minister. It stayed there until she was oppressed with a deliverance revival and are set free! When OBe
with disease. She became so depressed in spirit until goes to the end of his own strength he either accepts
she believed she had committed the unpardonable sin. God's power or the devil's power! Millions are near
She was almost ready for possession when she was the forks of the road today! You can be anointed to
delivered! bind up the broken heart, set at liberty them that
A SPIRIT OF DON'T CARE depressed an ex-nurse are bruised, and comfort them that mourn (Luke
until she did not want to live. Then a murder spirit 4:18). Many have we seen who came to the forks of
caused her to kill her boy and girl. A suicide spilit the road and were delivered!
caused her to try to kill herself. She crossed ov r the
line to possession. She is lYing now betv een life and HOW YOU MAY BE FREE
death and says if she ad it to do over she would do i The other morning, as I started to my study, the
52 53
Holy Spirit checked me and told me to walk around are you. How large are you in God's sight, and how
the block instead. When I got nearly around the block large are your problems?"
a man called my name. I looked around and saw a man "Very small," he said, "with an expression half at
with a bandage around his head and one eye covered. ease."
He told me that he was in misery because he had "And you have made your trouble as large as all
shattered glass in both eye balls. I didn't know him the planets, mountain ranges, and glaciers combined,"
but he knew me and told me his story. I added. "In your mind, your problem is larger than
Because he did not stick to the vow he made to God God, larger than you. You have thought yourself into
while in the Army, and was riding in a car the night this. You have tried and tried to solve it and the more
before with another man's wife, they had hit a cow you try to get :~t off your mind the more indelibly it
and blacked out; they came to themselves in the hos- is stamped on your mind."
pital. It made headlines. "God says to forget those things which are behind
During that awful depression, when he was almost and look forward to the future, but you have your
to the line of being possessed, they were both saved, mind on the things behind, and say there is absolutely
delivered and healed! no future. You have just told me that you have failed
your ,God. You have not! This is the best thing that
A TRIP TO MARS ever happened to you. When you-are through, God
A preacher filled his appointment with me this begins. You come to the end of your strength and
morning and told rne his story. I listened. He had felt walk into God's strength, as Moses, David, Jacob, and
a call to preach all his life. He went to Alaska to min- Joseph. We can't save 8.;; drowning man until he quits
ister, but went into business instead. After a few years trying to save himself. You have just told m~ you have
he began to loose. The bonding company took over his tried and tried. Now stop trying. Don't try any more.
$50,000.00 apartment house, and several thousand dol- Wrap aU that up and throw it into the ocean. You
lars worth of equipment. He went bankrupt with about have condemned yourself, when God let you learn that
$12,000.00 due him" and he owed about that much. lesson on purpose. Yet you will not forgive yourself.
He fell into an awful depression; and he also got down Your unconscious sense of guilt makes you punish
in his'back so he could not walk. His wife and family, yourself by wanting to fail."
having been used to plenty, threatened to leave him. He studied and said, "I, guess that is right."
He improved enough to come hotne and is now pastor- "You say, you can't. That is what the devil says.
ing a real. small church, but is not satisfied. He had Paul says, 'I can do all things through Christ.' He said,
walked the floor all night in a high tension of nerves 'I have fought a good fight,' although he failed once.
with his fist clinched and his teeth gritted together, Enoch said, 'I have pleased God!' Hezekiah said, 'Lord,
wanting to curse every breath, saying, "Oh, God!" Now I have lived for you' and had 15 more happy years."
he is about to loose his car and everything!
Then he acknowledged that he had not knowingly
After he told his story and we prayed I was led to failed God. I wrote it down and had him to sign his
say, "Let's go on an imaginary trip to Mars. There name to it. He had condemned himself. God had for-
we can see all the planets, the moon, stars, and the sun.
given Him for his mistakes, but he had refused to for-
This earth is a spark in the distance. It is mostly cov-
give himself. He had no faith because he was under
ered by water. North America is not large enough .to
condemnation (I John 3:8), but he condemned him-
see, not to speak of all the mountains and glaciers.
self by agreeing With Satan (Rom. 14:14).
And there, among millions of people, all with problems,
I asked him, if he could reach into a grab box and
54 55
grab an order for a job, what he would want it to say.
doing things for others. Think of their problems. Then
He studied for a minute and said, "To go into evange-
you will not think of your own. Get out and walk a
listic work and be in service every night."
couple of miles each day. See that there are other
"Can you think of any place where you could possi- things besides your world. Mop floors, saw wood, or
bly get a job like that?" I asked. wash dishes, or wash your car. Stay full of the Spirit.
"Yes, I do," he smiled, "you have opened up a new Sing songs of victory. Memorize John 14:14. Quote it
outlook on life; I will never let Satan hear me say, 'I instead of thinking or talking of yourself. Get alone
can't' or, 'I have failed God' again." He left, a happy with God and relax in God's presence and let Him talk
man, delivered-and knowing how to stay free! to you one hour of each day. You will throw switches
Our hates, memories, and bitterness are stench in that will turn on God's strength, and start it flowing
God's sight. Get out of yourself and view yourself from into your very being like a thirsty land after a big rain!
afar. How foolish it is to let memories destroy our A woman was riding in a wagon almost frozen to
peace! You are bigger than a mistake. God has for- death. Someone got her baby and sat it in the road and
given you if you have asked Him. You should forgive let the wagon go off and leave it. She jumped out and
yourself. Your help comes from the Lord who made ran to save the baby; in so doing, she saved herself.
heaven and the earth and all the planets; you can't Start today in the' business of saving others.
help yourself by brooding over the past.
aHe that is slow to anger is better than the mighty;
a! will look unto the hills (The Lord) from which cometh and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city"
my help." (Prov, 16 :32).
David said these words, although he, too, had slip- Remember this: Satan can never possess you until
ped. He looked away from his strength.
you give up your Profession by going into a state of
Climb up real high and look at yourself. Think about Recession, which we will explain next.
your possibilities, as God thinks. God sees what you
can become instead of what you have done. He still
had confidence in Peter, and saw that he would yet suc-
ceed. It is absurd to let your mind deal with nothing
but yourself. Have confidence in, and stop criticizing
The Gospel is not written just for strong saints, but
to you also. God's grace is sufficient!
Don't let your spirit grow grey with your hair. The
happiest person is the one.. who thinks about happy
things. Keep thinking of things lovely, honest, and of
GOOD report (Phil. 4:8~.


You should come into the healing line, or send for
a deliverance cloth (Acts 19:11-12) if you are not near
a full Gospel Church. Then, after you are delivered, if
you want to recover and stay free, do these things:
Stop magnifying yourself as large as Mars. Start

56 57
changed into another man and served God for years;
yet he yielded to a sUicide spirit and killed himself (I
Chapter VI Samuel, chapters 10 to 31). Notice how he went from
step to step.
Popularity~beyed the people---eonfessed to Sam-
-HIS CHAPTER deals mostly with the WILL of
T man.
Recession is the act of going back - retiring - or
uel instead of God.
Pride-big in his own sight.
Greed-thought of the spoil.
withdrawing. Evil spirit-left his mind when David played music
This is still not devil possession, but there is only (I Sam. 16:23) .
one more step to it. It is the opening of the door for 2. OPPRESSION
the spirits to enter. It is devil influence from ~n outside Rebellion-stubbornness, hypocrisy, justified him-
source. It is throwing the car into neutral gear. You self.
cannot stay this way. After the human spirit breaks, Hatred--envy, because David was more righteous.
and a man turns his will over to Satan, and stops try- Anger-murder, triede'to kill David.
ing to resist him, Satan has full right to come in his Evil spirit-failed to leave as David played (I Sam.
way, whether suddenly or gradually. 18:10,11).
RECESSION BRINGS CONCESSION Grief-sorrow, trouble, regret, despondency, dis-
This discussion deals largely with the constitution of couragement, war, despair.
Concession is the act of granting or yielding; it is Gave up his profession; in desperation, went to a
acknowledgment, giving admission, granting a__privilege .witch.
for a special purpose, but not for every purpose. 5. POSSESSION
There is no use in trying to fool yourself. There is Forsaken by the Lord; no answer-no deliverance!
no stand-still experience. One is going one way or the Witchcraft-awful fear, suicide, lost forever!
other. We are servants to whom we yield ourselves to
obey (Romans 6:16). One is really yielding either to MY OBSERVATION
Satan or God. A pastor told me of two boys, who are evangelists,
Here man surrenders himself temporarily to Satan traveling around over the country holding revivals.
to be used, but not for a complete possession. They claim the victory, are displaying talents, but are
Many in this condition claim to be saved but, in homosexuals. If· anyone is delivered from devlIs in
reality, they are serving Satan. They have thrown their meetings, it will be because of the prayers of the
their will into neutral gear. Their goods are gone, but other people; for Satan does not cast out Satan (Luke
the sign is still up. 11!l4-23).
I know of a teacher in a Bible School who is in the
SAUL'S EXPERIENCE s~me condition.
King Saul really had a testimony after his goods A pastor was released from his organization because
were gone (I Sam. 15:}.3). He even preached. Let's re-- he was found to be a homosexual. An evangelist went
view briefly his experience. He· had a new heart, was over 2,000 miles to hold a revival. After his meeting it

58 59
was learned that he .had this spirit. A pastor told me could name who are crying for freedom. Instead of
the other day that there were girls who came to that being delivered, they are being criticized and "turned
church, who were "living together" (homosexuals). out." They can't get delivered within themselves, and
Two girls who came to one of our revivals were "room- are afraid to mention it.
ing together." One now wears her hair shingled. and Last night I talked to a young man after he was
has a good start of beard. You will understand in the delivered. He had been arrested 64 times and sent to
next chapter why it is necessary for me to mention jail. He hung himself in jail, but they cut him down.
some of these things. He showed me deep gashes in each wrist where he had
Last week I had a special interview with a minister slashed them in jail with a razor blade, but they saved
who had been trapped by a strange woman. Although his life. He explained that his condition came on gradu-
he had been bound by this spirit for years, and was ally for 18 months before he was really possessed. Pos-
yet holding meetings, he was afraid to mention it to session came then after he had been drunk two weeks.
others, for fear he would loose his papers. He was al- Satan possesses as people make concessions to him!
most possessed as he was haunted continuously with This man is now preaching the Gospel!
the fear that his sins would find him out. After strug-
gling for years, just before going down into possession, RECESSION BRINGS PROFESSIQN
he was refilled and delivered; he left, happy once again! This deals with profession from the HEART of man.
Profession here means public declaration or CON-
* * * * * VERSION.
I would like for you to read a letter from my desk,
which is typical of hundreds we get from nearly all ((Let us hold fast our profession" (Heb. 4 :14).
parts .of the world. We are speaking of professing Satan instead of God;
when one looses his good profession.
"Dear Brother Grant:
"I am writing on behalf of my friend and myself, No doubt, as you re~d ,Some of the experiences of
who are young Christians (age 26). All our lives professed Christians in the last four chapters, you have
we have been subject to homosexual practices. had a question in your mind like this: Just what does
When we were converted, we realized from the one have to do to be backslidden? The opinion of peo-
Bible what a dreadful sin this is in God's sight. ple varies widely on this subject.
My friend has seen a Christian doctor for this Many people are honestly fighting the .battle and
problem, and also has been to a psychiatrist for struggling for freedom; they are looking for someone
treatment, but without success. We have been with faith and the power of deliverance. They want to
praying over this matter ourselves, but do not live for God, but it seems that they are overwhelmed
seem to get any light from God for the way of by all the Satanic forces of hell. They don't know the
deliverance . . . we long to get rid of this desire way to success as you do. It is up to you to help them.
It is t.rue they yield to Satan easily, as did Sampson;
for sin within. . . . We want to know if you will
seek God for our deliverance? There should be and, like him, they quickly fly to the Lord' for deliver-
deliverance for people like us " ance. Just as easily as they yield to th~ devil, they· yield
to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Does not Jesus
K. H. Rednal, England. B. Ham 31. forgive, even seventy times seven? if they do as Samp-
* * * * * son and die as they get back to God they will be saved
I don't know what you think, but I think there as by fire, without a reward; their works will be burned
should be deliverance also. There are many more I up (I Cor. 3:12-15). It is possible for a Christian to sin

60 61
and receive forgiveness. It is also possible for him to 4. DEPRESSION
live without sin (I John 2:1). Defeat-fruitless night of toil, regret.
One is backslidden when he gives up his profession 5. RECESSION
and quits trying. Some do this when they are first Quit trying, desperation, bitter tears.
tempted, some when obsessed, while some go on 6. EXORCISM
through each stage, through oppression and depression, Delivered--came back before he was possessed!
and yet keep fighting the battle! You may do the same thing - just before you are
Nothing can separate us from God, but we, like the possessed.
prodical son, may give up our inheritance and walk off MY OBSERVATION
and quit trying! I know of a scnool teacher who became discouraged
As long as one holds his profession from his heart, because the directors did not like it when a revival
and does not quit the Lord, it is impossible for him to broke out in his school. He went into desperation and
be possessed. backslid.
Therefore, ye who have fought so long, remember One. of our young converts went to a ball game. She
this: Keep trying. Never give God up! A winner nev.eI' decided that she had backslidden, quit trying, and is
quits; a quiter never wins! I had rather ride the altar now in a worse state. As stated before, you are back-
bench to heaven than to never get there. Don't ever slidden when you quit God.
profess Satan! I know of a lady who committed an immoral sin but
UM y little children, these things write I unto you, that ye as soon as she got.a chance, she came straight to us.
sin not and if any man sin, we have an advocate with the She confessed to the pastor and to God. She was re-
Fa.ther, Jesus Christ the righteous" (I John 2 :1) . stored and, after five years, she is still going ori with
I admire Peter especially for one thing-he never did God. We do not advocate sinning but, if Satan traps
get so far but that he returned. Let's look into: you, don't start serving him continuously.
Another of our young converts walked into the kit-
chen the next day after he had received the Holy
While he was yet preaching, Jesus rebuked Satan in Spirit and saw a cat on the table. He cursed it. He did
him. not stop, however, until he went to the woods and got
1. OBSESSION forgiveness and are-filling.
Popularity-wanted to be the greatest.
Unbelief-accused Jesus of being mistaken. CONFESSION BRINGS IMPRESSION
Quarreling-about his position.
Impression in this chapter deals with man's con-
Boasting-said that he lNould never backslide.
Pride-did not want his feet to be washed by Jesus.
Impression is the art of nlarking or stamping-a
2. OPPRESSION seal. It is the effect made on the mind or emotions by
Slept-while the master prayed. something on the outside of man.
Fought--cut off the soldier's ear. You may purchase a place, and have a seal put on
Slothfulness-followed afar off. the deed, even before you move in and take possession.
Worldliness-warmed by the wrong fire, near a Mr. M. received an impres~ion that he was a United
flapper. States detective. The devil told him that and made him
3. REPRESSION believe it. He went from house to house in a strange
Angry--cursed and swore. country, telling them he was looking for a criminal.

62 63
He was under the impression that someone had killed wrong, it is wrong now. God never changes. The devil
a man who died. When the sheriff caught up with him never changes; sin never changes; God's Word never
he was searching houses, looking under people's beds, changes! You are the one who changes! Yet many peo-
.etc. The residents thought he was a detective. He ple are under the delusion that God has decided to let
would take people wrongly. He was under the impres- them do the thing He once told them not to. They are
sion that I was his enemy, even waiting for me with in a dangerous place. If you used to feel condemned
a gun. He thought people were after him, and even over something, and don't feel condemned over it now.
imagined he heard them in the woods coming for him. you are in a serious condition. You may get a reprobate
He was hearing demons. He was full of fear and tor- mind, have your conscience seared, become as a natu-
ment. He was under a deep impression that a big ral brute beast, and have no more conscience than a
weight was over him and might drop on him anytime. hog! God says we can become as Balaam! You had
better receive deliverance now!
BALAAM'S EXPERIENCE (Num. 22) At this state many try to ease themselves on dope.
1. OBSESSION They mumble to themselves.
Popularity, covetous for fame, mind on self. Remember that Balaam's experience started with
2. REPRESSION only an obsession!
Disobedience, anger, unkindness, prejudice. rebel-
3. DEPRESSION Desperation here deals mostly with man's nerves.
Disappointment, despondency. It is the state of being without hope-the reckless-
4. RECESSION ness of despair.
Gave up profession-was deluded by wrong impres- There is no rest from now on; the mind becomes
sion. foggy.
Desperation-showed Balak how to make God's It will help us here to briefly consider
children bring a curse on themselves.
Adultery, idolatry, apostasy, reprobate. 1. OBSESSION
God had him killed-no deliverance (Num. 31:8). Popularity-worldliness, spirit of anti-christ.
Balaam knew the will of the Lord but he prayed 2. REPRESSION
about it anyway, and tried to change God. He finally Rebellion-stubbornness, self righteousness, disobe-
received a strong delusion, which led him into pos- dience, murder.
session. 3. DEPRESSION
I know of a sister who tried to change God's mind Driven from God's presence-regretful, despondent.
and persuade Him to let her do what she wanted to do. 4. POSSESSION
From then until now she cries for deliverance as did aMy punishment is greater than I can bear" (Gen. 4: 13).
Esau, but there is no place of repentance (Heb. 6:6). Since God says it is possible for us to go the way of
There is no wonder that some even kill their family Cain, it is well for us to take heed lest we fall (Jude
and say that God told them to do so. They are under 11). Read the story for yourself and see how ·one spirit
an impression which slides them into possession! You opened the door for another.
can't change the truth of God into a lie (Rom. 1:25) ; Judas and Esau came to the place of desperation just
though some think they do. If something used· to be before they were possessed.

64 65
I know of a man who stayed drunk two weeks at a A demon possessed woman was brought before me
time, even layout unconscious. Although he was over in the prayer line in Angelus Temple, as the elders
ei~hty, he was set free, saved and filled with the Holy stood by me helping me pray. When I commanded the
Ghost. devil to come out of her, this conversation followed:
Another man in our meeting who was a drunkard, DEMON: "God you, I'm not coming out." He
bootlegger, a dope addict, and a wife beater, came and cursed, using the woman's voice, but the
was delivered completely. He has since died in the faith. accent was that of another.
Mr. N., in this condition, came home and broke up REV. GRANT: "I command you, in the Name of
the furniture, whipped his family, beat his wife and Jesus, to come out!"
cheated on her. He was saved and delivered in our DEMON: "God you, I'm not coming out; you
meeting; his whole family was saved also. Christians don't have the power to cast me
One man who had broken a beer bottle and stuck it out. If you were what you ought to be, you
into a boy's heart, got drunk and came to our meeting could cast me out. If YOU have ariy power,
to kill the preacher. \yithin 10 minutes he was saved, let's see YOU cast me out! I'm mean, I'm
filled with the Spirit, and delivered. So great is our dangerous; I'll hurt you. God you, I'll
God! kick you; leave me alone!" (This was ~ken
A man, who came to our tent without a shirt, was through the woman's lips, as she made ges-
saved, filled with. the Holy Spirit, and delivered. He is tures indicating that she would like to kill
now preaching. us.)
REV. GRANT: "Who are you?"
HOW YOU MAY BE FREE DEMON: "I am a Christian Scientist Practitioner; I
Repent, confess, and get filled with the Spirit. Take have healed more people than you have.
down the VACANCY sign and put up a sign NO VA-
r am now in , . . (calling
CANCY. Then when the unclean spirit returns, he will the name of the woman who was then be;,
not find your house empty (Matt. 12:44). fore me, using her lips). I used to be in
Remember the enemy at this place of desperation John before he died; I am mean.
may come in gradually or instantly. After you have I'll hurt you. I'm going to kill this woman."
gone for months in this condition, Satan may take com- REV. GRANT: "Come out of this woman, in Jesus'
plete possession while you are at a dap-ce, beer joint, Name, I command you!"
road house, movie, club house, in mixed bathing, in a DEMON: "I don't have to come out, God. . you.
gang fight, or in any other place these spirits stay. It By , I am not coming out. I have more
can be during an angry fit, a dice game, a drunken power than you have. Better men than you
night, or an accident. have tried to cast me out and could not.
Get to a deliverance service quickly. After you are I'm surely not coming out for you. God .
delivered, quit your old company and stav with God, you, get away from her. I'll hurt you. Better
and His people. 'Get packed full of God's Word, if you men than you have prayed for this woman,
want to keep your freedom. but I did not come out, and I'm not com-
,After Satan comes in he will take every part of ing out for you." (He spoke these words
you; then he will only let you do what he wal1ts vou to through the woman's lips, as she made ges-
do. This brings us to the next chapter-POSSESSION. tures and frowned).

66 61
SOc Each or Twelve Books for $5.00

REV. GRANT: "We are not praying for this woman,

we are casting you out of her, in the Name
of Jesus."
DEMON: "You don't have the power!"
REV. GRANT: "Jesus has the power, and I come in
the Name of Jesus. You are a liar!"
DEMON: "Let's see you cast me out. I'm not com-
ing out!"
REV. GRANT: "You Christian Science Demon, you
deceiver, do you believe that Jesus Christ
was born of a virgin, and is the Christ?" DOUBLE
DEMON: "I don't recognize Jesus. I don't know Him. PORTION
I don't believe in Him. I don't want to be
here; I told this ",oman not to bring me
in here. I don't like to be in this place. I'm
going to kill her for bringing me in here."
REV. GRANT: We held the lady, speaking further
commands. Suddenly, we felt victory. She
was delivered from one of the demons, but WlllUSUSCOMI • •

I discerned that the main one was there

yet. Shortly; another one left, but the main
one kept talking and saying: This
DEMON: "I don't recognize Jesus. I am a Christian Year
REV. GRANT: "Let's all say 'JESUS'!" (All the au-
dience helped me.)
DEMON: "Where will I go? You can't send me to
hell." -----------------~lipOut And Mail- --~------------------------
REV. GRANT: "Everyone bow your head in rever-
ence." To the spirit: "Go! go where you
want to; but you are not staying here!"
The woman looked around and said in her
W. V Grant: Faith Clinic, P. O. Box 353, Dallas 21, Texas.
own accent. "I'm so tired of this. It's been I am interested in your Library of Books Please send
going on ~o long." me your sixty faith-building books at 50~ each. 1 unde.r~tand that I will
receive a First Year Certificate on the Deliverance MInistry after I .
REV. GRANT: "Well, if you are, open your mouth read these sixty full gospel books. I understand that I may pay for tqlS
wide." She obeyed and began to shout. She whole library at 7~ per day, or $2 per month.
was FREE, for the first time in years. She
immediately went to the prayer room. Sev- Name
eral· hours later, she was still there praising Address
God for what He had done for her.
Town State